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Posted on Nov 20, 2011

Fate Extra Guide Savior and Twice Pieceman

Ps: In new game + You can fight will optional boss at infinite Chimeric Lunar Sea if you have completed all of Taiga’s request (CMIIW). Will update about it later (doing new game + with Saber now :D).

Tips from Steve: There is this secret boss call Ryougi Shiki but in the game it is named as Monster >> she is trapped in this moon cell and her objective is to kill 100+ servants so that she can get out of Moon Cell…

This secret boss is like hell… she have 3 skills ( that is as far as i know ) :
  1. Twin Towers >> deal 1100 damage (guard) my archer stats was A A D E E
  2. Decrease Vigor >> deal 900 damage + seal ( random whether it seals your attack , guard, extra or even skills )
  3. Hero Slayer >> deal 900 damage ( i think this skill also include some seal )
– this boss has a large number of HP!! i think it could be 90.000 ++ HP,, ( u will know it when u decrease her HP to 9000 )
–  this boss attack pattern is easy to be read but due to her damage it could be a problem if you pick 2 or 3 wrong moves..

– after you beat her, you will get 7000+ exp and a formal wear Demonic Atlas ( add mp 120  ) (nullifies enemy’s next attack ) and it will be taken to the 3rd playthrough

Go to 1F and talk to Kotomine, you can train in the arena if you want. Talk to Sakura at the nurse office to obtain Sakura’s Supreme Launch.

Infinite Chimeric Lunar Sea

You‘ll only see straight area in this dungeon. There is a giant square shaped room in the middle. The enemies are 4 Claustrophobia, 4 Babel’s Piece, and 2 Nephilim. At level 39-40 they will give you nice exp.

Nephilim will gives about 2000 EXP
Babel’s Piece will gives about 1000 EXP
Claustrophobia will gives about 500 EXP

Remember to equip Shockwave 2nd-strike and shock ability to kill them quickly. For Nephilim just spam your skills :D. No need to learn their attack pattern.

Go to commissary and make sure you buy all formal wears available (especially enhancement spike so you can travel dungeon faster on new game +; they’ll be carried over to the new game +). Sell items that are not needed to obtain money because consumable items won’t be carried over but money will (sell pirate booty if you haven’t done it before).

PS: Servant’s special item won’t be carried over (Scoat of arms, etc)

Go to Chapel to spend your skill points. Head to the elevator and talk to Rani/Rin when you’re ready (I suggest you to equip Scarlet armor and Celestial Blade) and continue walking through straight corridor. See an event with Twice H. Pieceman and

BOSS: Savior

Hmm pretty cool form :D. You need to kill Savior before all of circles on his back light. But it’s not a thing you should worry because you’re probably kill him before it happens (if you can’t do it then you’ll die). His skills:

[0] Madhayama Pramitha: add absorb HP effect on his attack
[0] Sunyata: Deals about 1500 damage
[0] Samadhi: add defense effect. I am not sure what this one does but it seems that he’ll counter your attack with spell below
[0] Dukkha Samudaya: deals about 1700 damage and nullified your attack
[0] Dukkha: add paralysis effect to successful attack

Twice Pieceman Skill:

[0] Seal Skill: disable skill command

When Pieceman use seal skill immediately use scarlet armor’s ability to restore your status. Savior ahas about 40.000 HP but it’s still easy to defeat. Remember to use all of your items (Elixir, etc) because it won’t be carried on new game +. So just spam your skill and use elixir to recover servant’s MP.

Fate Extra Main Guide

Thanks for using my guide. This guide wouldn’t be finished without your support and help :D.

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32 Responses to “Fate Extra Guide Savior and Twice Pieceman”

  1. Shiro says:

    I beat the savior with a 38 level saber it was really easy

  2. itano123 says:

    in the fight with Savior if you play caster i STRONGLY recommend equipping Scarlet Formal Wear or have items that heal seal or you are screwed…..if you focused on upgrading magic like i did (mine was at A+ at the time) and if you don’t well i sugest when you know he is going to do breaks do NOT use a skill like Mantra: Merciful Sky or you will be stunned….Screwed me up (didn’t know about it at the time)
    and when it says Twice is going to use a code cast do NOT put any skills in those slots because it is a seal unless you are going to heal….and don’t put the heal on the same slot of the code cast because you will probably cast first.

    hope this helps people….. also Savior isn’t hard (attack patterns are simple) it can just be annoying if not careful

  3. la-pucelle says:

    Because this page is dedicated to beat Saver, I had a problem.

