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Fantasy Forest Story Weakness Chart

Fantasy Forest Story Battleground Featured

The table will list weakness of animals, if you find any info wrong (or find additional weakness), then please leave a comment.

“??” means I am still not sure it’s because I forget or simply haven’t met them in the battle.

490 animals listed

Last Animal added to the chart: Basket Hound

The list is sorted based on the name of the animals. You can also use your browser search function to easily find the animals which you want to know.

How to use the chart

Simply press CTRL+F on the browser (if you’re using PC)

If you’re using safari on your ipad and iphone then follow steps below

1. After opening this page, tap on the address bar one more time

2. Type the animal that you want to know

Fantasy Forest Story Search Func on site

3.  You should see “On this page” (you may need to close the keyboard if there are too many options)

4. tap it and you will find the animal that you want to know

Fantasy Forest Story Finding Feature

Animal Weakness
Adorabull Lightning
Ahtletigator Earth
Airy Otter Water
Alice Earth
Amethyst Pony Fire
Amour Boar Plant
Ampeater Plant
Ancient sloth Plant
Anubis Water
Aperil Fool Water
Aquaconda Lightning
Aquafox Lightning
Aquamarine Pony Lightning
Aquarius Earth
Aquatter Lightning
Arabian Horse Plant
Arboar Lightning
Arcrane Lightning
Aries Water
Armordillo Water
Art Nouveau Horse Water
Aurora Pegasus Fire
Autumn Equifox Fire
Bamboon Plant
Banana Slug Fire
Bansheep Fire, Earth
Barn Owl Fire
Basilisk Fire, Water
Basket Hound Plant
Bastet Water
Bead Steed Earth, Fire
Beagle Scout Fire, Water
Beast Lightning
Beauty Earth
Bee Mine Earth
Beegull Fire, Earth
Beever Earth, Lightning
Big Bad Wolf Plant
Bipartibison Lightning
Birthday Bear Plant
Blackbear’d Water
Blizard Plant
boarealis Plant
Boom Bear Earth
Brave Eagle Fire, Water
Buckaneer Fire, Water
Bulldog Water
Cactus Kitsune Fire, Water
Cancer Dark
Candy Crane Earth
Capricorn Fire
Captain K9 Plant
Carnival Croc Lightning
Castlewary Lightning
Caturn Earth
Catypuss Fire
Cave Art Sabertooth Water
Celtic Cat Fire
Cerberus Earth
Chameneon Lightning
Charger Earth, Lightning
Cheep Fire
Cherub Cub Water
Chesire Cat Water
Chidebeest Lightning
Chilly Goat Lightning
Chimp Champ Water
Chimpala Water
Chipskunk Plant
Chocolate Lab Plant
Chocolate Mouse Plant
Chocolate Rabbit Water
Chromadile Lightning
Cinderelka Water
Citrine Peregrin Dark
Cockatorch Water
Cold Turkey Plant
Comet Cougar Plant
Conducktor Lightning, Earth
Confetti yeti Earth
Cornunocobra Plant
Cosmic Phoenix Water
Craguar Plant
Cranbeary Fire
Crescent Crane Fire, Earth
Crystal Unicorn Dark
Cubism Cow Plant
Cuckoonut Plant
Cuddle Monster Earth
Cunning Snake Fire, Water
Cupid Sparrow Fire
Cursed Rose Fire, Water
Dandelion ?? (none?)
Daredevil Earth
Deadwing Earth
Demonkey Water, Fire
Diamondback Plant
Donkeycrat Plant
Dragon Roll Lightning
Dragonfly Earth, Fire
Dread Panda Water, Fire
Dream Bat Plant
Dripmunk Plant
Dumbledog Lightning
Dusk Bunny Plant
Dusky Fire, Water
Eagle Beagle Fire
Easter Bunny Plant
Eerie Owl Water
Electric Elk Plant, Earth
Electricutie Earth
Elephantom Fire, Earth
Ember Bear Water
Emerald Dragon Dark, Fire
Enchantress Fire
Explode Toad Water
Fairy Ferret Fire, Water
Falconch Earth
Fallaby Fire, Water
Fallmingo Earth
Feast Beast Plant
Felione Water
Fennec Shox Earth
Festive Firefly Water
Festive Flier Plant
Fire Glider Earth
Firefox Water
Fladingo Fire, Water
Flare Hare Water
Fluffy Plant
Flyerfox Fire, Water
Four Leaf Rover Fire
Frankenswine Fire
Freezel Lightning
French Bulldog Lightning
French Hen Fire, Water
Friar Duck Lightning
