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Posted on Jan 26, 2017

Fantasy Forest Story Red Panda

Thanks to Tara for these pictures

FFS Red Panda Egg FFS Red Panda Complete Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Red Panda Status

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The Red Panda is not just a cute little animal with a very bushy tail ! It’s a cute little animal that uses that very bushy tail to paint water colors! This furry firend loves to paint and share its masterpieces with everyone in the forest!

Final Form


Hatching Time: 21 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 20 hours

Rarity: Super Rare

Habitat: Earth Plateau and Fire field

Buy Price: 600 gems

Sell Price: 100

Breeding Formula:
[0] Armordillo + Rock Rhino
[0] Pyro Pony + Rock rhino
[0] Armordillo + magmacore
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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11 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Red Panda”

  1. Ligia Ruby Vázquez Navarro says:

    Imposible eclocionar..Armadillo ☹️ Armadillo
    Pyro poni -armadillo .. venado 🦌 No red panda 🐼 ☹️

  2. Benjamin says:

    I got it with level 4 pyro pony and rock rino level 7

  3. Stacey says:

    I have got it 2 times with lvl 8 Lullabison & lvl 7 Tubacan and 2nd time with a lvl 4 Lullabison & lvl 7 Tubacan. They are all I have been breeding for past week trying to get the Melodeer with no luck.

  4. Nickie says:

    Magamcore and armadillo first try👍🏻

  5. SilkieFine Tearfall says:

    I have breed the armordillo and the rock rhino and Aldo the pyro pony and rock rhino , both sets at least 10 each and haven’t gotten anything but another armordillo every time, no red panda!!

  6. Annie says:

    Yes! Got a 21h breeding so that must meen i’ll be getting this cutie <3
    Got the lullabison yesterday so this is pleasing 🙂

  7. Ann Marie Tidwell says:

    Armadillo & Rock Rhino got me a Lullabison. Was trying for the Panda. ODD !!!

  8. Beepboop says:

    What is the breeding time?

  9. Durru says:

    Rock rhino lvl 10 + Pyro Pony lvl 15.

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