    I *accidentally use Sakura Lunch Box (*reason: I play Japanese version for the sake of CCC) when I was free, training Archer (up to lv.42), in the dungeon (VS Lancer / Rin’s route). I realize that the Lunch box is a crucial item for this final battle. Can anybody give me some solution for this problem? Thnx! 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      What are you using sakura lunch box for?? It’s essential item?? for what?? Sorry I really don’t get it what are you talking. Please explain it to me

      • la-pucelle says:

        CCC (above) means Fate/EXTRA CCC. It means I played the japan ver so I can transfer my save data when Fate/EXTRA CCC has release but the US (translation) hasn’t. ^^; sorry for a confusing explanation…

        It’s wrote that; I accidentally use it (thanks to dissidia final fantasy (europe ver.)…) :p

      • Vire says:

        lunch box cure and heal

  4. Torrigan says:

    Nice Guide just finished first run with Saber..shes adorable and i love her attitude

    Realllllly useful guide especially for the first 4-5 rounds.

    Finished Twice in style killing blow with the Noble Phantasm

  5. Torrigan says:

    According to the Typemoon Wiki

    If Ryougi Shiki manages to seal break attack and guard she will instantly kill you resulting in a game over screen

  6. Mayflies says:

    Great tips! Almost wasted a lot of money from not selling consumables. I have a question about Shiki, I finished my first playthrough but in the way was unable to complete one of Taiga’s quests, can I still fight Shiki if I successfully complete all the quests on my second playthrough though?.

    Thanks !

  7. rallen says:

    your guide was helpfull but guys these bosses are not that hard i played on normal and beat all of them 2 levels down from the selected with saber i beat liuebien at 39, vlad at 34, gwain at 40 and ryogi shiki at 41

  8. omyouji says:

    do i HAVE to do all taiga request to fight shiki?

  9. Zero says:

    Really instead of Savior this whole page should be dedicated to fighting Shiki. From what I can tell…

    Shiki has roughly 60000~70000 HP

    Tends to spam her skills on the first turn of every round so you can’t stun her.

    Stun effects tend to be very unreliable against her.

    She can seal ALL of your actions (sealing your skills sucks)

    As far as how to deal with her goes, the easiest way is probably pretty straight forward. First you dump your skill points into the stat that boosts your servants attack the most. Once that is maxed out you immediately throw your remaining points into Luck.

    The fact is that Shiki’s real threat is her Sealing ability, which will decrease with the more Luck that you have. (Your ability to stun might increase with more luck but I’m not sure.) You might think that her Attack damage is what you have to watch out for when you see it and try to gauge her health but that really isn’t much to worry about. Even my Caster with D rank Defense can hold off Shiki’s attacks easily enough until Shiki starts sealing.

    If you DO get sealed then the only ways to get rid of it that come to mind are…

    1. Use those lunches from Sakura that you should have been saving.

    2. Use the spell from the Formal Wear that Rin/Rani give you which can heal the effect away (eats up alot of MP though)

    Also worth noting is that since Shiki can resist Stuns you can’t really depend on the ‘Hack’ spell for this fight, and it can sometimes be risky depending on Casters stun spells.

    I would imagine that Saber would be the easiest to win this fight with, while Archer would definitely be the hardest.

    On a slightly random note, is anyone else a little bothered by the fact that we can’t use our Command Seal to see Shiki’s attacks if we wanted to? I mean…why should it be okay to use it against Berserker but not against the person who apparently killed 99 champion teams? But then again…having an extra seal I never use kinda bugs me lol

  10. just finished the game using archer.thanks for the guide

  11. Kai says:

    A bit late but I just finished this game today, though I went with a Saber/Rin playthrough, this guide still helped me immensely. Thank you ;D

  12. Joshua says:

    Your guide was useful and the final boss and gawain they were pathetic, I killed Savior less than 5 minutes with UBW and celestial blade i dealt 6000-7000 damage to savior (with cadalbolg 2 AKA Fake Helix Sword) Lu Bu,Li Shuwen,Arcueid,Vlad are the hardest boss in the game.

  13. liubei013 says:

    Congrats and thanks for the guide. Though I went with Saber/Rin route first, this guide still provided a lot of useful info.

    I should note that for a New Game +, you seem to be able to carry over enemy patterns as well. (though not 100% certain on this)

  14. VenusX says:

    Thank you so much.
    the Guide is help a lot.

  15. Ankh says:

    before you fight pieceman,there are choices to comment pieceman opinion about war, are the choices affect the outcome? like ending?
    there are 5 choices (cmiiw)..

  16. Ultimecia says:

    Nice guide so far!

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