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Fantasy Forest Story Storybook Adventure Guide

Fantasy Forest Story Storybook Adventure Guide

Fantasy Forest Story Storybook Adventure Event Guide

The Event starts from 12 September – 22 September 2015

You can only finish one chapter per day, if you don’t want to wait you can simply skip it by using gems, do this if you need to wait a long time to the next chapter (more than 12 hours)

Chapter 1 of 10

The Nefarious Newt has been sighted teasing some of the island animals! The Newt’s crimes cannot be allowed to continue! This looks like a job for the League of Extraordinary Animals! Call upon the energetic Sidekicker, the stoic Super Heron, and the courageous Wild Wondercat to save the day!

Act 1: Plant 4 Power Pears (3 minutes food)
Act 2: Harvest 4 Power Pears .
Act 3: Visit 3 Community Members

Reward: Sidekicker

Chapter 2 of 10

Act 1: Harvest 3 Mana Bananas (1 hour food)
Act 2: Feed Sidekicker 15 times
Act 3: Breed Rock Rhino with another animal

Reward: 8000 Food

Chapter 3 of 10

To call upon its allies, Sidekicker needs to access the Super Signal. The bright beacon of light is used in desperate times to call the League of Extraordinary Animals to save the day, but the signal is located high in the mountains on perilous cliffs. To scale those rock faces, Sidekicker will need to train further on its own.

Act 1: Breed Pyro Pony with another animal
Act 2: Harvest 8 Adventurnips
Act 3: Rise Sidekicker to Lvl 5

Reward: 12,000 Coins and 2500 XP

Chapter 4 of 10

Training hard and fast, Sidekicker leaps across the island at supersonic speeds. Scaling the crumbling cliffs is no easy feat, but with proper footing and a conditioned mind, Sidekicker reaches the top and spots the Super Signal. Now it’s time to call on our heroes!

Act 1: Hatch a Plantlers
Act 2: Feed Sidekicker 20 times

Reward: Super Signal

Chapter 5 of 10

The Super Signal shines brightly throughout the sky but there’s no sign of either hero!Something is terribly wrong! Looking down from its mountaintop perspective, Sidekicker catches a glimpse of something glowing green. Racing down the mountain and into the forest. Sidekicker discovers a horrible truth. This area of the island is covered in Animite, a crystal that weakens Super Heron and Wild Wondercat! Sidekicker has to clear the area for their safety!

Act 1: Collect 6 animate from hatching eggs (1 hour = 1 animate). (16 gems to skip)
Act 2: Raise Sidekicker to Lvl 10. (12 gems to skip)

Reward: 15 Realm Runes


Plant 4 power up peaches (4 hours food) while you waiting for the next quest :).

Chapter 6 of 10

Act 1: Harvest 4 Power up Peaches (16 gems to skip)
Act 2: Collect 60 Animates. This time you get it from harvesting food. (1 hour food = 1 animate). (40 gems to skip)

Reward: Super Heron (water-fire)


You can try to breed an armordillo and keep it for the next quest while waiting the countdown. Armordillo is very easy to obtain :).

Chapter 7 of 10

Act 1: Feed Super Heron 15 times. (20 gems to skip)
Act 2: Hatch an Armordillo. (18 gems to skip)

Reward: 10,000 Food

Chapter 8 of 10

Act 1: Rise Sidekicker to lvl 15. (78 gems to skip)
Act 2: Feed Super Heron 30 times. (10 gems to skip)
Act 3: Plant 4 Powerup Peaches. (16 gems to skip)

Reward: Our Hero Statue (Decoration)

Chapter 9 of 10

Act 1: Harvest 6 Adventurnips. (15 gems to skip)
Act 2: Feed Armordillo 25 times. (35 gems to skip)
Act 3: Collect 40 vile animate, you get it from harvesting the food (1 hour = 1 food). (50 gems to skip)
Act 4: Breed Armordillo with other animal. (15 gems to skip)

Reward: 15 gems

Chapter 10 of 10

Act 1: Breed Fairy Ferret with other animals. (15 gems to skip)
Act 2: Feed Armordillo 30 times. (35 gems to skip)
Act 3: Rise Super Heron to Lvl 15. (239 gems to skip)
Act 4: Harvest 8 Power up Peaches. (35 gems to skip)

Reward: Wild Wondercat

Special thanks to Cheeko111 for helping us to know the quest (5- 10) quicker than normal time frame so we can prepare them first :).

