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Fate/Extra Guide Round 1. Awakening/Binary Heaven

1 .Awakening/Binary Heaven

===Day 1===

Talk to Sakura and she’ll suggest you to talk with Kotomine. Go to school commissary (below 1F) to buy items and formal wear; buy some healing items. Go to the rooftop and talk to Rin. Go to 1F and talk with Father Kotomine. He’ll give you a key for your private room (class 2-B).

Talk to Ms.Fujiwara and accept her request to find her kendo sword. You can go to your private room to talk with your servant. Now go to the Arena entrance (wall at 1F left corridor) to enter your first real dungeon.

First Chimeric Lunar Sea

There is not much to do in this place. Just explore and defeat the enemies to raise your level.Take 300 PPT and Ether Shard from the item folder. You can’t go pass point (1) on map. So just leave when you bored and already level up (I suggest you to level up to level 3 or 4).

===Day 2===

Read Bulletin Board and you’ll learn that your opponent is ………

Talk to Kotomine to learn about trigger. Go downstairs and talk to Shinji.

Tips: Talk to Sakura at the nurse office and she’ll give you item (Ether Powder).

Go to “First Chimeric Lunar Sea “. You can pass point (1) now. Your goal is to obtain 1st trigger, so take it from the item folder. Don’t forget to take Kendo sword, you need it to solve Ms. Fujimura side quest.

You’ll encounter Shinji at point (1), just let the battle flows like normal. The battle will end after 3 turns. You’ll obtain info about his servant. Your matrix level is increased by one now :D. Get out from the dungeon

===Day 3===

Talk to everyone in the class and then get out. You’ll see an event about Rin and Shinji near the stairs. Your information matrix will increase to level 2. Go to School commissary, you should be able to purchase Durable gym clothes now. You can train or just end this day (the second floor is still locked today). Check the library to learn more about Armada.

===Day 4===

There is a conversation in your private room to boost your servant matrix level. Choose 3rd option for archer and saber. For caster choose 1st option. Your matrix won’t be increased immediatelly.

Leo will introduce his servant to you. Gather information about Shinji:

  • Talk to the boy in front of 2-B
  • Talk to Rin and then head to Library. Talk to Leo over there and check the bookshelves.
  • Talk to Shinji at the library
  • Go to 1F and talk to Kotomine

Now you’re able to raise your servant status. Go to the Chapel (1F right corridor =>Garden => Chapel) and talk to red haired girl. You can distribute your skill points into desired attribute :D. Go to the Arena entrance and choose 2nd floor.

You have 2 goals in this floor:

  • Find the 2nd trigger (located on the map)
  • Find the books about Shinji’s servant (also located on map)

Go to point (1) and activate the switch to open locked door (1). After taking the book (at point (2); same spot with Saint’s Monocle) your matrix info will increase to 3. You’ll see a red dot rushed toward your location LOL. Yeah, you’re right it’s that retard man.

You’ll enter the battle with him but now you can see some of his action. Just survive for 3 turns and the battle will end by itself. Go to 2nd trigger’s location and grab the trigger (Don’t forget to take Tangerine for Taiga‘s quest). Get out from this dungeon when you have finished explored it.

===Day 5===

Talk to everyone in the class, you’ll learn that Shinji has done something on his desk but you can’t do anything at this moment. Go to the Library and check the “?” bookshelf. Now try to go to the Arena entrance, you’ll see an event about Shinji. You can find sigils at:

  • Check Shinji’s desk (class 2A)
  • Check Nurse’s office

Tips: Your servant will give a tips about “[]” button. Use this to travel faster inside the school.

Once the seal has been removed, you can go to the dungeon again.

===Day 6===

Give Tangerine to Ms.Fujiwara and she’ll give you Taiga’s Lamp. You can see the item by going to your private room. Go to the arena entrance to see an event. Go to 2nd Floor

You’ll participate in Treasure Hunting. Move forward and Shinji will challenge you. You need to gather more Pirate booty than him. There are 5 pirate booty scattered in this floor See the screenshot for the location; red spot).

It seems that you can’t obtain all of the pirate booty (CMIIW and please tell me how to get it; I already try to lock the door the day before this event happen and she can walk through the door..) but you can still get 3 of them and win this challenge.

PS: If you’re on new game + , you can win this treasure hunting by using “enhancement spike” (increase move speed). Jsut run straight to the location of the treasure.

You’ll enter the battle when you interrupt him. Just survive for 3 turns, after the battle they’ll leave this area and you can grab remaining pirate booty. Pirate booty can be sold at the item shop for 2000 Gold.

Tips: My servant’s level is 10 and I don’t face any difficulty when dealing with Shinji on the next day. LVL 8-10 should be enough to defeat this retard

===Day 7===

Father Kotomine will tell you about the battle. Now go to your private room and choose “organize your information”. Answers 3 questions to raise your matrix level to Level E (if you have followed my guide since the beginning of this chapter then your matrix level should be 3 which will become E-level after this event). You can answer with a wrong answer and your servant will ask you again with the same question :D. (dual pistols, Ship, and Francis Drake)

Go to Chapel to raise your Servant’s status (if you haven’t done it before) and commissary to buy some items. Talk to Kotomine in front of the sealed room to begin the battle.

