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Fantasy Forest Story Presents Gathering Guide on Winter Wonderland Event

Until 9 January 2015

I believe it’s a typo on the announcement where it says “Jan 2!”

Fantasy Forest Story Winter Wonderland Event Featured

On this event you need to gather Presents. You can get presents from

  • Hatching the animal from nest (the amount of the present depends on the hatching time, 1 hour = 1 present, rarity doesn’t matter). You can simply sell the animal to get the present (no need to place it on the habitat first).
  • Harvesting food at your farms
  • Digging in the mine
  • Battle Tournament, just wait until they announce new battle tournament, Please read THIS to prepare for upcoming tournament.
  • Buying a Wooden Sleigh (4 presenst/4 hours) or Deluxe Sleigh (16 presents/4 hours).  You get one free Wooden Sleigh at the beginning (after gathering 25 presents).

Presents from Farm

Fantasy Forest Story Presnet From farm

The amount of presents obtained are based on how many hours those food’s time.

Example: 8 hours food will generate 8 presents, 5 hours food will generates 5 presents, and so on… BUT any food that less than 1 hour won’t generate present:).

Quality DOESN’T AFFECT THE OUTCOME. 5 hours of super food (the expensive one from Grand Farm) also generates 5 Presents.

From the past event (Trick or Treat), it’s very possible to complete the challenge if you harvest your plant religiously :). But if you miss a day, you will have a hard time to catch up. I suggest you to use 20 hours food, but make sure you calculate the time so it doesn’t end at the midnight when you sleep :). So plan your farming!!

Example: You go work/school/etc at 9 AM. Don’t use 20 hours food because, they will ready at 5 AM on the next day (maybe you still asleep). Use 5 hours food first and then at 2 PM, plant 20 hours food which will be ready at 8 AM ( I believe you’re already wake up, do you? 🙂 )

Don’t forget that there are wooden sleigh and other sources too, which will help you obtain those presents. However remember that the farms are the biggest source of presents!!

REMEMBER, that you need to harvest presents from the sleigh every 4 hours, the presents won’t stack!!!

Presents from Mining

Fantasy Forest Story Presents From Mining

You may get presents (2) instead of coin/food (as a compliment reward for rune) while mining on the mine. The chance is not 100%, but quite high, so make sure you do it !!!

Collecting Progress

Individual Prizes

25 Wooden Sleigh
400 Candy Cane (Decoration)
1000 Merry Merrcat
2400 Holly Collie
3400 Mistletoed Sloth

Community Prize

You need to gather a sufficient amount of Presents (Individual) and then if the total presents(Global) reach the listed number then you will get the rewards. So, we can only hope that other players are harvesting their presents every day.

You can help increase the global numbers by telling your friends/family and make them play this  game. Make sure tell everyone you know to read this page so they know how to obtain the presents :).

Individual Global Reward
600 80,000,000 Christmas Tree
600 210,000,000 Arctic Abode
600 320,000,000 Krampus

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

If you have any suggestion/tips/info about the event or simply want to discuss, then please leave a comment.

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24 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Presents Gathering Guide on Winter Wonderland Event”

  1. Starr says:

    Got the Krampus already in my nest 🙂 unfortunately was a few presents short of holly colli

  2. Sue warner says:

    How are you doing my friend .. Hope you are having a great holiday .. The holiday event goes well for me have the noelephanr and only have 325 left to get misltletoe sloth.. Looks like we have plenty of time to get the last community one as well so it was all good… Have a bright and shiny new year and may things be better for you than the last year….. Happy new Year!!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi. You’re really fast.. I still need about 900 to get mistletoe sloth, I believe I will get it though :). Happy New Year for you too, may our wishes comes true on the next year :). Thanks for helping me all this time.

  3. BrokenPeace says:

    The last world event prize is the Krampus

  4. Samantia2010 says:

    How do u breed the Hollie collie. Or the golden Retriever that’s on LT

  5. Crystal says:

    The last individual prize is the Miseltoed Sloth and the last community prize is the Krampus

  6. Emily says:

    Hi is the holiday hamlet habitat available now in this event or are we still on the Christmas tree?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Holiday hamlet already available form long time ago, do you mean arctic abode? it’s habitat from the Christmas event, if yes then we’re on it (waiting for community to reach 210 millions presents).

  7. Crystal says:

    U wrote Holly Cat when I believe it says Holly Collie on fantasy forest story. No hate just saying 😉

  8. Sue warner says:

    Sent you pic of meercat egg next up is holly collie at 2400

  9. Sue warner says:

    We got the tree today

  10. Sue warner says:

    A210 million for community to get the “artic abode”

  11. Sue warner says:

    Looks like about same totals needed from last time….

  12. Sue warner says:

    First animal you get is Merry Merrcat at 1000

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