Posted on Sep 17, 2014

Fantasy Forest Stroy Expand Cost Guide and Mining Tips

Mining tips

At the beginning tap the place randomly but make sure you tap the next hole far from the previous one (unless you get “close” or “very close”).

Fantasy Forest Story Rune Tips

Close means that the rune located 2 squares away from that spot.
Very close means that the rune only located 1 square away from that spot.

You can’t gather more runes if you already reach the maximum runes number (number of required runes to expand). Make sure you expand first before mining because you need to wait for a long time to get the bomb.

Fantasy Forest Stroy Expand Cost Guide

Exp Coins Rune Time
1 10000 0 10 sec
2 20000 0 5 sec
3 20000 0 5 sec
4 25000 2 5 min
5 25000 2 10 min
6 30000 4 20 min
7 30000 4 30 min
8 40000 6 1 hour
9 40000 6 1 hour
10 50000 8 2 hours
11 50000 8 2 hours
12 100000 10 3 hours
13 100000 10 3 hours
14 200000 12 4 hours
15 200000 12 4 hours
16 500000 14 5 hours
17 500000 14 5 hours
18 1000000 16 6 hours
Total 2940000

The chart is still not complete at this moment!! It will be updated as I progress further.

Fantasy Forest Story Guide Main Page

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25 Responses to “Fantasy Forest Stroy Expand Cost Guide and Mining Tips”

  1. Lisa H says:

    A couple questions.
    1) Where on the map is Solar Bear that I have to expand to? I’ve looked at all the ones I have left none are a bear!

    2)A spot where it might be Solar Bear I click to expand cause I’m right at that part it says”Reach level 20 and unlock Lightening Leopard” I’m on level 81 and I have level 15 Lightening Leopard or am I understanding it wrong and I’m suppose to expand somewhere else before this area? And is that the solar bear I’m at?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      1) see solar bear page, I have picture there.
      2) you need to expand slowly, you can’t simply jump to solar bear spot, need to unlock all area nearby.

  2. AimeeB515 says:

    Trying to expand to Hoppy Poppy & it takes 80 runes. I’m on level 126 & the mine will only allow me to get 72 runes, after which they say I can still mine for food & coins. I’ve over 132,009,000 coins so I do not need that at all. I’ve expanded to all areas surrounding Hoppy but cannot get to him & finish the quest. May I please have some advice on this. I cannot afford to just buy the needed runes so I’m feeling clueless & frustrated. I’ve tried 5 times now & the only thing that’s new is this last time around in the mine, the cap went from 70 to 72. Annoying & frustratingly angering. Ugh! Do you have any advice or ideas on how I may get to expand here?? Pretty please?? Or shall I give up & just keep expanding elsewhere?? Thx for your time & all that you do!! You’re a lifesaver with the knowledge you give to us!! Your help is the only reason I’ve gotten this far.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Nothing you can do, simply keep farming the rune by mining.

    • Reckinson Leon says:

      I had the same thing happen. I needed 80 runes but was capped at 70 – could only get food and coins. I got the Poppy Pony during one of those leader board campaigns where you spin the wheel to get points. When the wheel landed on runes as a prize it gave me enough and I was able to expand to the Poppy Pony.

  3. Unicorn says:

    I just used 2 bombs to finish off my 54 Realm runes and I got it ,but when I went to mine it shot me back down to 51 ,and when I went to storage my bombs were gone as well as my 3 runes . How do I get them back????

  4. mel says:

    I would love for you to post your expansion chart chart. I could use the info!! Thanks, mel

  5. Legend says:

    Well I must be a slow learner. I hatched a 10 hour breed last night and got ONE bomb. I will not purchase bombs as the price is outrageous so that just won’t be happening.
    I guess I’ll just quit obtaining dragons. Just like DS, I have all this decor I would like to use but have no room.
    Perhaps I’ll stick to battles and the few dragons I breed. I do wish they would vary the fails, though. Would even be nice to get a fail I could use.
    I do not mind spending bucks on my entertainment. I was laid off and don’t need to use gas for my game. I do not like feeling I have to buy gold to get something. I’ll just work on what I have. 😉
    Thank you for all you do. TL should reward you for it. 😶

  6. MikeM. says:

    2things.1-Noob,I have 7 more expansion information for your chart if u’d like LMK & I’ll post it np.. 2-I just read,then found another resource that says that if ur mining and u want 2continue (like if u only found 1 rune but ran out of clicks rite as u know where another 1 is-) that u can spend 1more bomb to continue mining with all ur clicks in the same partially mined-mine,up to 2 times in a row.. sorry if that was confusing. Hard 2explain..I don’t have any bombs rite now,but can any1 confirm this 2b true (&can explain it better?) ?.

  7. neroArcobaleno says:

    They ask me 5.000.000 money for an expansion of 12 runes. It’s seems very strange to me!
    This amount of money is soooo big at this point of the game!

    Thanks very much


  8. Christine Marquette says:

    Can u please add me id is CMARQUETTE
    This is a great site. I’m so glad I found it

  9. Nella says:

    Not sure how long I’ll play this game. I don’t want to invest anymore real money so I’ll see how much patience I have to get further into the game. I deleted DragonVale for that very reason.

  10. Reina says:

    umm.. what ways r there 4 getting explosives? ^-^

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