Frightingale Fire
Froggy Bandit Lightning
Frostfang Lightning
Frostrich Lightning
Fruitbat Fire
Fruitcake Snake Fire/Water (??)
Gargolem Plant
Garland Snake Fire
Garnet Griffin Water
Garnet Pony Water
Gecko Roman Fire, Water
Gemini Earth
Georaffe Plant
Ghostrich Plant
Gingerbread Bunny Water
Gingerbread owl Plant
Gingerbread Ponny Plant
Giving Treent Water
Glacial Griffin Plant
Goblin Gobbler Lightning
Gold Lion Earth
Golden Flutter Plant
Golden Retriever Plant
Golden Unicorn none
Goldscale Plant
Grand Unicorn Dark
Grandmother Lightning
Granite Golem Dark
Grassquatch Plant
Great Danebow Earth
Gretel Lightning, Earth
Ground Hound Plant
Growvine Fire
Grumpy Gorilla Fire
Gummy Bear Lightning
Hades Water
Haka Kiwi Plant
Halfmoon Howler Plant
Halloweasel Water
Hamrock Plant
Hansel Plant
Hareon Earth
Harpy Water
Harvest Hedgehog Plant
Harvest Hoarder Fire
Hatchling Lightning
Heartvark Water
Hedgehog Plant
Hercules Plant
Hibearnate Fire
Hippogryph Earth, Lightning
Hippopot a Gold Water
Holly Collie Fire, Water
Honey Badger Plant
Hooded Robin Fire, Water
Hot Dog Fire, Water
Hug Pug Water
Hummingburn Fire, Water
Hydro Yak Lightning
Icegator Plant
Iciclaw Plant
Infernowl Water
Jackal Lantern Water
Jackalope Fire, Water
Jackalope Frost Lightning
Jade Kirin Fire
Jagwire Plant
Jasmine Jaguar Lightning
Jellyflash Lightning
Jingle Shells Earth
Jollyfish Plant
Julius Baever Plant
Kissy Cat Water
Knitten Kitten Plant
Koala Cadabra Earh, Fire
Krampus Fire, Water
Ladypug Fire, Water
Lambi Water
Land Shark Lightning
Lava Leopard Water
Lemurcury None/Plant
Leo Water
Leopardchaun Plant
Libertree Dark, Lightning
Libra Earth ??
Liger Earth
Lightning Leopard Earth
Limerick Chick Fire
Lion Pride Water
Lionheart Water
Little Fawn Plant
Little Lamb Water
Little Red Fire, Water
Love Bug Water
Love Dove Plant
Loyal badger Water
Lucky Duck Fire, Water
Lucky rabbit Lightning
Lullabison Plant
Lunar Goat Earth
Lunar Moth Fire
Lunarwhal Lightning
Mad Hatter Fire
Magma Mouse Fire, Water
Magmacore Water, Earth
Magmonkey Water
Magnetic Mouse Earth, Fire
Maid Mareian Lightning
Mama Bear Lightning
Mamaroo Water
Mammoth Trunk Plant
Mardi Claw Earth, Fire
Masquerade Mouse Earth
Matripony Lightning
Medoe Lightning
Melodeer Fire
Menoram Earth
Meowl Plant
Mercat Lightning
Merry Fairy Fire, Water
Merry Meercat Fire, Water
Mistletoed Sloth Fire, Water
Moleten Water, Earth
Monarchy Earth
Money Badger Plant
Monsoon Marmot Lightning
Moonkey Fire
Moroccan Gazelle Plant
Mouseguard Lightning
Mrs. Potter Plant
Mrs.Claws Earth
Napping Turtle Plant
Neapolitiger Fire
Nightmare Fire, Water
Nocturnowl Lightning
Nocturtle Lightning
Noelephant Fire, Water
Norse Horse Lightning
North Polar Bear Earth
Northwest Whale Plant
Nutcracker Lightning
Obsidian Cyclops Dark
Ocean Owl Lightning
Onyx Direwolf Fire
Onyx Ox Fire, Water
Opal Octopus Dark
Ophiucus Dark
Orangubang Earth
Orca Snail Earth, Fire
Orcagami Lightning
Orchid Otter Fire
Ornament Octopus Lightning
Ornate Ocelot Plant
Owl Bear Fire
Palmeranian Fire
Pandaffodil Fire
Papa Penguin Plant
Papayak Water, Fire (??)
Paper Lantern Dragon Earth
Parade Pony Earth
Paradise Parrot Fire, Water
Party Animal Fire
Party Penguin Fire, Earth
Patriotter Water, Lightning
Peamoth Fire
Pearl Peryton Lightning, Dark
Peony Pony Holiday/Christmas
Peppermint Platty Water
Peridot Phoenix Dark
Persephone Plant
Persian Leopard Water
Peruvian Lama Plant
Petal Peacock Earth
Petite Panda Earth
Pigmy Water
Pinata Pony Fire
Pinata Puppy Water/Dark (??)
Pisces Dark
Planther Fire
Plantler Plant
Pluma Earth, Fire
Plutopus Earth, Lightning
Pokey Pilot Plant
Pop Art Peacock Lightning
Poppy Pony Fire, Water
Porcupineapple Plant
Porkupine Fire
