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Fate/Extra Servant Guide Archer Matrix Level E and Skills

A little bit explanation about attributes

Strength: Increase your physical damage (2 point per status)
Defense: Reduce physical damage from your enemy
Agility: Raises skill speed and reduce damage gap/range (low agility, damage dealt to enemies will be 100-500, with high agility you’ll get 400-500)
Magic: Increase magic damage and defense against magic
Luck: Increase your critical chance and a little defense (useless; IMO)

Status Ranks (Thanks to Zero):

E -> 0+
D -> 26+
C -> 52+
B -> 78+
A -> 104+
A+-> 128+



True Name: No Name

Noble Phantasm: Unlimited Blade Works

Greatly increase your projection effectiveness. Only can be used after raise your projection stauts 5 times (via fortification or pre-projection) in one battle. See the upper left icon to know whether you’re ready to use it or not (yellow stigmata icon).

How to obtain:

You’ll obtain this automatically before the battle with Assassin at Week 5.


Note: Archer skills need something called projections. You can see projection effect on the left part of the screen. The higher the number it display, the more effective your skill is gonna be (damage, chance to inflict status effect on your enemies, ect).

If you try to cast the spell before it reaches minimum projection, the skill may not work.

Skill Points Skill name Effect MP cost
10 Pre-Projection Raises the effectiveness of Projection by 1 10
12 Red Hound-Weaken Does damage; lower defense. Projection Req (1) 30
30 Red Hound-Fatigue Does damage; lower strength Projection Req (2) 30
35 Fortification Raises accuracy of Projection when using Guard 20
50 Structural Mastery Effect of improve raised by 1 at start of battle passive skill
60 Wing of Crane Inflicts Projection damage on an enemy 50
85 7 Rings of Heaven Nullifies an enemy attack. Req Projection (5) 60
99 Fake Helix Sword Pierces an enemy. REQ: projection (3) 70

Recommended status

Archer rely on physical attacks so put your skill point at Strength and Defense (little bit on agi). You don’t need any status at luck or magic. I finish the game with A on strength, B on defense, C on agility.

Matrix Level E guide (these choices are taken from Japanese website):

Week;Day Choose About
1;4 3rd option ?
2;4 3rd option ?
3;1 2nd option ?
4;4 ?? Rin’s route
4;6 ?? Rani’s route; talking about vampires
5;6 No choice Will give info about his noble phantasm
5;7 No choice more info about him
6;2 No choice ?
6;3 No choice ?
7;1 No choice ?
7;3 3rd option ask about his name

From my experience, I don’t follow these guidelines (I am pretty sure that I missed 1st week conversation) but I still get Matrix level E at the end of this game. I think you only need to ask about his name on week 7 (CMIIW). Matrix Progression”. So for safe reason, just follow choices listed on the table and ask his name at week 7 day 3.

Matrix level 1: from beginning?? (Please confirm, I can’t remember)
Matrix level 2: Week 5 day 6, when he’s telling you about his noble phantasm
Matrix level 3: After the battle with Assassin
Matrix level E: ask about his name on week 7 day 3 on your private room.

Special items and conversation you get from him:

Archer gives you an item based on

  • number of steps you have taken inside the arena
  • number of enemies that you have defeated (150->300)
  • number of treasures chest that you have opened (20=>50=>70)

So just do those things and talk to him in private room (normal dialogue). If you have successfully meet conditions above , he’ll give you the item through the conversation

Elixir, Magic Crystal Sphere, and forgot 😀 anyone want to help ?? (with the requirement if you remember)

Most important item is Scoat of arms. It increases your max Mp by 150. It’s considered a special servant item (of course..) so it won’t be carried over to new game +.

Fate Extra Main Guide

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25 Responses to “Fate/Extra Servant Guide Archer Matrix Level E and Skills”

  1. rite says:

    point for the archer’s conversation about his relation ship with Rin:

    emiya shirou knows Rin at high school, hence archer also know rin from his past, and since we assume that there’s no HGW in rin+shiro’s time, rin wouldn’t know archer, and shiro didn’t come to like her as see her as a woman full of ego, since he don’t know her very well….

    • Zero says:

      Does your acronym mean Holy Grail War? If so then I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. Are you assuming that this Archer is a different Shiro Emiya that is unique to this game or something? When you consider his comments throughout the game that doesn’t seem to be the case since he references the 5th Holy Grail War alot. Plus this fake version of Rin didn’t go to high school did she? I thought I remembered her saying something along those lines.

