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Posted on Nov 10, 2011

Fate Extra Round 3 Alice

3. Disillusionment/Suspended Animation

Day 1

Read the Board and you’ll discover that your next opponent is Alice. Go to rooftop and talk to Rin. Back to 1F and play with Alice. Talk to Taiga to receive side quest (magazine), go to schoolyard and talk to the boy, he’ll ask you to find Cauldron. Go to Nurse’s office and talk to Sakura to obtain Magic Crystal Shard. Now head to arena

Third Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F

Name Recommended action
Weather Drive BBGGBB AAGG?G

You’ll meet Alice at point (1), follow her to the 1st trigger location. But you can’t take the trigger yet…..

Choose to run…… don’t fight the monster or you’ll load your game.

Just get out from the arena for now.

Day 2

See an event, 2F talk to Rani and then go to the arena entrance. You’ll see Alice, talk to her and ask her to move her friend. She’ll give you a hint (Vorpal Blade). Now talk to Rin (1F), then Issei and Rani (3F). Rani needs malachite to make vorpal blade.

Talk to Rin and she’ll agree to help you if you buy her a ruby. Go to item shop and ask about ruby, unfortunately you can’t afford it. They will exchange it for bento from Sakura. So go to Nurse’s office and talk to Sakura, she’ll give you the bento. Bring it to commissary and you’ll get the ruby. Give it to Rin and she’ll give you malachite.

Bring the malachite to Rani and she’ll creat Vorpal blade for you. Before going to the arena give Cauldron to the boy who have asked it before. Now go to the arena and kill the beast that blocked your path before. Take 1st trigger and get out from the arena.

Day 3

Name Recommended action
Earth call GGABA? AAAGGG
Monophobia GBBBAB

Talk to Rani and head to 1F to meet with Alice. Give Cauldron if you haven’t do it before. You’ll get a message that 2nd floor is open now. Go to the arena (2F). You only need to chase Alice in this dungeon; you’ll automatically get out from this dungeon and obtain Alice’s note.

Day 4

PS: Saber user can ask her a question in private room (choose 2 => 1)

Go to rooftop and talk to Rin. She’ll give you a way to remember your name. Give manga to Taiga and accept another request from her (Crushed Ice). Now head to the arena (2nd floor), you can travel freely now (Matrix Level 2). Grab Crushed Ice and 2nd trigger and then get out.

Day 5

Event, go to Chapel and talk to Blue haired lady. Go to Library and then back to Chapel to talk with blue haired lady. You need a mirror now, you can find mirror at bathroom on every floor of school building. Go to library and read about Jabberwok (Matrix Level 3). You’re free now, just go to the arena entrance to train or rest immediately.

Day 6

Give Crushed Ice to Taiga to obtain Incense Burner. Talk to Alice in front of Arena entrance. Train your servant inside the arena (I train my archer up to level 20).

Day 7

Organize your information (2, 1, and 3). Equip exorcist Blade and Mermaid Robe. Talk to Kotomine at 1 F.

Boss: Alice

Alice (master)’s code cast
[0] Dragon skillet will cause about 100 damages; Archer’s magic rank C)
[0] March of The black Tea: Heal Alice’s Hp about 300 points

Alice servant spell:

[0] White queen’s enigma: add ?? to her attack (don’t know what the effect of the spell).
[0] Frenzied March Hare: deals about 300-400 damage

This battle is easier than Robin’s battle. You just need to use hack every time you see skill command appear on her action bar, heal your servant if you don’t see “skill” on the action bar.

Some actions that work in this battle:


S=  she will use “Skill” at this turn, so use hack or anything that can cancel it

Other pattern (Thanks to Zero):

S (1) A A G G B
B S (3) A G A G
A B S (2) G G A
G G B S (2) B A
G A G B S (3) A
A G G A B S (3)
A B S (3) G B S (2)

After the battle you’ll be offered by 3 choices (I choose “I will find the reason”).

See an event and choose who you’re going to help (Rin or Rani). Once inside you’ll enter the battle. On that battle you can choose to unleash another command seal. I suggest you not to do that, just use servant’s skill (red-hound: fatigue; I am using archer) 5 times and then guard for the last attack.

