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Posted on Apr 16, 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Storybook Dust to Destiny

You can only finish one chapter per day, if you don’t want to wait you can simply skip it by using gems. only skip the first few chapter because the cost is still small (5 gems).

Fantasy Forest Story Storybook Dust To destiny

The waiting times is always different and it depends how fast you finish the quest. Here’s the explanation:

[0] The new quest is available on 00.00 AM PST (fantasy forest story server time).
[0] Let’s say you finish the quest at 23.00 PST time, then you only need to wait one hour before you get the new quest.
[0] If you finish the quest at 01.00 PST, then you need to wait 23 hours :).

Quest Description

Plant xx food: You only need to plant, the quest will be completed once you have planted the food (no need to wait the food)

Harvest xx food: you need to plant and then wait until you can harvest the food. You can plant the food and harvest them when you get the quest to finish it quickly. See the guide below.

Raise animal to lvl ..: You can raise the animal to max level even before you get the quest. Don’t be afraid since the quest will automatically completed when you get it. HOWEVER, it’s different from..

Feed xx animals for xx times: Don’t feed the animal before you get the quest because it won’t be counted.

Chapter 1 of 10

Act 1: Plant 4 Power Pears (3 minutes)
Act 2: Harvest 4 Power Pears; 4 gems to skip
Rewards: 8000 Food; 5 gems to unlock next quest

Chapter 2 of 10

Act 1: Plant 4 Mana Bananas (1 hour food); skip for 6 gems
Act 2: Collect 40 Twig from farms, you can get it from any food, the rewards are based on the time (1 hour food = 2 twigs)
Rewards: Cinderelka

Chapter 3 of 10

Act 1: Breed Pyro Pony with another animal
Act 2: Raise Cinderelka to Lvl 4
Act 3: Harvest 6 Adventurnips
Rewards: 20,000 Coins

Chapter 4 of 10

Act 1: Plant Mana Bananas
Act 2: Raise Cinderelka to Lvl 10
Act 3: Collect 30 Twigs, you can get it from any food, the rewards are based on the time (1 hour food = 2 twigs)
Rewards: Glass Flower x 10 (decorations)

Chapter 5 of 10

Act 1: Raise Cinderelka to Lvl 12
Act 2: Hatch Plantler
Rewards: 5 Realm Runes

Chapter 6 of 10

Act 1: Raise Cinderelka to Lvl 15
Act 2: Feed your plantler 20 times
Act 3: Breed Rock Rhino with another animal
Rewards: Mouseguard (Water and Fire element animal)

Chapter 7 of 10

Act 1: Raise Mouseguard to lvl 4
Act 2: Hatch Armordillo
Rewards: 12000 Food

Chapter 8 of 10

Act 1: Raise Mouseguard to lvl 7
Act 2: Plant 5 mana bananas
Act 3: Feed your armordillos 20 times
Act 4: Collect 42 Fiery Footprints, you can get it from any food, the rewards are based on the time
Rewards: Glasscoach

Chapter 9 of 10

Act 1: Hatch a Firefox
Act 2: Raise Mouseguard to Lvl 11
Act 3: Harvest Adventurnips (2 hours food)
Rewards: 10 gems

Chapter 10 of 10

Act 1: Raise Mouseguard to lvl 15
Act 2: Harvest 6 Adventurnips (12 gems to skip)
Act 3: Feed your firefox 25 times
Act 4: Collect 48 Fiery Footprints, you can get it from any food, the rewards are based on the time
Rewards: Prince Charming

Thanks Miky_28 for these info

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45 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Storybook Dust to Destiny”

  1. Strimel Kathy says:

    I am at 7 and can’t get an armadillo any help

  2. Ruby says:

    Since it seems like it comes up every time there is a storybook event, I wanted to mention something about food.

    I do save up food for these events; however, out of curiosity I decided to keep track of the actual difference in the amount of food I had at the beginning of the events, and at the end. Over the last 3 events, my actual difference has been between 54,000 and 76,000.

    No, I don’t mean that’s the amount of food that actually gets used for feeding the animals. That’s always way more. However, food is always a reward at least once, and I continue to plant all along the way. You just need to plant based on how long it will be before you can check your game again. For instance, if I’m not going to be able to check for 4 1/2 hours, I’ll plant 5 hour food. That also helps you efficiently collect items (like twigs or fiery footprints) from farming.

    Just something to keep in mind for next time. Also, even if you aren’t able to finish, you can still get 1 or 2 new animals just for trying.

  3. FoxWolfFlame says:

    This is immposible unless you spend lots of gems or are on this 24\7. Starting to be angry at Cinderella for taking up all my food. Grrr.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It’s very possible. You need to save a lot of food before the event begins though. Make sure you save your food from now on.

      • FoxWolfFlame says:

        Thanks. I’m doing that now. This is my first Storybook Adventure, didn’t know they required so much food.

        • Dd says:

          I was waiting the last fiery footprints I only needed 25 and fell sleep for 5’min after (I even put alarm but couldn’t hear it) didn’t want to spend like 30 gems to speed up food or 75 to immediately win it so I waited to the last minute to do it and I couldn’t hear the phone and lost the event why it will ask 1500 gems when I only need the last part 🙁 so disappointed I spent all week and for a stupid mistake lost the prize

  4. SuttonButton says:

    This is getting ridiculous… I save up 100k food for these story books and it seems like it’s not enough anymore

  5. KEEKdaSNEEK1 says:


  6. bobbybear913 says:

    What happens if you buy animal instead of hatching it? I did so, but didn’t complete quest, do I have to wait till its out of nest? Or pay to skip as well?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Hi, I never did that, so I don’t know :). However the quest is completed when I place the egg to the egg nest, so if that doesn’t solve the problem. I doubt that place it on the habitat will fix that. However simply try it :).

    • Shana says:

      Buying replaces breeding. Hatching you must wait for it to be out of nest. Hope that helps 🙂

    • Ruby says:

      If you buy the animal. it should count as complete when you move the animal from the nest to the habitat.

      When you breed it, the act is complete when you put the egg in the nest; however, I accidentally placed mine in the nest early before and found out it also counts when moving the egg out of the nest.

  7. JBR says:

    Chapter 3 Act 3 for me was collect 30 twigs – skip for 24 gems

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