      Keep in mind that Archer is the ONLY character that we are familiar with. Archer himself realizes that the Rin and Shinji they meet in this game aren’t the real versions that he knows. In fact the person who should be most familiar to Archer should be Kirei, since his data is actually based off of the observations from the original. Of course, being an NPC makes his actions suit the will of the system but personality wise Kirei should still be the most familiar person to Archer. Just his luck right? lol It would have been interesting to see Archers reaction if it had been Kiritsugu instead 🙂

      • Sheepdog87 says:

        Considering that this grail war is quite a bit forward in time than 5th holy grail war that Emiya was in it might be reasonable to assume that it is Rin’s daughter or close relative, the Matous were originally from china, but we should assume that it is a version of Emiya from the grail war since he recognises Rin’s Lancer and knows about his Gael Bolg and knows about past grail experiences. They probably just changed his background a bit like the did with Arcueid from Tsukihime who just “wanders” into the grail war by a random whim and is made into a Berserker, remember though that this game is pretty much a stand-alone from the series

        • GK says:

          This Archer is different from the F/SN one. Nasu refers to Extra version as “No Name” (NN) instead of EMIYA and he made a pact with the Moon Cell instead of the World. Because of that NN never served as a Counter Guardian, and isn’t as cynical.

          It should be noted that NN does reference the Holy Grail War a lot, such as saying “seven” fight to the death. He also says he has great compatibility with fake Rin when they perform a Tantric Ritual, referencing that this NN was Shirou Emiya at one point and performed the ritual with the real Rin.

          However, there is a paradox in that we have to question how this Shirou had a Holy Grail War. The 5th Holy Grail War should be impossible because the World’s mana dissipated. So all in all, Nasu either has a plot hole or we’re assuming NN exists in a different timeline/universe and that the Moon Cell is a lot more powerful than we thought by maintaining a connecting in different universes so that NN could be transferred from his universe to Fate/Extra one.

  2. Ultimecia says:

    As I mentioned there’s one special conversation if the protagonist is a female. You’re given the chance to ask about Archer’s relationship with Rin and he pretty much put himself in a tight spot

    • Zero says:

      Was he actually talking about Rin? That wasn’t indicated in the pictures anywhere so I’m guessing it was in the answers before that? Judging from his description though, I would have thought he was talking about Sakura. Afterall her design is present as an NPC so it would look familiar and she certainly has more curves lol.

      That scene does remind me of a conversation in the Male protagonist route though, it was the time you talk to him about the Alteration of Soul. If I remember right, you get a funny reaction about his tastes if you mention that you want to try the procedure.

  3. red4pain says:

    I know the game doesnt tell you his name but hes Shirou Emiya from fate/stay night

    • noobbgodlike says:

      No, I believe it’s another part of the story.. he isn’t shirou emiya in this game. If you listen to his story at week 7 he si not him :D. I also watched fate stay night because of this game 😀 (up to episode 7) so sorry if the guide for new game + coming late :D.

      • Zero says:

        No red4pain should be right. Keep in mind of course that the Shirou from the anime and even the original game had a different experience then Archer did. When Archer had originally participated in that war Rin obviously couldn’t have summoned him (since he hadn’t existed as a nameless hero yet). In fact it’s quite possible Rin DID summon a Saber servant originally but when Archer went to change the past he was able to connect through their bond with the family heirloom. The Fate Extra game simply seems to give an idea of what the original Shiro’s past was like before Archers time traveling influenced later versions of himself. Although really we don’t learn too much about his past but it does seem that he didn’t end up getting too close to Rin (like in UBW) and developing as a mage at Londons Clock Tower. Instead it sounds like he became a vigilante with some trusted friends helping him…well up until the betrayal.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          kk, just watch the name up to episode 10 😀 lol don’t know much about time travelling stuff :D. this anime pretty good lol, I don’t watch it on the first time because I don’t like a movie with strong girl on it 😀 (Saber in this anime :D) that’s why I choose archer for first playthrough. I hope you can help me with Caster and Saber guide :D, will post it soon, its just a draft 😀 (especially caster; since I am playing saber right now :D)

        • Kailas says:

          You have to watch the movie, unlimited blade work, to completely understand the story behind Archer.
          The fate/stay night anime does not give you hint about Archer.

        • Zero says:

          No you have to play the actual game, at least IMO. If you can get a copy you can always use Mirror Moons patch to translate the whole thing for you. But the Fate Stay Night anime skips over alot of the Fate route and misses alot of important small details. And the UBW movie tries to cram a route that you would likely spend a week playing through into around 90 minutes >_> and the UBW route is LONGER then the Fate route ^^; so play the game, it is MUCH more massive and you will learn alot about what you are missing out on since it focuses more on the plot and character development. And of course there is no anime adaption of any kind for the Heavens Feel route which is longer still then UBW…so yeah.