I choose to help Rani at this time, why?? She created me a vorpal blade, without her I already died. The next part of this guide will based on Rani. I will create another path on the next playthrough :D.

Fate Extra Main Guide

NEXT Rani’s route: 4. Immortality/ howl of the blue moon

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36 Responses to “Fate Extra Round 3 Alice”

  1. XerBlade says:

    Just thought I’d mention this, but, well, it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever in the long run whether you use a Command Seal to fight Berserker or not. All not using it gains you is making surviving 1 round against him more complicated than it needs to be. You don’t gain anything, ever, by saving it.

    In other words, the only reason to not use it is if you just feel like messing around. Otherwise, just use it and coast on through the battle easily.

    Therefore, Marking not using it as “recommended” makes no sense.

    [Also, since this was mentioned in the comments… Hack DOES work on Caster’s Noble Phantasm. At least it does for me. That having been said, Caster is easy as cake even without ever using Hack once. She’s pathetically weak and her patterns are extremely predictable.]

    • XerBlade says:

      By the way, on fighting Caster in general: Every single time I’ve fought her, no matter which Servant I was using myself, her patterns have been exactly the same. The “recommended actions” (so, minus the ‘S’, what YOU should be doing) for the first 4 turns always go exactly like this, in order:

      S G G B B A
      A S G B G B
      G A S B B G
      B B A S G G

      Following this, it should be easy to finish her off in only the first 3 turns, 2 if you’re really strong, 4 if you have low attack.

  2. Alessar says:

    Thanks for a great guide. I just wanted you to know that on the first floor of this chapter, the 5000 PPT and Magic Crystal have their locations switched from how you have it listed. I just collected the 5000 PPT from the furthest right treasure folder.

  3. erist says:

    For the Exe Horn and its family the attacks are usually patterned in either a clockwise or anti clockwise manner, eg: attack-guard-break-attack-guard-break OR guard-break-attack-guard-break-attack

    just try using that method to counter and see if all the slots showing are blue, if two in a row are blue it should be a clean set.

    For the weatherdrive, it seems to be “xxyyxx”. Although it tends to go anti clockwise, it does go clockwise pretty often too. x or y isnt showing, you have to guess 🙁

  4. i used caster and i got no probs with the berserker. As you know for the newbies you need to carry a healing item to support not just ignoring the items buy it in comissary -,- caster really need these.

  5. Camus says:

    I found another recommended action for the monophobia, its ABBBBG. Doesn’t happen that often but it does happen and can really hurt if you don’t know

  6. Superfunfunfun says:

    Aw darn!! I screwed up my game! I forgot to give the cauldron and obtain manga!! 🙁 What do you think I should do?? Please help!! :3 Oh right! And it’s good that I trained my epic Saber to Level 22 right? 😀

    • noobbgodlike says:

      is it new game +?? if it’s yes then you won’t be able to fight secret boss later, but if it’s a normal game then you have nothing to worry about because it won’t do any difference. about another questions, no I am not 😀

      • Superfunfunfun says:

        Oh okai! Thanks! 😀 Oh and besides i’m still continuing on my regular game. My Saber is now about level 24 😀 I’m in roubd 4 btw.

    • Freyer says:

      Dang, you’re one level higher than me. I should have grinded more.

  7. ina-chan012 says:

    WHA—?! I just unleash my command spell (I pick to help Rani)! What am I gonna do?!

  8. Kailas says:

    I think it’s the 5th day of this week you can buy “Super spicy mabo tofu” for 450, and it heals 25 master MP.
    It’s one time only.

  9. Drakanor Dream says:

    Here are the finished moves I have seen that are either not listed, or unfinished for you:


    Prophecy – BABBBB, BGBBBB, GBGBGB,

    Weather Drive – AABBAA, BBAABB, GGAAGG,

    I also apologize if this makes your life a little more difficult as far as the guide goes.

