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Fate/Extra Guide Formal Wear List and Item Tips

Have any infos that not listed in this list?Leave a comment please :D. I forgot some items first appearance at the commissary shop, so please leave comment if you find it wrong and know the correct one :D. Thanks

Formal Wears Guide

(F) means field skill so it can’t be used inside of the battle. My suggestion for normal formal wear is Shockwave 2nd strike and sword of repentance ability (cast shock on third turn when you can’t see the action). It does 4 free hits easily on enemy (3 normal hit and 1 ex attack) which is very useful since week 5 because normal enemy is strong enough to kill your servant :D.

For boss battle I suggest you to equip one status boost items (on week 7; celestial blade and its friends :D). For second slot I suggest you to equip shock skill to paralysis enemy servant when he/she is trying to use skill.

Buy a lot of magic shard (since chapter 5) because you’ll need a lot of MP to use shock and shockwave 2nd strike. It’s a lot of cheaper than healing your servant using items.

Save your elixir!!!! it’s very rare and commissary doesn’t sell it. I only manage to find about 7-8 on 1st play through. This item is really important on second playthrough; you need this item to make the battle with Ryouga Shiki easier.

Name Where/when to get Effect
Angelic Trumpet comissary item shop (week 6) MP +80; add_regen(32) heals HP at the end of the turn
Aromatic wood comissary item shop (week 2) MP +25; cures poison, paralysis and curse
Boy’s uniform Initial equipment MP +10
Celestial Blade comissary item shop (week 7) MP +90; Greatly increases Servant’s Strength
Dragon Cloak comissary item shop (week ) MP +45; Significantly heals Servant’s HP (about 1500-2000)
Durable gym Clothes comissary item shop (week 1) MP +50
Enhancement Spike (F) comissary item shop (week 5) MP +90; move_speed() increase movement speed
Exorcist Blade first chimeric lunar sea 2F MP +15, hack(16) damage and stun vs enemy skill
Fortune key 2nd Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F MP + 40, Gain_luck(32) Mp 20
Imp’s Belt Third Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F MP +50, negates a single stat buff
Meleficent Garments 5th Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F MP + 70; negates all stat buffs
Mermaid Robe comissary item shop (week ) MP +30,  heal (32) MP 40
Old Rusty Sword comissary item shop (week 4) MP +50, gain_str (16): Raises Servant’t strength
Phoenix Scarf first chimeric lunar sea 1F MP +10, Heal (16) MP 30
Protection Charm comissary item shop (week 4) MP +60; Raises Servant;s defense (small)
Saint’s Monocle (F) first chimeric lunar sea 2F MP +30, view status MP 10
Scapegoat Charm comissary item shop (week 7) MP +90; Greatly increses Servant’s defense (30)
Scarlet Formal Wear event item (defeat moby dick at week 6) MP +100; Recover () heals HP (about 2300)and cures status effect
Seer’s Crystal Ball (F) 6th Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F MP +100; display completed arena map
Seraphic Music Box comissary item shop (week 4) MP +70; add_regen (16) heals small Hp at the end of turn
Shockwave-1st strike (F) comissary item shop (week 2) MP +70; don’t bother equip this thing, better equip 2nd version of it
Shockwave-2nd Strike (F) Fourth Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F MP +60; stun multiple foes (2 action at the begiining of the battles)
Shockwave-3rd Strike (F) 6th Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F MP +90; Greatly increses Servant’s magic (30)
Silver anklet comissary item shop (week 7) MP +30, release_mgi© Mp 10
Silver Earrings comissary item shop (week 4) MP +50; gain mgi (16)Raises Servant’s Magic
Staff of Fortitude 5th Chimeric Lunar Sea 1F MP +40; heals Servant’s MP (small)
Staff of Rebuke 7th Chimeric Lunar Sea 2F MP +50; Heal Servant’s MP (about 100)
Sword of Repentance comissary item shop (week ) Mp +60; shock (64) physical damage and Stun on enemy

Special Formal Wears:

  • Scarlet Coat of Arms (archer): defeat 300 enemies; MP+150
  • Demonic atlas: defeat ryougi shiki; MP +120 and prevent opponent’s next action

Fate Extra Main Guide

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  1. Sunny says:

    Week 5 of what for the Enhancement Spike?

  2. Freyer says:

    When I put on formal wear, MC doesn’t actually put it on. Is he not supposed to wear it? When I died in the first arena, MC had his gym strip on as he fell to the ground.

  3. Sion3228 says:

    is shockwave an executable skill cuz I equip it and it seems like nothing happens and there’s no skill in the menu

  4. Ninjastarforce says:

    I think its ryougi shiki, not ryouga shiki 😀

  5. surfer says:

    Dude, I had read all ur guide series and it very useful on this game. However, I don’t understand a single thing. Actually did money, items and equipments we get in 1st play will be added in 2nd play?

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