Posted on Jun 27, 2016

Fantasy Forest Story Summer Equifox

Thanks to Samantha, SweetJ, mkpiner, and Amanda for these pictures

Fantasy Forest Story Summer Equifox Egg Fantasy Forest Story Summer Equifox Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Summer Equifox Status

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As the lively spring season comes to a close, the Summer Equifox arrives to take the reigns from its spring sibling and leads the way into summer. The Summer Equifox signifies the summer equinox and the transition to the summer season, but once the leaves begin to shift in color, the autumn sibling will step in.

Final Form

Fantasy Forest Story Summer Equifox Final Form

Breeding Time: 21 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 17 hours

Rarity: Rare

Habitat: Dark Cove and Nature Preserve

Buy Price: 1000 Gems

Sell Price: 100 coins

Breeding Formula:
[0] Skyger + Pandaffodil
[0] Aurora Pegasus + Crystal Unicorn
[0] Leave your successful formula

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18 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Summer Equifox”

  1. Magdalena says:

    Peter Panda+Lost Crow 😀

  2. Lessly says:

    I got this with Skyger lvl:12 & Pandaffodil lvl:12!! First try!! I’m so happy I got this and I hope it helps someone because it really is an amazing animal. It’s hatching btw😍

  3. Pirkadat says:

    Hi, just a quick question… what does the “(LM)” mean? I saw it next to some of the animals’ names, and I just wanted to know…

  4. Miriakiko says:

    Do you believe the different equifoxes will be available again during their seasons?

  5. ishwar says:

    Bamboon lvl 5 and Thunderhawk lvl 4

  6. Blakers989 says:

    I just bred this using lvl 7 Aurora Pegasus and lvl 4 Twilight Troll first try.

  7. Becky says:

    Twilight Troll level 12 and Cockatorch level 4

  8. FoxWolfFlame says:

    Is it still avalible? PS on the buy price it says 1000 but the zeros are o’s (the letter)

  9. Lex says:

    Twilight Troll & FrostFang 1st try

  10. Elvira says:

    Skyger + pandaffodil level 7 🙂

  11. Lex says:

    Frostfang and twilight troll first try.

  12. Lily W. says:

    In the game it says the fox is rare

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