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Fantasy Forest Story Zodiac Animal Sagittarius

Thanks to Soha, Cheryl, Sjekie and Michelle for these pictures

ffs-sagittarius-egg FFS Sagittarius Complete Growth

Fantasy Forest Story Zodiac Animal Sagittarius Status

Fantasy FOrest Story Zodiac SymbolFire Element Fantasy Forest Story

Hailing from the endless cosmos above, Sagittarius is a generous and funny creature, that becomes very good friends of individuals born between November 22 and December 21. Sagittarius is seldom seen staying in one place because it loves travelling and spending time outdoors. It’s also known for being impatient and not living up to its promises, so don’t be surprised if ot occasionally doesn’t deliver!

Final Form

FFS Sagitarrius Final Form

Hatching Time: 25 hours

Evolution time (lvl 3, 9, and 14): 25 hours

Rarity: Super Rare

Habitat: Celestial Habitat and Fire Field

Buy Price: 1000 Gems

Sell Price: 100

Can’t be bred, it’s only available from the quest (Star Runner). Make sure you check your quest log before doing these quests below, to make sure you’re on the “right” part of the quest.


[1.2] Plant 6 Spell Melons
[1.2] Collect 12 Proud Pendants
[2.1] Hatch Rockodille
[2.2] Feed Rockodille 50 times
[3.1] Collect 72 Pendants from farms
[3.2] Breed any 2 animals
[4.1] Collect 60 Pendants
[4.2] Collect 18 stars from hatching

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33 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Story Zodiac Animal Sagittarius”

  1. theweirdperson says:

    But the good news is that I found another combo for rockodile-

    Pawpaw bear + jungle dragon from jungle jamboree

    Only 10-20% of people will be able to use this combo because of jungle dragon only 1st and 2nd place and pawpaw bear not everybody got pawpaw bear. If you have both animals and want Sagittarius use them you might get 8 hours btw I tried this combo 1st try keep trying if you make the Guinness world record for most rainguins

  2. theweirdperson says:

    It’s best to learn to breed the animal before the quest so you can get it the next time. Tye dye tiger + rampage worked for me to get rockodile but the bad news is that I SOLD IT!!!!

  3. Animal Love says:

    i think i know how u can get the teen and adult, u know the goal picture right, cant u get the pic from the goal thingy?

  4. Animal Love says:

    i got Sagittarius teen form but i cant send u a pic cos im still a kid but i have email

  5. Animal Love says:

    My second zodiac animal hoping to get my star sign, Capricorn

  6. Lily W. says:

    6 days, 2 hours and 60 gems later, not one rockodile to be found. Sigh. Better luck next year then.

  7. Sjekie says:

    In my case the last chapter 4.2 is collect 18 stars from breeding not hatching.

  8. Samantha says:

    Dose anyone know what fruit you get the most pendants from?

  9. Ruby says:

    I was so excited to see that we needed to hatch a Rockodile for this quest! I have had a terrible time with breeding for almost all of these zodiac quests, but I had 4 Rockodiles in my storage from some spin to win event. I thought they’d be useless and I was so mad when I kept spinning them, but 2 of them finally came in handy.

    You may want to double check to see if you have any in your storage. If not, good luck with the breeding.

  10. nuts says:

    I’ll almost make”Rainguin baseball team “!!
    no more Rainguin,thank you!!

    • Lynx Libra says:

      Hi nuts, try this combination. Birthday bear and snowmanatee. Hope this will help you. Last time the Scorpio quest, I used the same method: rare+rare, same elements. Level doesn’t matter.

      • nuts says:

        Hello,Linx Libra

        Substitute players in my Rainguin baseball team is hatching now.
        I really hope it wouldn’t be Rainguin Soccer team.
        Joking aside,thank you very much for giving your kind advice.
        It help me a lot, thanks.

  11. Purpleyz says:

    Thank God I saved my baby rockodille. First time I’m way ahead

  12. nuts says:

    I’ll almost make “Rainguin Baseball Team”!!
    No more Rainguin, thanks!!!

  13. Zara says:

    I have been trying to hatch a rockodile for two says. I have hatched about 7 rainguin’s but no luck with the rockodile 😐
    Another rainguin on the way.Better luck tomorrow I hope!!

  14. Puja says:

    Frostfang(15) and donkeycrat (11) = rock odile in 1st try deffinetly

  15. Lily W. says:

    You know the most hurtful part? I HAD a baby rockodile some weeks ago. I SOLD IT!

  16. CanCowGirl says:

    I can not seem to get a Rockodile 😢😢

  17. Sjekie says:

    Hatching and evolution time is 25 hours.

  18. Sjekie says:

    Quest called In a pinch?
    Mine is called: star runner. 😀

  19. That_one_squid says:

    I am sending some pictures for this animal…hatching and evolving time is 25 hours

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