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Fantasy Forest Story Treasure Toucan

Thanks to Doris for the pictures

Fantasy Forest Story Treasure Toucan Egg

Fantasy Forest Story Treasure Toucan Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Treasure Toucan Status

Treasure Toucans always have an eagle eye out for brilliant baubles. They fly high over forests, searching for the tell-tale shimmer of hidden jewels! If you buy or breed a Treasure Toucan, it’ll shower your Forest with Gems in no time!













1 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

Food (x5)

5 20 40 100 300 600 1000 1500 2100 2800

Total Food

0 25 125 325 825 3825 8825 16325 26825 40825

Final Form

Thanks to Osiris for the picture

Fantasy Forest Story Treasure Toucan Final Form

Breeding/Hatching time: 24 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 36 hours

Rarity: Ultra Rare

Habitat: Treasure Trove

Buy Price: 800 Gems

Sell Price: 100

How to get :
[0] Vinotaur + Ocean Owl
[0] Leave your succesful formula on the comment.

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108 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Treasure Toucan”

  1. Bug says:

    T T
    _ I am mad and sad i dont have ocean owl or vinatour!!! ;(

    • Annabel says:

      I’ve tried like a billion times without no luck (and by a billion I mean 70 )
      Is there any other way to get this stupid animal I’m feeling so frustrated I hate just breeding and breeding over and over again and still No luck

    • Ali says:

      I don’t have any of those animals either, Bug. I know, right, Annebel

  2. Rachel says:

    stance chance. I’ve tried over fifty times to breed a treasure toucan using a level 15 ocean owl, and level 15 vinotaur… And still no luck I have been trying since I discovered this site in March as had already tried that combo twice wih no luck and so had moved onto trying other different combos to no avail. Now I know it is blind luck is rather frustrating as I gave up on trying to get diamonds via a toucan after fifty goes plus and then moved onto trying for a golden retriever. I had already thought the terrior and gold lion and tried it with no luck, but then thought ok now I know that is the successful formula will try again. And again and again, I am getting very tired of trying and not getting diamonds. Thankfully I am appreciative to Ken, Jen and Kelli who I rely on for diamond sharing as without them I would have given up months ago,

    • Eugene says:

      Well mine animals are not up there yet I’m trying to level each one of them level up. And it seems like that I cannot get the toucan bird cause I’ve tried several times like 14 times I never get one of the toucan….also I’ve try to get the golden retriever & the other one.
      I missed the treebra, all the Valentine’s special (got the kitten), got 2 of the st. Patrick’s special, got 2 of the spring event…I wanted the dog (the dane) but I missed it too.
      I’d love to have the crystal unicorn but I couldn’t get one of them either. I wish there’s a way to know how the players get them so we can try to get them. Add me if you wish stormstater.

  3. Elise2471 says:

    Does breeding higher level animals make a difference?

  4. Starr says:

    Do you ever get tiered of having to repeat yourself saying its all about chance lol just wondering why people don’t read the other comments and see you’ve answered there question in others. I would deff be annoyed again thanks for the site love it

  5. Mel says:

    After 67 times trying I got one don’t give up !!!!!!

  6. Nisa says:

    I did vinotaur and ocean owl 10 times literally !! Please helps

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Breeding is all about chance. Just keep trying and remember this creature is ultra rare :), you know what those words mean right :).

      • exiguous says:

        Hahaha no I have no idea what ultra rare means please elaborate for me my ignorance is astounding ;)… I like you and I’ve never even met you…I just adore those who subtly assault a persons intelligence (and I am in no way being sarcastic here).

        The whole idea of this Treasure Toucan is giving you gems…what’s the one thing that these games are stingy with…this is a hard one folks! However, the answer is GEMS. Which means what? The breeding of this is going to be a pain in everyone’s arse!!

        Thanks for the info :). Cheers!!!!

        • noobbgodlike says:

          ultra rare is very very very rare, it’s kinda playing a roulette and bet on single digit number, common creature is like betting even or odd.

  7. Rose says:

    I have tried with the ocean owl + vinotuar and haven’t gotten the treasure tocan. Dose anyone have any tips?

  8. EnchantedScorpio-addme- says:

    Used Ocean Owl + Vinotaur (in that order, reversed got me nothing good) .. Again.. A HUGE thanks to Noobbgodlike for the page!

    • Eugene says:

      I’ve tried this too but I wind up either a ferry ferrets or some others animals such as turtles , green bamboo, or the conorductor bird. Also I tried with the lighting with the golden lion…not get the treasure toucan. And I’ve tried to breed for golden retriever too but no luck.
      I am on level 32 I just started playing this game just about 3 months ago. If anyone can help me or tell me how to breed some animals, I appreciate. Add me : stormstater….
      I missed the Halloween special s I got the Christmas specials but I’m afraid that I’ll miss all of the Valentine’s special too. I have try my best to play this game cause I really like it. Just try to breed a certain kind of an animal it’s frustrating. I’d to have that thanksgiving unicorn but I missed it. I also wanted to get the crystal unicorn too before it will expired.
      Please add me & help to get those animals!

      Thank you~


      • Happygolucky says:

        Is storms tater your id

      • rey122969 says:

        Finally got the Treasure Toucan after several attempts with Ocean Owl and Vinotaur (both level 15). Don’t give up….keep trying!!

      • EnchantedScorpio-addme- says:

        Trying reversing the formula, like this time select the ocean owl from the left column and next round pick him from the right.. Other than that, Noobbgodlike says it all with “just keep trying “.. My mythical beast is the confetti yeti.. I tried non stop all 3 times it was available(I’ve only been playing a few months as well but like you progressed very fast) but no matter the combos I could not get him..

  9. Lady Luck says:

    I got this one by breeding vinitour and ocean owl jan 21 it happened second try

  10. Meowuchu says:

    I tried to get this like, so many times…! No wonder its ultra rare -.-

  11. W0nd3rland says:

    Has anyone tried to breed the new Golden Retriever Yet? I have the tucan and was thinking maybe if we bred it with the Lightning leopard or gold lion it may work, I’m going to try but if anyone finds out how plz post it, I really don’t want to spend the $25 on gems to get this one lol

  12. Yiena says:

    I have been trying Ocean owl + Vinotaur like 30 times and all I’ve gotten is Turtisle, Skyger, Solar Simian and Ocean owl XP is my luck just rotten?

  13. Princess says:

    Do you have own noobgodlike?????

  14. Ultra says:

    Is there other combinations? Like, if you bred a Solar Simian with an Ocean Owl, would it work?

  15. Lillyhopper says:

    Still trying after about 12 times or so. Not giving up:)

  16. Jeneral says:

    Yay I finally got it!! Vinotaur n ocean owl works!!

  17. Eeveetriforce says:

    Confirmed for me! II’m just waiting for the habitat to finish now. Thanks for the combo!

  18. Nichole says:

    I have attempted now 11 times and have gotten a fairy ferret, skyger, or tortisile. I will keep trying it is ultra rare

  19. Jose Rodriguez says:


  20. Rebecca says:

    I’ve tried vinotaur+ocean owl twice and gotten a fairy ferret and a skyger.

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