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Fantasy Forest Story Sorcerer’s School Storybook


You can only finish one chapter per day, if you don’t want to wait you can simply skip it by using gems. only skip the first few chapter because the cost is still small (5 gems).

The waiting times is always different and it depends how fast you finish the quest. Here’s the explanation:

[0] The new quest is available on 00.00 AM PST (fantasy forest story server time).
[0] Let’s say you finish the quest at 23.00 PST time, then you only need to wait one hour before you get the new quest.
[0] If you finish the quest at 01.00 PST, then you need to wait 23 hours :).

Quest Description

Plant xx food: You only need to plant, the quest will be completed once you have planted the food (no need to wait the food)

Harvest xx food: you need to plant and then wait until you can harvest the food. You can plant the food, and then harvest them when you get the quest to finish it quickly. See the guide below.

Raise animal to lvl ..: You can raise the animal to max level, even before you get the quest. Don’t be afraid since the quest will automatically completed when you get it. HOWEVER, it’s different from..

Feed xx animals for xx times: Don’t feed the animal before you get the quest because it won’t be counted.

The quests below are for high level players; above lvl 19), so if your level is lower, then you may find the quests are different

Chapter 1 of 10

Magic could be found all throughout the forest. A few animals had embraced the magic and learned to control it through proper training and instruction. One such animal was little Red Weasely, the youngest in his pack. He had been chosen to learn the ways of magic at the world-renowned Sorcerer’s School.

Act 1: Plant 5 Adventrunips (2 hour food)
Act 2: Harvest 5 Adventrunips
Rewards: 8000 Food, 5 gems to skip

Chapter 2 of 10

Act 1: Plant 6x Mana Bananas
Act 2: Collect Croaking candies from harvesting 65x
Rewards: Red Weasely

Chapter 3 of 10

Airy had never missed a study session with Red before. It was unlike him to not show up with out letting anyone know where he was. red was so worried about him! What if something horrible had happened to him? What if he fell into a hole, was turned into another animal, or even worse . . . got detention!

Act 1: Breed frostfang with another animal
Act 2: Harvest 6 adventurnips
Act 3: Raise Red Weasely to lvl 4
Rewards: realms runes; 15 gems to skip

Chapter 4 of 10

“Where’s Airy Otter?” Red asked all his classmates, but no one had an answer. He had almost given up all hope of finding his friend when he heard someone mention Airy’s name. Red ran over and found his sister talking about how she saw Airy walking into the dark part of the forest!

Act 1: Plant 4 spell melons
Act 2: Raise Red Weasely to lvl 8
Act 3: Collect 110 Croaking Candies from harvesting
Rewards: 25000 Coins

Chapter 5 of 10

The rules were clear, Sorcerer’s School students were not allowed to venture into the dark part of the forest! there were potent dark magical forces at work there and it wasn’t safe for the students. Red was not sure what to do next, but he knew who would. Red gathered his books and scurried outdoors to find the Wise Eagle!

Act 1: Hatch a Plantlers
Act 2: Harvest 5 Adventurnips
Act 3: Raise Red Weasely to Lvl 11
Act 4: Plant 9 power pears
Rewards: 16 Lion Tiles

Chapter 6 of 10

Red Weasely found the Wise Eagle high up in his private study in the tallest tower of the school. The Wise Eagle was one of the most knowledgeable creatures on campus and would know how to find Airy for sure! It was starting to get dark and Red was really concerned for his friend. The dark part of the forest was even darker at night.

Act 1:Feed Plantlers 30 times
Act 2: Collect 35 Spellbooks from harvesting
Act 3: Raise Red Weasely to Lvl 15
Rewards: Wise Eagle

Chapter 7 of 10

Why would Airy go into the dark part of the forest and why would he go alone? Red didn’t understand why his friend would do such a thing. What could be worth the risk? Wise Eagle mentioned that Airy had come earlier in search of a special ingredient that could only be found in the darkest part of the forest. With certainty that Airy had good reasons for going, Wise Eagle urged Red to trust his friend.

Act 1: Hatch a Koala Cadabra
Act 2: Plant 5 Adventurnips
Act 3: Raise Wise Eagle to Lvl 4
Rewards: 12 Realms Runes

Chapter 8 of 10

The Wise Eagle could tell the young weasel was very concerned and wanted to calm his worries. The eagle mentioned to Red that if he wanted to find his friend, there was a Magic Mirror that he could use. With a pure heartened honorable wishes, the mirror would show the location of what the gazer seeks.

