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Posted on Nov 13, 2011

Fate Extra Round 4 Rani’s Route Gatou

4. immortality/ howl of the blue moon

Day 1

Like usual, see the information board at 2F to know your next opponent. Head to the library and check bookshelves on the middle of the room, you’ll meet with Leo. Now go to Nurse’s office to see Rani, talk to Sakura to get Sakura’s Special Lunch. Go to the arena and you’ll meet Rin on your way there. She’ll give you something, now go to

Fourth Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F

Name Recommended action
Moondust AAAGBA SAA???
glass runner AABBBB BBGGGG

Go to point (1) on my map and then check shiny object on the ground, you’ll meet Gatou and his servant. This event will lead you to 2 choices

[1] Observe them (choose this one]
[2] Strike while the iron’s hot .. [Load your game]

For now you can’t obtain the trigger just get out from this floor or just train your servant.

Day 2

Go talk to Rin (rooftop) and then head to nurse’s office to see Rani. Don’t forget to check commissary to see new formal wears (Seraphic Music Box and Protection Charm). Now go to the arena and take the 1st trigger.

Day 3

An event with Leo, talk to Taiga and accept her request to obtain Crab omelet (must be obtained today!!). Go to Nurse’s office to see Rani again and then head to the arena 1F to obtain “crab omelet” and 1st cipher key if you haven’t got it before. (your matrix level will increased to level 1 while going to the arena entrance).

PS: From now on you can find an unique enemy called Nephilim. It’s stronger than ordinary enemy and gives a lot of experience. If you’re using caster defeat 5 Nephilim to upgrade your spell.

You can find Nephilim near “Shockwave 2nd-strike” treasure.

Day 4

Give crab omelet to Taiga and accept another request from her. Go to Schoolyard and talk to the student who has yellow bubble above his head. Backtrack inside and talk to Rani. There will be an event with Kotomine; he’ll announce monster hunting challenge on the arena 2nd floor and the reward for the winner is information about enemy’s servant. So go to the arena entrance
Fourth Chimeric Lunar Sea


New monsters Recommended action
Carnivore AGAGAG
Agoraphobia ABBBBG ?BAA?G
Glass Runner BBGGAA

There are 7 carnivores lurk in this dungeon. You can’t get them all (CMIIW) but there is no point to get them all. I find that the maximum number that I can get is 5 (see the screenshot). See the screenshot and follow the order numbers (1)=>(2)=>(3)=>(4)=>(5). Be careful not to initiate contact (standing near him) with them because you’ll enter a battle and you probably lose.

Once the carnivores has been wiped out, they will leave this arena. Now is your chance to gather treasures (Shark’s fin) and 2nd triggers. Get out once you’re done here.

Day 5

Give Shark’s Fin to the boy. Talk to Rani and there will be an event. Head to the 2F Chimeric Lunar Sea

Just do the hunting like yesterday. After finishing the hunting mission, search for Gatou (if you follow my pattern, you’ll meet Gatou immediately at point (5)). After a little chit-chat, your matrix will rise to level 2 and you’ll enter a battle with his servant.

Use Skill when you don’t know the action, she is hard even your matrix level is 2. Just endure the battle for 3 turns. Get out when you’re done in this arena.

Day 6

You win the monster hunting competition, aren’t you?? If yes, then go to the arena entrance you’ll meet Kotomine over there. Your matrix will rise to level 3. Talk to Taiga to receive the reward. Now you’re free, train in the arena or do anything you want.

PS: I train to level 25 and find berserker is little hard. For caster user, you may need to train your caster a little bit more.

For Archer user: Go to Private room and you’ll see yellow bubble dialogue. Choose it to learn a history about vampire. 😀

Day 7

Organize your information at the Private room (3, 1, 2). I suggest you to equip protection charm and mermaid robe.Protection charm let you raise your servant’s defence which will be useful because Arcueid has high attack status (A+).


Boost your defense at the very first of the turn. Even she has high attack, she tends to wait on her action bars, use BREAK as it does highest damage output when she’s waiting. MAKE SURE YOU GUARD ON SIXTH ACTION BAR to reduce her noble phantasm except you can see what she does on that action bars (BUT STILL USE guards if you see EXTRA on it :D). SHE ALWAYS/USUALLY (CMIIW) uses his noble phantasm on the 6th action bars which can deals up to 1500 damage to my archer (Defense grade C), however this can be reduced to about 600 by guarding and boost your servant’s defense (Gain_Con).

Her skill (probably on 4th action bars):

[0] Der Mond: Add regen on herself
[0] Rail Zeppelin: Add stun effect on her successful “break” attack
[0] Gnaden Sturz: Fake.. Fake.. fake fakefakefake?? Deals about 322 damage while guarding and defense boosted state (at 6th action bars)

Gatou can inflict curse (After returning to their Master’s side, a Servant will take damage equivalent to the damage they inflicted on the opposing Servant) on you and seal attack (seal your attack command for some turns).

She probably uses Wait at the 2nd and 3rd action bars so it’s a good idea to use Break on there. She has a lot of HP (above 10.000) which will make this battle longer than usual elimination battle.

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  1. kimchii says:

    I lose the hunting challenge! What am i suppose to do? ;-;

  2. Sky Yuki says:

    I’m at level 23 and beat berserker lol
    I use formal wear from round 3
    It had a hack skill that will (mostly) alway counter the last noble phantasm move i use up all my master hp to 3 and then continue with the guide (guard guard guardddddd)

  3. Caster_Rules says:

    Does anyone have an enemy attack pattern chart for weeks 5 until the end?

  4. Syroninn-Slayer says:

    I have been stuck on this boss fight for nearly two weeks; I’m a level 40 with my Caster and have basically A or B on everything and I still can’t kill that f*ing Beserker! It is so irritating, I got close by using Mermaid Robe and ShockCape 2 or whatever it’s called but I’m still stuck on the boss with a damn Matrix Level E; and btw you can still get Matrix Level E without winning the Monster Hunting challenge. Anything that might help?

    • noobbgodlike says:

      monster hunting is very easy to win… It’s possible to win against any bosses without matrix level e but it will be hard..

      • Syroninn-Slayer says:

        Is there any slightly specific attack pattern the beserker uses? I get her down to less than 2000 health and then she somehow owns me every time..

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