Posted on Oct 13, 2014

Fantasy Forest Story Zapra Breeding Formula

Thanks to Doris and Brian for the picture

Fantasy Forest Story Zapra Egg

Fantasy Forest Story Zapra Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Zapra Status

Herds of Zapras stampede through storm clouds with stripes of static and hooves of energy. Keepers are cautioned to dry their Aura Apples before hand-feeding these electric ungulates.

Lightning Element Fantasy Forest StoryDark Element Fantasy Forest Story













226 361 474 678 881 1084 1288 1446 1559 1627

Food (x5)

4 16 32 80 200 400 600 800 1600 2400

Total Food

0 20 100 260 660 1660 3660 6660 10660 18660

Breeding/Hatching time:  23 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 24  hours

Rarity: Super Rare

Habitat: Electric enclave and Dark cove

Buy Price: 1250 Gems

Sell Price: 100

Breeding Formula:
[0] Lightning Leopard + Skyger
[0] Koala Cadabra + Elephantom (2nd try)
[0] Leave your successful formula on the comment

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52 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Zapra Breeding Formula”

  1. Emmy says:

    I got first try with Present Puppy level 10 and Beegull level 4

  2. Hershey316 says:

    I got it with rockinghorse and koala cadabra….

  3. Lizzie says:

    I did a FireFox and a Cockatorch on the first try, hope it helps the people with problems trying to get this beautiful creature

  4. Stephanie says:

    Skyger + Fire Glider

  5. Msturnstyles says:

    Elephantom & Dragonfly!!! FINALLY!!!!!

  6. Beaverhausenindahausen says:

    Crystal unicorn + Bansheep

  7. Mariska says:

    Sea lion & golden lion

  8. fraulitsa79 says:

    Coala calabra + beed steed

  9. rashz says:

    Firefox and Shockfox first try

  10. Alexis Shiflett says:

    First try didn’t know what I was hoping for but I bred Skger+lightning leopard got lucky

  11. Grace says:

    Im still trying to get it but luckily I have a 23 hour breeding combination with koala cadabara and elephantom… FINGERS CROSSED

  12. Jhime85 says:

    Fire glider + freezel

  13. Crystal says:

    Rumblebee + skyger

  14. Izzy says:

    skyger 15 lightning leopard 12 Yea me 1st time hit !!! I put them in that order I was thrilled to get it on the first try ! I play this game w my daughters one is Isabella aka Izzy one is Isis and I’m Iris . I read these every day . Our reg. Level 15 animals don’t usually work. Combos that do work are stranger mixes like a frightningale combo made a unicorn. I’m sorry can’t rememberwhat t I used it was a reg creature though.

  15. K says:

    What level were the animals used in the breeding formula? Does it tend to matter if you use a newly evolved Lvl 4 for ex, versus a Lvl 7? 10? 15? to get something with the combo provided? I understand it’s up to chance, but have you found that leveling up a bit to some basic amount increases things?


  16. Lily W. says:

    Lightning leopard (8) and skyger (14) first try

  17. hwan si says:

    skyger + lightning leopard on my first try 😀 luckyy meee

  18. Ms. Vega says:

    Koala Cadabra + Bansheep

  19. Jamie says:

    Gargolem + gold lion

  20. Walt says:

    Skyger + Mardi Claw; finally. ?

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