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Posted on Sep 13, 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Stand United Storybook Guide


You can only finish one chapter per day, if you don’t want to wait you can simply skip it by using gems. only skip the first few chapter because the cost is still small (5 gems).

The waiting times is always different and it depends how fast you finish the quest. Here’s the explanation:

[0] The new quest is available on 00.00 AM PST (fantasy forest story server time).
[0] Let’s say you finish the quest at 23.00 PST time, then you only need to wait one hour before you get the new quest.
[0] If you finish the quest at 01.00 PST, then you need to wait 23 hours :).

Quest Description

Plant xx food: You only need to plant, the quest will be completed once you have planted the food (no need to wait the food)

Harvest xx food: you need to plant and then wait until you can harvest the food. You can plant the food, and then harvest them when you get the quest to finish it quickly. See the guide below.

Raise animal to lvl ..: You can raise the animal to max level, even before you get the quest. Don’t be afraid since the quest will automatically completed when you get it. HOWEVER, it’s different from..

Feed xx animals for xx times: Don’t feed the animal before you get the quest because it won’t be counted.

The quests below are for high level players; above lvl 19), so if your level is lower, then you may find the quests are different

Chapter 1 of 10

Act 1: Plant 4 Mana Bananas (1 hour food)
Act 2: Harvest 4 Mana Bananas
Rewards: 8000 Food, 5 gems to skip

Chapter 2 of 10

Act 1: Plant 5 Adventurnips
Act 2: Breed Fairy Ferret with another animal
Rewards: Republiphant; 10 gems to skip

Chapter 3 of 10

Act 1: Plant Power pears x9 (3 minutes food)
Act 2: Collect 32 Red Posters from harvesting any food (1.5 per hour food)
Act 3: Raise Republiphant to lvl 4
Rewards: Coins and XP; 15 gems to skip

Chapter 4 of 10

Act 1: Get 1 vote (round 8 Bipartibison Tournament)
Act 2: Hatch Firefox (9 hours dark fire)
Act 3: Raise Republiphant to lvl 8
Rewards: 10 Expansion Runes

Chapter 5 of 10

Act 1: Plant 6x Mana Bananas
Act 2: Raise Republiphant to lvl 11
Act 3: Collect 60 Red Posters from harvesting any food (1.5 per hour food)
Act 4: Feed Firefox 30x
Rewards: Decorations

Chapter 6 of 10

Act 1: Raise Republiphant to lvl 15
Act 2: Get 1 vote (round 18 Bipartibison Tournament)
Act 3: Hatch Fireglider

Chapter 7 of 10

Act 1: Plant 5 Mana Bananas
Act 2: Feed Fire Glider 20 times
Act 3: Raise Donkeycrat to lvl 4
Rewards: 10 realm runes

Chapter 8 of 10

Act 1: Plant 6 Adventurnips
Act 2: Feed Fire Glider 25 times
Act 3: Collect 40 Blue Posters from harvesting any food
Act 4: Raise Donkeycrat to Lvl 8
Rewards: Decorations

Chapter 9 of 10

Act 1: Get 1 vote from round 32
Act 2: Raise donkeycrat to lvl 11
Act 3: Hatch Skyger
Rewards: Decorations

Chapter 10 of 10

Act 1: Plant 6 spell melons
Act 2: Raise donkeycrat to lvl 15
Act 3: Collect 50 Blue Posters from harvesting any food
Act 4: Collect 50 Blue Posters from harvesting any food
Act 5: Feed Skyger 40 times
Rewards: Bipartibison

These guides are taken from the storm8 forum. Thanks to people on those forums.

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39 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Stand United Storybook Guide”

  1. Sjekie says:

    YES i finally complete the storybook event. I get the bipartibison. Spent almost all of my food (7500 left) and a lot of my gems. So for now saving all of my food and gems for a while. No more events for my for now. Lol. Hope everyone succeeded. Thanks for all the info Noobbgodlike.

  2. Izzy says:

    Im stuck I need 7 gems H E L P !!!
    I accidentally stuck my storybook elephant to evolve He takes 24 hours or so !!!!! Yikes he is in the way !!!! I feel so dumb 😫😩😱😠😓😰😨😱

    • noobbgodlike says:

      T_T, it will be hard to recover from that problem… your choice is to use gems, make sure you’re ready for the next quest (so you use less gems),if you want to use gems.

      • WitchyVampireMa76 says:

        Yeah well even if you use Gems it doesn’t always work out.. I’ve done every single one of the Chapters and Acts and used certain Gems in certain areas and yet breeding 1 animal, then hatching to separate and then feeding certain ones..if you don’t use Gems through out the whole Game you have wasted your time cause you will never make it to the end. I’m on Chapter 10 act 4 and yet I will not make the deadline for feeding the skyger evole time and feedings again so aain the higher the level the harder it gets, the lower the levels the easier it is to gain the animal…

    • Starry Girl says:

      Well if you want we can be friends and then I can at least send you 3 gems my storm8 ID is yuvani1. 😊

  3. CharleysChattle says:

    Does anyone else have a terrible time getting very many bombs to mine & then get so few runes from mining? I have so many animals in my storage because it takes forever for me to get enough runes to expand! Is there a secret to it? Is there maybe a pattern to where the runes are? Any ideas? Thanks!

  4. Pa'Ina Wahine says:

    Is the final reward a Bipartibison? This list says decoration.

  5. miky_28 says:

    Has anyone got the vote from round 32? What animal is strongest than that one?

  6. Superfashiongirl1 says:

    I accidently sold my donkey. Very sad. Won’t be able to finish. Can anyone help?

  7. Hiington says:

    How do u collect red posters 1,5 per hour food?

  8. Ghareebaldar says:

    For chapter 7 reward I got 10 realms not apples.
    I am at level 100.

  9. Blopplop9098 says:

    U said in chapter 7 on ur page to raise Donkeycrat to lvl 4 but said it again in chapter 8 on ur page

  10. Sjekie says:

    chapter 9 : 3 acts
    – get 1 vote from round 32 (it count if you already won round 32)
    – raise Donkeycrat to level 11
    – hatch 1 Skyger

    chapter 10 : 5 acts
    – plant spell melons x6 (skip : 45)
    – raise Donkeycrat to level 15 (skip : 195)
    – collect 50 blue posters (skip : 66)
    – ????
    – feed skyger x40

    For feeding the donkeycrat we need from
    Level 10 to Epic level a Total food of: 80 000 WOW.

    I hope we finish the event. Good luck everyone.

  11. mamacat0508 says:

    Mine has been very different from what is listed here. Chapter six required an Armordillow for example.

  12. Zoxxo says:

    I get what they’re trying to do here in the Storybook. This year is the election for president in the USA and with the names they tried to make it seem like Replublican and Democrat. That’s just my idea 🙂

  13. Sjekie says:

    What kind of animal is a donkeycrat? Which element does it have? So we know which habitat we need to clean for space, or need to place. Because almost all of my habitats are full. LOL

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