Posted on Dec 27, 2015

Fantasy Forest Story Ornate Ocelot

Thanks to Joana for the egg pictureFantasy Forest Story Ornate Ocelot Egg Fantasy Forest Story Ornate Ocelot Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Ornate Ocelot Status

Real Gem Element Fantasy Forest Story

This designer feline certainly has an extravagant fashion sense, it’s no wonder it has a seemingly infinite supply of gems to share with you! Living a lavish lifestyle, all animals around it are filled with envy! Climb the social ladder by giving the Ornate Ocelot a place in your forest!

Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Ornate Ocelot Final Form

Breeding Time: 24 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 32 hours

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Habitat: Treasure Trove

Buy Price: 1500 gems

Can’t be bred!!!

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22 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Ornate Ocelot”

  1. Ms.Cheif_420 says:

    I JUST NOW, (about 6 months later), read Dawn D.’s comment & i’d also like to (again lol:) say Thank You to U, noobbgodlike, SERIOUSLY, just based on the questions that u answer for gamers everyday, i get tons of super valuable info that definitely helps guide my gameplay & always in the right direction- Plus, there’s already ALL of the nessecary background info on the game to get u started 👍🏽👍🏽 How very amazingly kind of u😊ALSO -i already have my 3 ppl that i exchange {free} daily gems with, but OMG- for new players that don’t have anyone yet… u EVEN included the {IMO} genius part of this site where u can leave ur Storm8 🆔 to find ppl to exchange with… What else can i say, but: 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽STANDING OVATION👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    Lastly, since this is on the page for the Ornate Ocelot & it IS in response to Dawn D.’s above post, i did (a little of the math & OH HELL NO, IMO, this game is ridiculously high priced & 3 Gems every 3 days MAX only gives u LESS THAN ONE {1} gem every 24 hours and at the selling price of $1,500 gems, it’ll take around 4 YEARS for the Ornate Ocelot to pay for itself… So, Dawn D. & anyone else wondering if “it’s really worth it”… maybe not financially, but i say, if u want it bad enough & u can afford it, -DEFINITELY, since i consider happiness to be priceless😊!!! Thx again, Noobbgodlike😘‼

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You’re welcome :), I am really glad you like the site :). About Ornate ocelot lo, only buy it if you are OCD lol (want to have all animals XD), don’t think about gem investment lol XD.

      • Ms.Cheif_420 says:

        OMG 😂, u totally read my mind… the only thing that could get me to use actual $$ on this is a severe case of OCD (& thank God, mine just isn’t that bad😉😉lol 🙂

  2. Marjorywarsh says:

    I have bought all gold bearing ones and not good for much on dragon story get 5 gems a day so i get 30 a day on fs i get maybe 2 a day can’t buy breed do much with 2 gems not worth money won’t be buying more like guide very helpful

  3. Kryistall says:

    In the game, Ornate Ocelot is Ultra Rare I think, but in this its write: Super Rare

  4. becky says:

    So. Does it give u gems instead of coins??

  5. Can we breed this, I really like it 🎀

  6. RozaBelikov0612 says:

    If it can’t be bred, then how can you get if?

  7. zanzoun says:

    i think we can breed it now. Right?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Heh? Where do you hear that from? Do they make an announcement?

      • zanzoun says:

        no,but this animal is no longer limited now

      • Jaspercat77 says:

        Hi,is there any news on being able to breed the Ornate Ocelot? Also,would you happen to know exactly how many gems it gives when collecting ? Thank-you,for all of your hard work and great inforation ! With gratitude,Mary (

        • noobbgodlike says:

          No, it’s not available via breeding. It only gives you to 3 gems every 3 days at max level….. not worth for purchase IMO.

        • Dawn D says:

          I actually wanted to reply to noobgodlike’s reply to this but, failing that, I’m replying here…I’m just wondering if you (noobgodlike) think that ANY of the gem animals ARE worth purchasing? Do you think that any of them will return our “investment” if we purchase the gems when they are on sale, faster than the others when they are fully evolved…as, I imagine, it would require them being fully evolved to truly start returning the investment made? Do you own any? I understand that you have this amazing website and appreciate all the time and effort you have put into it (as I’ve said in numerous posts on here and several emails to you with pictures of eggs/animals) and most people can get this information from this but I’m begging you for your personal input/opinion?!? Also, I’ve been struggling with severe migraine headache issues for over 6 months (and see a specialist at the end of next month for it) and every time I try to figure this out on my own, I just can’t seem to focus on figuring it out over the pain so I’m really hoping that you would be willing to help because I was given a Google play gift card and I’m trying to determine if any of the gem animals are worthy investments. Please, thank you, and, regardless if you want to help me with this, I still am extremely grateful for everything you do for this website! Especially since you do it for other games as well!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          They will return investment, if you play for lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time :). I don’t own any of the gem animals T_T. Are they worth? NO, I always have mindset that only purchase gems to support the developers, the gem animals are so expensive so I won’t pay for them :).

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