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32 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Storybook Adventure Guide”

  1. Lala says:

    BUILD YOUR APPLE SUPPLY BEFORE YOU START A QUEST! Even doing everything perfect with help, the only thing that keeps me from finishing the last parts of the last part of the quest is a lack of being able to feed my pets. SO this time.. doing 5 hour food supply over and over til i have my last seven days to start the quest.

  2. Goldenstar says:

    I have a question about the events. If you fail, do you return to where you left off?

  3. Marsh says:

    Well I might as well give up on this one. I won’t have enough food to level up to 15 . What a joke.

  4. Yoko says:

    Try nd hatch multiple armorodilio’s nd feed it for the necessary reqirements. I have done this in the past if I have to feed and animal in the past if I do not have it yet, but have not leveled in entirely. So hatch a few to keep the food low to use on other animals. Because it says ‘feed’ not level up.

  5. Nitzan says:

    Can you please mention next time the time between the chapters?
    Is it possible to complete the event with never speeding up?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s possible. The new chapter will be unlocked when the server time is reset (00.00 PST time). So if you finish it on 5 AM, you will need 19 more hours, if you finish the quest on 23.00, you only need to wait 1 hour. they give us 1 chapter per day.

      • Nitzan says:

        That doesn’t make any sense.
        I’ve completed the 8th chapter on 10am and the next one will be unlock in 24 hours, on 10am tomorrow.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          Are you live on pst time? I believe not (your 10 am is 00.00 pst time). Maybe you just finish the quest when the “day” is over, in that case yes you need to wait 1 more days….

  6. bongzz says:

    Can i rise (evolve) Sidekicker to Lv15 before the chapter 8 come?

  7. cheeko111 says:

    Harvest, harvest, harvest !
    Going to need close to 37K food to finish chapter 8 and another 60K food to finish chapter 10.
    Wish we could use some Miracle-Gro.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hehe, lucklily I have 200,000 food, so I can finish it easily. I never feed my other animals beyond lvl 10 (only super rare one which I used on battle).

      • Lynsey says:

        How do you have so much food?? Is there something I am missing

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I have played the game since last year and like I said don’t feed your pet to lvl 15 (unless super rare ones those you use on battle tournament, read more about this on battle tournament). This way you will save a lof of food, make sure your plant diligently too.

  8. Lisa says:

    Chapter 5 of 10:

    Act 1: Collect 6 Animite crystals from hatching
    Act 2: Raise your Sidekicker to level 10

    Reward: 15 Realm Runes

  9. Kaylan says:

    Chapter 4:
    Step 1: Hatch a Plantlers

  10. Mom9Dragon says:

    Chapter 4 consists of 2 Acts.

    Act 1: Breed a Plantlers
    Act 2: Feed Sidekicker 20 times.

    Reward: Super Signal

  11. Lisa says:

    Chapter 4 of 10:

    Act 1: Hatch a Plantlers
    Act 2: Feed your Sidekicker 20 times

    Reward: Super Signal

  12. KatieTheAlicorn says:

    Why can’t I see my comment

  13. bongzz says:

    act1 :harvest 3 mana banana
    act 2 :feed SideKicker 15 times
    act 3 : breed RockRhino with other animal (not sure breed RockRhino With other animal or breed Pandafodill with orther animal 🙂 but i match them together because i’m trying to get Captain K9)

  14. Michaelis Keki says:

    Chapter 2

    Act 1-Harvest Bananas (1hour food)
    Act 2 – Mate rock rhino with another animal
    Act 3 – Feed the prize animal 15 times (the Kangaroo fire/nature of the event)

  15. Fabs says:

    Chapter one reward is Sidekicker

    Chapter two:

    1. Harvest 3 Mana Bananas
    2. Feed Sidekicker 15 times
    3. Breed Rock Rhino with another animal
    Reward 8,000 Food

    Chapter three:

    1. Breed Pyro Pony with another animal.
    2. Harvest 8 Adventurnips.
    3. Raise Sidekicker to level 5.
    Reward 12,000 Coin20px 2,500

  16. Nightlady1000 says:

    Chapter 2
    Harvest 3 x Mana Bananas 1 hour food
    Feed 15 x Sidekicker
    Breed Rock Rhino with a other animal
    Reward 8000 food

    Chapter 1 reward Sidekicker 😉
    Will sent the egg pic

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