  10. Kailas says:

    Thanks for the guide, great help. You should post this on Gamefaqs.
    I don’t know if you or anyone has mentioned this, but for those who are using the guide “Recommended actions”.
    If you don’t get hit by monster you won’t be able to collect theirs info, so it’s wise to get hit by them at least once per battle, just so that you can see more of their actions the next time you fight them.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      How to post website links in gamefaqs?? I really want to do that if they allow it. I already post it on cheatsguru and other site who permit me post the link to my site :D. About recommended action, I use shockwave second strike and shock ability to kill most of the monsters at week 5 but I still get the attack pattern. Maybe if you get hit by them you’ll learn faster but not necessarily (CMIIW)

      • drakanor dream says:

        My findings so far agree that it takes longer to get the data if you don’t get hit. That said I do have to say that I spend a lot of time in the Arenas anyways 😛

        • drakanor dream says:

          but it would kinda make sense if it was based on how many hits you take from the enemies as well …

        • AngelOfDeath says:

          I tested it alot and found out you dont have to get hit, u “read enemy info” for every 3 u kill during the aren. If u leave the arena it restarts and u have to kill 3 more the nxt day.

      • Kailas says:

        Hmm, I dunno. Every time I killed a monster without getting hit, the “Getting enemies info” line does not appear when that monster is dieing.
        But it could be something else. Who cares, the monsters die in 3 hits cuz I over-grinded Saber anyway. lol 😀

    • Crucifix says:

      I thought that it will give you info every 3 monsters of the same kind you killed

  11. Larania says:

    in the video.. why didnt she use her noble phantasm T_T

    • noobbgodlike says:

      It seems that her noble phantasm need to be activated by casting skill. Maybe, it’s because I stun her (she can’t use that skill) so she can’t use her noble phantasm

  12. Rae says:

    Is there anyway to stop her Maiden’s Empire (Noble Phantasm)? The battle is easy enough, but it literally goes on infinately for me. I use “Hack” right before she uses it and it does nothing. It’s pretty darn annoying.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Nope, if you don’t want her to use her noble then just kill her ASAP before she able to use it (spam your skill, etc). Hack doesn’t stop your opponent’s noble.

      • Larania says:

        wait what? i was about to ask the same question? she uses her noble when her life is at 3300, how will my skill kill her T_T it’s pretty damn hard T_T

        • Kailas says:

          What character are you using and what level?
          My lvl23 saber killed her in 3 turns.
          Her class is caster, so beside her spells, she is extremely weak.

  13. Larania says:

    uuh.. guys… there is only one kind of Fate Extra game right??
    coz im playing it on PSP, english version and well… MOST recommended actions there are wrong especially “Weather Drive and Escher” the ONLY recommended action for Weather drive is AABBAA and GGAAGG… seriously.. i died a lot of times because i followed these recommended actions listed here…

    if possible can someone tell me if the recommended actions for Alice Battle are TRUE and Accurate…

    • noobbgodlike says:

      You can’t just follow the recommended action blindly try to use it by look on seen-able action of the enemies.

      • Larania says:

        yea.. i noticed that too T_T, but the other guides were useful though

        • Kailas says:

          lol…how about just fight without using the guide?
          Use the guide to help finding items and get through quests and stuffs. Writing the enemies’ actions down on a piece of paper isn’t that hard…Or just maybe remember them?

  14. Zero says:

    Just a thought, but lets say you don’t train defense at all, and have Caster and have to fend off Berserkers attacks. As you said, using 5 attack skills covers the first 5 moves but it seems he usually uses the ‘wait’ skill on his 5th turn, and if you use Caster you can’t depend on her skills to stun him to protect you from the 6th move if he uses the ‘wait’ command…and with her pathetic defense you might be toast even if you defend. SO the solution is simply to have your character equip the ‘Hack’ or ‘Shock’ spell before hand and use it on the 6th turn. That way your servant wont take any damage and you get to keep your command seal.

  15. Paddy says:

    What did you do against Berserker in the battle, after you deceide to rescue Rani? I have no chance angainst him…

  16. natchu96 says:

    I believe Alice actually uses a set of specific patterns in order. With Noble Phantasm last on the 6th round.

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