Fantasy Forest Story Merry Misfits Event Guide |
Posted on Dec 2, 2015

Fantasy Forest Story Merry Misfits Event Guide

Fantasy Forest Story Event Merry Misfits Guide

Starting point:  2 – 4 december 2015

After you start the quest you will get 10 days to complete it.

You can only finish one chapter per day, if you don’t want to wait you can simply skip it by using gems. Only do this if you need to wait for a long time (more than 12 hours). If you want to skip the timer do it on the first few chapter since the cost is still small.

Quest Description

Plant xx food: You only need to plant, the quest will be completed once you have planted the food (no need to wait the food)

Harvest xx food: you need to plant and then wait until you can harvest the food. You can plant the food and harvest them when you get the quest to finish it quickly. See the guide below.

Raise animal to lvl ..: You can raise them to max level even before you get the quest. Don’t be afraid since the quest will automatically completed when you get it. HOWEVER, it’s different from..

Feed xx animals for xx times: Don’t feed the animal before you get the quest because it won’t be counted.

Chapter 1 of 10

Act 1: Plant 6 aura apples
Act 2: Visit 3 players (social neighbor)

Reward: Jingle Shells (5 gems to skip).

Chapter 2 of 10

Act 1: Raise Jingle Shells to Lvl 4; 4 gems to skip
Act 2: Harvest 4 Misfigs; 8 gems to skip

Reward: 10,000 Coins(10 gems to skip).

Chapter 3 of 10

Act 1: Harvest 3 Adventurnips; 12 gems to skip
Act 2: Hatch Fairy Ferret (simply put the egg on the nest); 25 gems to skip

Reward: 8 realms rune (15 gems to skip).

Chapter 4 of 10

Act 1: Feed your fairy Ferrets 20 times; 20 gems to skip
Act 2: Raise your Jingle Shell to Lvl 7
Act 3: Breed Jingle Shell with other animal

Reward: “What an odd toy” (decoration); 20 gems to skip

Chapter 5 of 10

Act 1: Breed Frostfang with another animal; 15 gems to skip
Act 2: Hatch Firefox

Reward: 8000 Food; 25 gems to skip

Chapter 6 of 10

Act 1: Harvest 8 Power Pears; 12 gems to skip
Act 2: Feed Firefox 15 times; 15 gems to skip
Act 3: Raise Jingle Shells to Lvl 10; 20 gems to skip
Act 4: Collect 85 Oddball button (I believe it’s from harvesting the food and the amount is 2 items per hour food; CMIIW).

RewardToy Elephant

Chapter 7 of 10

Act 1: Plant 5 Aura Apples; 15 gems to skip
Act 2: Raise your Toy Elephant to Lvl 4; 4 gems to skip
Act 3: Collect 50 Oddball button from harvesting (2 items per hour food).

Reward: Land Boat Decoration

Chapter 8 of 10

Act 1: Raise Toy Elephant to Lvl 7; 17 gems to skip
Act 2: Hatch a Turtisle; 25 gems to skip
Act 3: Raise Jingle Shells to Lvl 15; 95 gems to skip

Reward: 10,000 Food

Chapter 9 of 10

Act 1: Plant 5 aura apples
Act 2: Raise your toy elephant to lvl 10
Act 3: Collect 40 wondrous wishlist from harvesting (40 items; 1 item per 1 hour food). You can plant any food.
Act 4: Feed Turtisle 18x

Reward: 10 Gems

Chapter 10 of 10

Act 1: Harvest 5 Misfigs
Act 2: Feed Turtisle 12 times
Act 3: Collect 50 wondrous wishlist from harvesting (40 items; 1 item per 1 hour food). You can plant any food.
Act 4: Raise your Toy elephant to lvl 15

Reward: Rocking Horse

Thanks to cheeko111, Lady Laura, and Wanderlust for these info

Good luck and enjoy, if you have any more questions then feel free to ask in the comment.

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74 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Merry Misfits Event Guide”

  1. Princess Tia says:

    I just started this game. You commented that it is for 10 days, yet my game says 10 hours. Is it 10 hours per act?

  2. Donna says:

    In chapter 4 act 2 I bred jingle shells with Turtisle and got 45 hours, it was crystal unicorn.

  3. Amanda says:

    This was my first storybook challenge and I have to say I am pretty disappointed. I am on the last chapter and I am never going to achieve it in time because I had to spend resources feeding new animals that I already had. Would you say this is a pretty typical challange? It just seemed like an obnoxious amount of food.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      If this is your first time then it’s very normal not to get it. Because you need to save a ton of food for this kind of event. THey make this kind event about every 1-2 months. Better start saving food from now :).

  4. Fluffykitten says:

    Shame they didn’t give the rocking horse with a special habitat like they did the Autumn Animals :/

    I had 60k food saved for this story and just completed it without using speed ups. Last time I used speeding up but didn’t complete it :/ it’s all about strategy 🙂 I love this game!

  5. Chowcon says:

    I have no time !!!!!! Just the last act of level ten ! Poor me ! sad…

  6. Indipops says:

    Omg I am so close

  7. Alicorn Scientist says:

    Here’s a hint to farming your food if you’re on chapter 6. Or 7:
    If you plant a food and you see how much gems it needs to cost to speed up. That will be how much oddball buttons they will give you.

  8. Krystal says:

    Perfect time to get a crystal unicorn 😒 I’ve been stuck on hatching a Firefox. Just can’t get it and now I’m waiting on a crystal unicorn to hatch so I can try to breed a Firefox again. I won’t be completing this story.

  9. Donna says:

    I thought I would be clever and bred Jingle Shells with Turtisle and got 45 hours, checked the egg and it’s Crystal Unicorn, got this already, so will sell it, it’s a shame we can’t swap animals.

  10. Kristen says:

    Yep, should have hit refresh before commenting! ?

  11. Kristen says:

    Chapter 7, act 3 task is to collect 50 oddball buttons. 40 gems to skip.

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