Act 1: Harvest 6 Mana Bananas
Act 2: Rise Wise Eagle to Lvl 7
Act 3: Collect 100 Croaking Candies from Harvesting
Act 4: Feed Koala Cadabra 30 times
Rewards: Magic Mirror

Chapter 9 of 10

The instant Red peered into the Magic Mirror, he saw an image of Airy Otter casually leaving the dark part of the forest and heading back towards the school. Red dashed out of the tower, thanking the Wise Eagle as he ran by. At the edge of the forest Red met up with Airy and gave him a huge hug. Red, shaking with anxiety, questioned his friend as to why he would venture into the dark part of the forest.

Act 1: Feed Koala Cadabra 15 times
Act 2: Rise Wise Eagle to Lvl 12
Act 3: Hatch a Rainguin
Act 4: Breed Rock Rhino with another animal
Rewards: 10,000 Apples

Chapter 10 of 10

Airy was reluctant to divulge the justification for his solo adventure but he couldn’t lie to his best friend. Airy reached into his bag and pulled out a handful of dark midnight truffles, an incredibly rare ingredient that was required to make Red’s favorite cake. Red was so consumed in worry for Airy that he’d forgotten it was his birthday.

Act 1: Feed Rainguin 40 times
Act 2: Plant 5 Mystic Mangos
Act 3: Raise Wise Eagle to Lvl 15
Act 4:Collect 55 Spellbooks from harvesting
Reward: Airy Otter

These guides are taken from the storm8 forum. Thanks to people on those forums.

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

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29 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Sorcerer’s School Storybook”

  1. Pearl Woods🌿 says:

    What do you have to harvest for spell books on chapt7?

  2. BLUEFIRE7599 says:

    Chapter 10 story:
    Airy was reluctant to divulge the justification for his solo adventure but he couldn’t lie to his best friend. Airy reached into his bag and pulled out a handful of dark midnight truffles, an incredibly rare ingredient that was required to make Red’s favorite cake. Red was so consumed in worry for Airy that he’d forgotten it was his birthday.

  3. Corey says:

    What happens chapter 10??

  4. Sachie says:

    Chapter 5 Act 4 is actually “Plant 9 Power Pears.”

  5. BLUEFIRE7599 says:

    Capt. 10
    Act 3: raise wise eagle lvl 15

  6. Hanna says:

    Chapter 5 Act 4 is Plant 9 Power Pears

  7. 52PinkDragon! says:

    There isn’t an Act 4 in Chapter 5. You feed Plantlers in Act 1 of Chapter 6.

  8. Abhinav Sunder says:

    I am at lvl 94
    Chapter 10.
    task 1:feed rainguin 40 times
    task 2:plant 5 mystic mangoes

  9. Bella says:

    Does anyone know the elements of the animals yet? Just trying to get the habitat ready. Thank You 🙂 Happy Gaming

  10. mag says:

    1harwest bananas
    2raise red wesele to lv7

    • Abhinav Sunder says:

      I am Lvl 94.

      chapter 10/10:
      Task 1:feed rainguin 40 times
      Task 2:plant 5 mystic mangoes
      Task 3:Raise Wise eagle to Lvl 15
      Task 4:Collect 55 spellbooks from Harvesting

  11. BLUEFIRE7599 says:

    6 of 10
    Act 1: feed plantler 30x
    Skip act 1: 38 gems
    Act 2: Collect spell books from harvesting 35x
    Skip act 2: 70 gems

  12. BLUEFIRE7599 says:

    5 of 10
    Reward: 16 lion tiles

  13. BLUEFIRE7599 says:

    5 out of 10
    Act 3: bring Red Weasley to lvl 11
    Act 4: Plant 9 power pears

  14. BLUEFIRE7599 says:

    5 of 10
    Act 1: hatch a plantler
    Act 2: harvest 5 adventure turnips

  15. 32Genesis32 says:

    This is not the same as my quest. All of the chapters are different. I can’t remember most but I had to breed pandafodill with another animal and then harvest 4 adventurnips, instead frostfang and collecting 6. I don’t know why it is different for me.

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