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Posted on Nov 6, 2011

Fate/Extra Guide Prologue 0. Segment /L. the L.

O.segment /L. the L.


1st day

You’re at school, enter the building and head upstairs to 2F. Head left to your classroom (2-A). the class will start and it’ll become evening when the class finish. Talk to all your friends inside the classroom and then get out from the class. Go to the stairs and you’ll see a group of students there (3 persons). Talk to the editor, say yes and go downstairs.

Go to the right corridor at 1F to see an event (Sakura).Get out from the building to Schoolyard. Continue east to archery range. Talk to Ms. Fujimura and then go home to end this day.

2nd day

On the evening, talk to the same editor from previous day at the same location. Say yes and then head to the rooftop (1 floor above 3F). You can go back to home after seeing event on the rooftop.

3rd day

There is a new student on your class. On the evening talk again to the editor. Go downstairs and head to the right corridor. Enter the door at the end of the corridor to the garden. Talk to Mr.Kuzuki. Go back to your home after an event.

 4th day

Same as before, talk to editor and then go to the 1st floor right corridor (go to Shinji’s location). Go back to 2F and head to Library (right corridor). Check the bookshelf that has “?” mark on it. Go downstairs to 1F and follow Leo to the left corridor, check the wall and enter it.

Just see an event until you’re ….

Choose your servant

1st option: Saber
2nd option: Archer
3rd option: Caster

Go to 1F again and follow Leo like previous time. Enter the wall and keep moving forward

Until you arrive at your first dungeon. Go north and take Ether shard from the item folder. From here you just need to follow the path until you arrive at the final room, there will be tutorial along the path. You only need to remember that ATTACK >> BREAK >> Guard >> ATTACK. Continue until you’re lost again 😀 and “refuse to give up” 2 times.

Your servant will come and you’ll enter the battle again. This battle is very easy since all of your enemy’s actions are revealed. Event and the prologue is finish.

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2 Responses to “Fate/Extra Guide Prologue 0. Segment /L. the L.”

  1. Arakkun says:

    You didn’t remember a couple of events:
    The first day, a strange professor will appear from the supply room at the first floor
    The day the new student arrive, he will be talking with the strange professor on the 1st floor, end of the corridor with the classes
    The third day, there is a “ghost girl” rumor at the third floor (4th day too)
    The 4th day some strange girl will try to destroy the building (you will see that from the third floor)

    ( tried to be spoiler-free )

  2. Kayotsu Kiruchi says:

    Add> 3°day talk again to the editor, and go to 3F, talk to the man on stairs, get the mission and chose 1 option, 4° go to same place to her again. Well is all ^^. Sorry for the very bad english XD.

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