BOSS: El Draque

You should be able to see 2-3 Draque’s action. At the very first, Draque probably cast status boosting spell (Profligate Pillaging) so choose “Break” at the very first or boost your own status (she’ll use this skill everytime it runs out; every 3 turns). Shinji can cast Spell that will lower your status but he rarely does it and if he does, it probably being casted when his Servant is near death. Draque will cast Hunt of the Golden Hind when her health is low, so use guard at the action where she’ll use it (you need matrix level E to see this attack). It deals about 270 damage to my Archer (Defense rank D and on “Guard” position).

See an event and this chapter will end.

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37 Responses to “Fate/Extra Guide Round 1. Awakening/Binary Heaven”

  1. Arakkun says:

    El drake is a piece of cake if you took the exorcist blade ( it give you a stun skill! )

  2. Immmagoproatservants says:

    yay,im gonna face Rider 1 on 1 hard(i let them collect all the booties.)

  3. GodGuyver says:

    I’m on my third playthough and decided to use caster. I wanted to test something out and put a decent amount of sp into magic. When I caught up to him on the treasure hunt(using spike) I equipped (at the beginning) silver anklet and staff of rebuke. I then proceeded to beat him down and actually defeat him a day early. Him and Rider give a little funny dialogue before leaving. Just use magi boost first round and then cast one of the spells when you can and then second turn use the staff to restore mp. On the third turn just use the staff again and continue spamming spells and if your magic is high enough(71 for me) then you beat him early.

  4. AngelOfDeath says:

    It is fairly easy to beat the 1st round, i did so with caster and i was only lvl 9. I found tht caster’s magic raises faster per point than her other stats so you can focus on putting points in her strength and defense 🙂

  5. Gemni says:

    Right now I am on NG+, I did not know that the enemy info carries onto the next game. It makes it so much easier but still fun to know lots of the enemies moves. I am playing as caster again so I can wreak havoc and get revenge at all of those tough enemies, MUWHAHAHA 😀

  6. Sapphire says:


    Thanks for the guide. Really helpful. But I have a question, where is this “School Commissary”? I search the whole school ground and I can’t find it. Could it be the Clinic by any chance?

  7. ninjastarforce says:

    mm just adding some weak enemy attack pattern.

    always that i think -_-

  8. RotG says:

    It’s possible to prevent Shinji and Rider from getting any Pirate’s Booty items, but it has to be on a second playthrough. With NG+, you can use the formal wear which boosts your running speed. Use it when you enter the 2nd floor just before initiating the hunt, and then chase directly after Shinji and Rider. You’ll catch them and force the event which ejects them from the dungeon before they reach the first treasure.

    Not that it matters, since a NG+ just makes things easier all around.

    Alternatively, you can avoid a conflict with Shinji if you take the path he didn’t take when you get to the forked path in the dungeon (he takes the path that leads to where you found the logbook earlier.) He will have to double back but you should have such a big lead on him that he won’t be able to catch you before you get the last three Pirate’s Booty items. You don’t need boosted running speed to be able to do that, and he leaves automatically when all the treasures are gone.

  9. kk says:

    i cant win this is bull shit
    and im master level 7 wtf

  10. drakanor dream says:

    Well I can say that This fight was ‘fairly’ easy with a level 14 Caster. That said a Caster lower by 2 or more levels will have troubles with this one. and just starting week 2 with her so I’ll see how it goes…

    • drakanor dream says:

      Before I forget again: Caster is technically one of the harder servants to have. with her low starting Defence and Strength. You will want both of these up to a ‘D’ ranking ASAP. That said at level 14 My magic was at 45 and dealt 200-215 damage to El Draque a hit. But in other news because of Caster you should be getting ‘fairly’ rich due to the fact that you need to be a higher level than the other servants to face the bosses.

      Also: This Guide rocks ! 😛

  11. haitechan says:

    Just to tell you how to get Archer’s E Matrix.
    All you have to do is ask for his name on Week 7, Day 3. It’s the second option. The previous options affect this, as far as I know.

  12. destinyy says:

    i cant figure out how to do an alteration of the soul. i have 18 sp (round 1, 1 day remaining). do i need more than that to do it?

  13. Grant says:

    As far as I can tell, there is no way to get all of it on your first walkthrough. On your second equip the Enhancement Spike Formal Wear and take them on before they can get a single one.

  14. Fledermausmann says:


    You can find most of the attack pattern here:

    If you check the arena menu on the side, you can see them there sorted by dungeon and floor.

  15. haitechan says:

    Really helpful! Just a little question. On week 1, day 4, you can have a conversation with Archer in order to have Matrix E. Do you remember which one is the correct choice? Thanks in advance!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      actually I missed it ……. I wil try to do it at new game + 😀 if you know it later please tell me 😀

    • SoulMagician says:

      In regards to the choices, there are 3:
      1. Do you have something against school?
      2. Coincidence?
      3. You seem…Relaxed…

      He answers them as follows respectively:
      1. He explains that he has no grudge against school, then he comments of how the Holy Grail might have made the school on purpose…The protoganist mentions the Priest as responsible…Archer tells of how he and the Priest has some sort of karma…no effect…

      2. Lots of explanation…nothing much…

      3. Lots of LOLs banter…same explanation as no.2…same result…

      I would also like to point out that on Day 5 after the scene with Shinji, there’s a scene between him and Rin on the first second floor, where Shinji tells Rin that his Servant can destroy us with the Culverin…Also after removing one of the sigils, Archer will tell you about the [Square] button to be used as a teleporter button…

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