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Fantasy Forest Story Plutopus

Thanks to Nicole and Michelle for these pictures

Fantasy Forest Story Plutopus Egg Fantasy Forest Story Plutopus Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Plutopus Status

Fantasy Forest Story Pluto ElementWater Element Fantasy Forest Story

Plutopi migrated from their wayward moon home long ago, but still carry many characteristics from their old world. For example, Plutopi still have small traces of Pluto dust embedded in their fur, giving the animal its cool blue sheen.













114 135 155 218 249 262 275 285 319 364

Food (x5)

2 8 16 40 80 160 240 400 560 760

Total Food

0 10 50 130 330 730 1530 2730 4730 7530

Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Plutopus Final Form








410 456 478 490 513

Food (x5)

1000 1400 1800 2400 MAX

Total Food

3800 8800 15800 24800 36800

Breeding Time: 11 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 13 hours

Rarity: Rare

Habitat: Space place and Water Way

Buy Price: 500 gems

Sell Price: 100

Breeding Formula:
[0] Glacial Griffin + Iciclaw
[0] Frostfang + Rock Rhino
[0] Leave your successful breeding formula on the comment

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74 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Plutopus”

  1. hope says:

    These breeding.combos.I’ve help

  2. tnbrat72 says:

    I have a million rainguin for sale!! Grrrr. I’ll let go cheap. I’m talking yardsale prices, lol. Then it’s magmacores! Geeeesh Louise? I’ve tried everything under the sun! Thought for sure I had it twice, but nope, no Plutonia! I think it’s as much myth as this mythic crystal unicorn lol. And I do happen to go to a new neighbors and she had not only one adult crystal unicorn, raising a young crystal unicorn, and hatching a doggone third! Can you believe that? What are the odds of that happening? I’ve been trying 58 levels for one crystal unicorn, and what is it 11 days or 15 for the plutopus? I got le mercury, no problem whatsoever!! OK, humorous rant over lol! Everybody have a great day!!

  3. TheJoker says:

    Got it on 2nd try with glacial griffin and blizard. This was after many fails with other combos, so relieved I finally got it

  4. Mystic garden says:

    I have been trying a while also with no luck unfortunately. Thought i had it with 11 hr breed time but let me down it was glacial griffen. So just cuz u have 11hr breed time dont mean u have plutopus. 🙁

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