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Fantasy Forest Story Onyx Direwolf

Thanks to Fantasyfriend123 for these pictures

Fantasy Forest Story Onyx Direwolf Egg Fantasy Forest Story Onyx Direwolf Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Onyx Direwolf Status

Gem Element Fantasy Forest StoryDark Element Fantasy Forest Story

Deep within the forest, where only the moonlight breaks through the fir trees and whispers tell of a legendary beast, there lays a powerful creature known as the Onyx Direwolf. Its obsidian black fur seems to absorb the light around it masking it in an aura of shadow and mystery. The few that claim to have seen the Onyx Direwolf even question their own eyes; was it the beast? Or were the shadows playing tricks?

Lvl 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Earn 645 1032 1354 1935 2515 3096 3676 4218 4450 4643 4773 4901 5031 5095 5160
Food (x5) 5 20 40 100 300 600 1000 1500 2100 2800 3600 4400 5200 6000 MAX
Total Food 0 25 125 325 825 2325 5325 10325 17825 28325 42325 60325 82325 108325 138325

Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Onyx Direwolf Final Form

Breeding Time: 43 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 37 hours

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Habitat: Gem Grove and Dark Cove

Buy Price: 2,200 Gems

Sell Price: 100 coins

Breeding Formula:
[0] Crystal Unicorn + Skyger
[0] Crystal Unicorn + Jade Kirin
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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15 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Onyx Direwolf”

  1. Supermaay says:

    Got it with CU and Brave Eagle. My first gemstone animal by breeding. Felt quite accomplished.

  2. Tuliplu says:

    did not expect to get any type of crystal animal, i’ve tried for months using my crystal unicorn, my jade kyrin, my valkyrie breeding with other animals several times over and over and even using different combinations, but have had no such luck.
    Today, I was trying to get a Skyger for the StoryBook, so I bred my Jade Kyrin and my Skyger thinking it would be an easy way to get a skyger. Turns out, it’s an Onyx Direwolf! lol

  3. Lily W. says:

    Ruby Razorback and Halfmoon Howler. Wasn’t even trying for it XD

  4. Lordgemini42 says:

    Got mine with CU and Seadrake while trying for Frostrich

  5. David says:

    C,U +Aurora Pegasus

  6. Amanda says:

    Crystal Unicorn & Aurora Pegasus

  7. Wolfy says:

    I can’t believe I finally got it!! My first Diamond animal besides the CU!!! I was trying for the parade pony and I bred a level 4 CU and a level 15 koala!!! Hooray!!!

  8. WolfsRus says:

    Got it with monsoon marmot and C U. Was trying to get an aquafox.

  9. Lily says:

    C.u + bansheep 1st try😊😊

  10. NannaSherry says:

    I wasn’t even trying for this (I hate when this is said and here I am saying it) but got it with an ember bear & unicorn. And I am the unluckiest of breeders.

  11. David says:

    Finely got it with C.U+ SKYGER it took a
    Long time 30+try’s,give it a go you might get
    It first go,good luck 😊

  12. Lily W. says:

    Is this guy a limited animal, or is he here to stay?

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