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Fantasy Forest Story Matripony

Limited Animal

Thanks to Mudmomma and Sandra for these pictures and info

Fantasy Forest Story Matripony Egg Fantasy Forest Story Matripony Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Matripony Status

Fantasy Forest Story Love Element

Bred specially by two amorous animals, the Matripony is a beacon of love that shines throughout the fantasy animal kingdom. Known for their monogamy, a Matripony will fall in love and choose a lifemate soon after hatching.













152 243 319 456 592 729 886 972 1048 1094

Food (x5)

4 16 32 80 200 400 600 800 1200 1600

Total Food

0 20 100 260 660 1660 3660 6660 10660 16660

Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Matripony Final Form

Breeding Time: 10 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 10 hours

Rarity: Super Rare

Habitat: Lover’s lane

Buy Price: 1000 gems

Sell Price: 100

Note: Matripony is back to the game, I don’t know for how long. I also don’t know about the breeding formula,  You may able to get it by combining any 2 valentines animals
(example: Bee Mine + Xo Ox, Kissy Cat + Love Bug, etc).

Please leave comment for discussion or simply share your successful formula on the comment.

Breeding Formula (try to use all valentine animals):
[0] Smitten Kitten + Love Dove (Teamlava ban this formula, I have no idea why….)
[0] Kissy Cat + Love Bug (you have a chance to obtain Xo Ox too)
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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  1. PT says:

    The matripony is back for the Valentine’s Day but I’m not sure if you could still breed it or you will have to buy it cause the puffalo has also been brought back but it said its not available through breeding but for the matripony it doesn’t say

    I’m also not able to breed the lovey dove and smitten kitten together now, it seem to have been taken out of the breeding list

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