Posted on Jan 20, 2015

Fantasy Forest Story Sapphire Cthulhu

Thanks to Kris and Artemia for these pictures
Fantasy Forest Story Sapphire Cthulhu Egg Fantasy Forest Story Sapphire Cthulhu Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Sapphire Cthulhu Status

Gem Element Fantasy Forest StoryWater Element Fantasy Forest Story

Sapphire Cthulhus have long fought against a stigma of being ‘unfathomably evil’ just because they tried to destroy the world once or twice. As reformed ne’er-do-wells, Cthulhus spend most of their time working toward the public interest, protecting less horrifying fantasy animals from danger.













645 1032 1354 1935 2515 3096 3676 4218 4450 4643

Food (x5)

5 20 40 100 300 600 1000 1500 2100 2800

Total Food

0 25 125 325 825 2325 5325 10325 17825 28325

Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Sapphire Cthulhu Final Form








4773 4901 5031 5095 5160

Food (x5)

3600 4400 5200 5600 MAX

Total Food

0 18000 40000 66000 94000

Breeding Time: 45 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 36 hours

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Habitat: Gem Grove and Water Way

Buy Price: 2500 Gems

Sell Price: 100

Breeding Formula:
[0] Crystal Unicorn + any animal that has water element (frostfang, steamtrunk, etc)

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18 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Sapphire Cthulhu”

  1. Unicorn Garden says:

    Super hard 2 get unicorn but so many water animals

  2. Mileo says:

    Frostfang and CU 5th try

  3. Lisa Gilliam says:

    Crystal unicorn and rainguin!

  4. Legend says:

    Unicorn/Seamur. I was trying for PP bit this kind of fail I like. 😉

  5. Kat says:

    I got with Crystal Unicorn and Weasel Witch! Very happy

  6. Walt says:

    Crystal Unicorn+ Sea Drake 1st try!
    Was just randomly breeding crystal unicorn with animals and got a 45 hour breed time with them two! In a few days I can now add this little guy to my crystal unicorn and my quarts quetzalcoatl! Wooo so excited. ?

  7. Cat says:

    After 4 or 5 tries, I got a 45 hour breeding time with crystal unicorn and frosting. So that should be either sapphire Cthulhu or pearl Peyton.

  8. Queenie says:

    I got this one with Crystal Unicorn & Patriotter 50%-100% to get it!… the other 50% is that you might end up getting a Ruby Razorback!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      The chance is not that big. I believe it’s only about 2-5% for all crystal animals.

      • Queenie says:

        hi noobbgodlike,
        actually i was wrong, it is 100% with Crystal unicorn and Patriotter since i tried 3 times in a row all 3 times i got Sapphire Cthulu. You can check my place out if you want, my storm ID: queeniie01

        BUT today i checked whether i could breed with Patriotter again and found out that they already removed the breedability of Patriotter, so it is not possible to 100% get Sapphire Cthulhu anymore.

  9. Zel says:

    Got this one with Crystal Unicorn and the Great Danebow,first try.

  10. Owen says:

    I got it sea seamur and unicorn

  11. Madeline117 says:

    I got it the first try with Hippogryph and unicorn!! 😉

  12. Cajunqueen908 says:

    Are you sure about the time on this one? I just bred my crystal unicorn with my blizzard and got an 11 hr time. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what egg develops.

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