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Fantasy Forest Story Zodiac Animal Libra

Thanks to It.Nora  and Devlin for these pictures

ffs-libra-egg ffs-libra-growth

Fantasy Forest Story Zodiac Animal Libra Status

Fantasy FOrest Story Zodiac SymbolLightning Element Fantasy Forest Story

Hailing from the endless cosmos above, Libra is a gracious and fair creature that loves socializing with individuals born between September 23nd and October 22. Always willing to lend a helping hoof, Libra will go to great lengths to help friends in need. It’s also known for holding grudges for a a very long time, so don’t disappoint it!

Final Form


Hatching Time: 15 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 15 hours

Rarity: Super Rare

Habitat: Celestial Habitat and Electric Enclave

Buy Price: 1000 gems

Sell Price: 100

Can’t be bred, it’s only available from the quest (Viva la Libra)


[1] Harvest 12 Mana Bananas (1 hour food)
[2.1] Collect 75 Libra Medallions from harvesting food
[2.2] Collect 18 Proud Pendants from evolving any animal
[3.1] Hatch Thunder Mammoth (Lightning Earth Animal; 18 hours)
[3.2] Feed Thunder Mammoth 50 times
[4.1] Harvest 6 Spell Melons
[4.2] Collect 48 Libra Medallions from harvesting food

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34 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Zodiac Animal Libra”

  1. theweirdperson says:

    A few days ago I bred Grassquatch + Fruitbat I got 18 hours I thought I got thunder mammoth but when i saw the egg it was a FREAKING catypuss😡😡😡😡 What am I doing wrong it requires to breed my fav animal the mammoth my other is elephant both my #1 fav animals and I am really stressed I won’t get libra

  2. Carina says:

    Did I miss the whole thing? I still have it in my quests section though…

  3. Animal Love says:

    Hey, the zodiac power is actually dark!😡! I’m so mad I could just………. SCREAM!!✨=🔮

  4. Animal Love says:

    OMG! i got a Libra!! 🙂 i cant believe this will ever happen! i got a thunder mammoth on second try and my sister got it on first try. I got a hot dog on nest and i dont understand u know the how many medallions do u need for the last goal? I thought it was 40?

  5. Yellow Cactus says:

    OMG ! Before the quest , I had a Thunder Mammoth ready to go in the nest . When I realized that you NEEDED the Mammoth , I was crazy . Thank You TeamLava ! Here is my breeding formula : Hedgehog and Koala Cadabra . But I would suggest Anything to do with ⚡️ + 🌑 . The breeding time is 18 hours . Good Luck !

  6. Izzy says:

    I got my Libra Its my first zodiac creature!!! But what happened to all the gems ?!? They never showed up in my gem bin ?!? My Libra is hatched in a habitat and fed x5 ?!? tyvm to all my friends and gem buddies hunter 16 beautiful isle angel joyce tiger31 lark and Iris wru? come back !!!

  7. Lily W. says:

    How is it that I can’t get a single thunder mammoth, but this is my fourth tesllama? 😑

  8. PurrinKat says:

    I have just hatched and sold my 12th shock fox. This game drives me crazy!!!

  9. Luna says:

    Can you get 48 medallions from harvesting 6 mystic mangoes for the last challenge?

  10. MoonStarz77 says:

    I tried 4 different times and finally got it on my 4th try using the main formula on the Thunder Mammoth egg result page: Rock Rhino(lvl15) + Lightning Leopard(lvl15) and got it on the first try with that combo above.

    The other times I tried using other people’s formulas where they commented on the Thunder Mammoth page. The first two times I tried Shock Fox(10) + Thorilla(6) and third time I tried Shock Fox(10) + Lightning Leopard(15) and each time I just got another Shock Fox, so 3 more of those :(.

    Seems like when I go back to the basics of just using the single element animals I tend to get what I want quicker, just have to use the same single element animal multiple times and eventually get what I was trying for, after multiple attempts. Very pleased to finally get it on the 4th try and see the 18hr breed time!

    Good luck everyone and hope my information helps you!!!

  11. Aiko says:

    Hatch time for libra= 15 hours

  12. Animal Love says:

    OMG! ɪღ тօтɑℓℓყ ʝɛɑℓօʊṣ օƒ ღყ ṣɪṣтɛʀ!😡ṣhɛ ɢօт тhʊɳԀɛʀ ღɑღღօтh օɳ ƒɪʀṣт! ɪ вʀɛԀ ṣhօʗĸ ƒօχ ɑɳԀ ℓɪɢhтɳɪɳɢ ℓɛօ℘ɑʀԀ ɑɳԀ ɢօт 12 hօʊʀṣ тhɪṣ ɢɑღɛ ɪṣ тօтɑℓℓყ ʊɳƒɑɪʀ тhɛყ ღɑĸɛ ʗɛʀтɑɪɳ ℘ℓɑყɛʀ ɢɛт тhɛ ɑɳɪღɑℓ օɳ ƒɪʀṣт тʀყ! ɛѵɛɳ ɪƒ ɪ тʀყ 1,000,000,000 тɪღɛṣ ɪℓℓ ɳɛѵɛʀ тhɛ тhʊɳԀɛʀ ღɑღღօтh!😡

  13. Friendly Unicorn says:

    Finally hatched thunder mammoth today. I tried several times with skygar and shock fox but didn’t get it, so I went back to trying with rock rhino(7) and lightning leopard(7) and got it first try.

  14. a says:

    NOOOOOO!!! This quest is impossible! I’ll never get a thunder mammoth!!!!!!! I already hate this event! >:(

  15. Mileo1 says:

    4a) Havest 6 Spell Melons
    4b) Collect 40 Libra Medallions (through harvesting)

  16. BLUEFIRE7599 says:

    Next act: harvest 6 spell melons & collect 40 Libra medallions from harvesting.

  17. Italian Nora says:

    3.1 Hatch a Thunder Mammoth (lightning+earth=18 hrs breeding)
    3.2 Feed the Thunder Mammoth (50 times)

  18. Jessica Noviello says:

    The third stage is two parts:

    3a) Hatch a Thunder Mammoth
    3b) Feed Thunder Mammoth 50 times.

  19. Sky says:

    After collecting the medallions and pendants you have to hatch a thunder mammoth and feed it (or other ones) 50 times

  20. Libra says:

    The third quest is to hatch a thunder mammoth and feed it 50 times

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