Powder Monkey Water
Present Pheasant Fire, Water
Present Puppy Fire, Water
Prince Charring Water
Prize Pony Plant
Professor Scrape Fire
Psyena Lightning
Puffalo Plant
Pumpkin Panda Plant
Punk Skunk Fire
Puppy Love Water
Pygmy giraffe Plant
Pyro Pony Water
Quake Snake Water
Quartz Quetzalcoatl Dark, Fire
Ra Water
Racmoon Plant
Rainbow Raven Fire
Rainguin Plant
Rampage Water
Rapstallion Plant
Rapunzel Water
Reckless Roc Earth
Red Panda Water
Red Weasely Water
Reindeer Water
Republiphant Water
Ribbon Gibbon Fire, Water
River Runner Plant
Robber Raccoon Lightning
Rock Candy Rhino Lightning
Rock Rhino Plant
Rocking Horse Water
Rockodile Plant
Romanticore Water, Earth
Rooted Rhino Plant
Rubble Rooster Water, Earth
Ruby Razorback Water
Rudolphin Lightning
Rumblebee Earth, Fire
S’more Boar Plant
Sagittarius Dark, Water
Saintly Bernard Treasure
Salty Dog Plant
Santa Claws Earth
Santa’s Helpurr Plant
Sapphire Cthulhu Dark
Sapphire Sphinx Dark
Sapybara Plant
Scarecrow Plant
Scaredy Cat Fire
Scorpio Lightning/Dark
Sea drake Lightning
Sea Horse Lightning
Sea Lion Lightning
Seafoam Sloth Lightning
Seamur Lightning
Secret Santler Earth
Shamcroc Lightning
Sheriff of Naughtyham Fire, Water
Shock Fox Plant
Shockatoo Earth, Fire
Sidekicker Fire, Water
Silly Goose ??
Silverback Gorilla Fire, Earth
Skeletal Dragon Water
Skeletal Steed Water
Skyena Lightning
Skyger Fire
Slippopotamus Plant
Smitten Kitten Earth
Snapdragon Water
Snappy Turtle Lightning
Snow Monster Lightning, Earth
Snowflake Drake Earth
Snowmanatee Plant
Snowpossum Plant
Snowy Leopard Seal Plant
Sobek Plant, Water
Solar Bear Water
Solar Simian Fire, Water
Spark Shark Lightning
Spring Equifox Plant
Spring Wing Fire
Spruce Moose Fire
Star Fish Lightning
Starry Night Owl Earth
Station Dalmatian Water, Earth
Steamtrunk Lightning
Steel Woolly Mammoth Plant
Storking Water
Storm Sphinx Fire
Strawbeary Water
Striped Skunk Plant
Stuffin Puffin Water
Sugarskull Glider Fire
Summer Equifox Fire
Super Heron Lightning, Earth
Swan Prince Fire, Water, Earth
Swan Princess Lightning
Sweater Donner Fire,Water
Sweet Sheep Fire, Water
Taurus Fire
Teddy Bear Fire
Terradactyl Plant
Terrorier Fire, Water
Tesllama Plant
Thankfowl Water
Thanksgibbon Fire, Water
Thorilla Plant
Thunder Mammoth Plant
Thunderhawk Fire
Tidal Toucan Lightning
Timbear Plant
Tinsowl Fire
Topaz Tiger Dark, Earth
Torch Bearer Fire, Water
Tornadodo Plant
Toronado Earth
Tortice Lightning
Tortigloo Plant, Earth
Toy Elephant Plant
Toy Poodle Fire
Treasure Toucan Plant
Tree Frog Plant
Treebra Plant
Treent of Life Halloween
Trick or Treent Fire
Tubacan Water, Earth
Tulip Tapir ??
Turtisle Lightning
Turtle Dove Lightning
Twilight Troll Fire
Typhoon Tiger Lightning
Unicorgi Water, Earth
Unicornucopia Plant
Valentiger Water
Valiant Lion Water
Valkyrie Earth, Dark
Vampire Cat Water
Vanillamb Plant
Vinotaur Fire, Water
Virgo ?? (Dark, Fire)
Volcamel Water
Wagrid Plant
Walrust Plant
Weasel Witch Lightning
Werewolf Plant
White Elephant Earth
Wild Wondercat Lightning, Earth
Winged Lion Earth
Winter Equifox Earth
Winter Wolverine Lightning
Winter Wonderlamb Lightning
Wise Eagle Lightning
Wolverink Lightning, Earth
Wombattery Plant, Earth
Wyburn Fire, Water
Xo Ox Plant
Yak O Lantern Water
Yang Lightning
Yin Lightning
Yule Mule Fire, Water
Zapra Fire, Earth
Zeus Moose Earth, Lightning
Zombee Plant

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  1. norywalker says:

    Four Leaf Rover – it is weak against NATURE (called plant here) not weak to Fire as listed in chart. Just the opposite in that attacks using fire will be weak attacks. Use nature/plant or Crystal Unicorn.

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