        • Denton says:

          I would just like to point out (as a person who has watched the movie, and played the fate/stay night VN 100% and watched the anime and is also up-to-date on the manga) that on a technicallity Emiya Shirou is not Archer…which is why he has no name, reason being is Archer WAS a person derived from Emiya Shirou but along the way Shirou changed course thereby making Archer…well non existant sort of. This happened in all routes, and is also why Archer states that there was someone who he was, but that person took another path and thereby making him someone who started off as a person but in the end became a figure, not a specific person. Though technically Archer is Emiya Shirou, you can’t state that because when you look at the other Shirou’s none took the same path (despite alternate universes, only 1 made it to archer)

        • drakke125 says:

          1) The game/movie/anime already explained that Archer is Emiya from the future
          2) As for the one who said they didn’t go to high school that would be Leo
          3) The game explains why Rin messed up. There’s a certain period of time/hour when her magic is at peak. In the game she made a mistake because the clock(s) in her house were an hour off so. She also woke an hour off in the morning before school. When she summoned a Saber Class, she miscalculated the time and since her magic wasn’t at its peak, it went to a bit to Archer class instead.

          He was a mere wizard with a single Magic Circuit. That is Clearly Emiya Shirou there. There’s a lot of reference to the previous war so Fate/Extra almost seems like a future of fate/stay except i think it’s more of a spinoff sequel like Altaraxia (prob didn’t spell that right…)

          and why the hell are we putting more stats into Str and not in magic? His starting starts are

          Strength: 13 E
          Defense: 14 E
          Agility: 15 E
          Magic: 16 E
          Luck: 11 E

          If you look at the stats, clearly he’s more of an defensive type until he pulls out his noble phantasm. Of course, you as the player still have the freedom to have him grow as you wish. In the world of pokemon, its like training a gardevoir to have stats like its male counterpart. Though that example is kinda bad since archer prob ‘could’ do pretty well as a makeshift Saber class if you tried to give him

          Class: A+ Str, A Defense

          I played Saber and had all stats poured into Str, so I had A++ in Str and A in defense and D or C in luck since I want more crits

        • drakke125 says:

          I should also mention that in the game you find out that Emiya was an ex member and was actually pretty good at archery in the archery club. Better than Shinji of course. Though I feel like he doesn’t actually ‘do’ anything, he boasts about his status but he’s the most useless guy in society cuz he’s more bark than bite.

          But yeah emiya has archery, which would explain why Archer knows how to use the bow. Emiya also specializes in Projection Magic, which then explains Archer’s Phantasm being a Reality Marble, which is a BIG surprise to most people/magicians/servants.

      • Ultimecia says:

        Nasu (the author) stabishes this game is set in the ’80s in a alternative reality so the story of the known characters (Archer/Shirou, Rin and even Shinji) is different from the original Fate/Stay Night

        Also you might try to watch the OVA Unlimited Blade Works to know more about the relationship between Shirou and Archer, but even during the anime Saber ends up figuring it out but it’s only hinted to the viewer

        • red4pain says:

          Well even put that way you can’t deny the fact that each Legendary hero has there own specific Noble Phantasm so I guess you could call him Legendary Hero Emiya instead of Shirou Emiya because they make a distinct difference between them but it would be Hero Emiya because of the cogs in his UBW

  4. stiel560 says:

    If it’s possible, can you also list how many stats given for each status point? Because Caster’s magic gains a lot of stats for each status point (around 2-3 per point), but so little for strength (1.5 per 2 points). I wonder if Archer has differences in status distribution like Caster. Thx. And sorry for my bad English.

    • stiel560 says:

      edit: the strength stats distribution is supposed to be (1.5 per point) my mistake.

      Why is there no edit post button?

      • noobbgodlike says:

        kk will add it 😀 thanks for suggestion

      • Zero says:

        An edit button WOULD be nice actually.

        Anyways I cant remember what the actual change in numbers where but you can check each one when you level.

        For Archer his Magic levels up the easiest. Then Endurance/Agility are tied (but since his agility starts with one more point it takes one less point to finish). Then Strength takes the second most and of course Archer himself tells you how bad his Luck is so that one definitely costs the most points for him.

        • noobbgodlike says:

          I want to add edit button but to do that, you all need to log in into site and that will reduce anyone who only wan to ask.. so just fixed the message by reply it. Thanks for suggestion though 😀

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