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Posted on Nov 25, 2011

Fate/Extra Servant Guide Caster Matrix Level E and Skills

A little bit explanation about attributes

Strength: Increase your physical damage
Defense: Reduce physical damage from your enemy
Agility: Raises skill speed and reduce damage gap/range (low agility, damage dealt to enemies will be 100-500, with high agility you’ll get 400-500)
Magic: Increase magic damage and defense against magic
Luck: Increase your critical chance and a little defense (useless; IMO)

Status Ranks (Thanks to Zero):

E -> 0+
D -> 26+
C -> 52+
B -> 78+
A -> 104+
A+-> 128+



True Name: Tamamo no Mae

Noble Phantasm: The Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu
This Noble Phantasm will allow you to use skills without consuming MP for 1 turn

How to obtain: Automatically obtained on week 5 when about facing Assassin in the arena

How to use: Use 9 skills to be able to activate on skill list



Skill Points Skill name Effect MP cost
 Curse: Fiery Heaven  damage. Stuns vs. Break 30 MP
 Curse: Frigid Heaven  damage. Stuns vs Attack  30 MP
 Charm: Spirit Theft (Gain back MP on Break [amount gained seems to be about 1/3 Magic score …])  20 MP
 Curse: Chaos Heaven  damage. Stuns vs Guard  30 MP
 Mantra: Aphotic Cave  lowers damage and regain MP against Enemy Skill  40 MP
 Mantra: Bestial Sky  Greatly increases Magic for one move (2,5 X) 40 MP
 Breath of the Soul  Slight MP restoration at the end of battle passive
99  Eternal Bane  Damage + Poison 80 MP

You can upgrade bestial sky to merciful sky (5X) by defeat 5 nephilim enemies.

Recommended status

Caster rely on magical attacks so put your skill point at Magic. You don’t need any status at luck. In the beginning of the game, put some status at strength and defense though.

Matrix Level E guide (these choices are taken from gamefaqs message board; Thanks to phoniex10_):

Week;Day Choose About
1;4 1st option T regulations
2;2 3 =>3 => 1 or 2 => 2
3;4 1 choice
4;1 2 => 1 genocide => cute
5;3 no choice matrix level 2
5;7 1st choice What’re you doing caster? Matrix level 3
6;3 1st choice Tamamo
7;3 No choice matrix level E

Matrix level 1: from beginning?? (Please confirm, I can’t remember)
Matrix level 2
Matrix level 3:
Matrix level E:

Special items and conversation you get from him:

Caster gives you an item based on

  • Perfect battles (kill the enemies without taking damages; counter all of their attacks)
  • Deal total damage 300.000

So just do those things and talk to him in private room (normal dialogue). If you have successfully meet conditions above , he’ll give you the item through the conversation

?? => boost your MP by 200

Most important item is ??. funtion??. It’s considered a special servant item (of course..) so it won’t be carried over to new game +.

Fate Extra Main Guide

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46 Responses to “Fate/Extra Servant Guide Caster Matrix Level E and Skills”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not to sound bad but this servant is actually the weakest of the 3. Just to let you know, despite belonging to a Caster class, she doesn’t have any skills in her debut unless you get a chance to perform the Alteration of the Soul in the chapel for the 1st time and have at least 10 SP points to spend. Pretty awkward, isn’t it? That’s how inferior this servant could be in the early rounds. She only becomes decently capable in the late rounds since she gets to learn a lot of skills but still, low HP and high MP consumption can still be a problem, not to mention her annoying flirty personality throughout the game. All I can say is that this servant is the most problematic of the 3 and no one should say that she is the best due to the reasons that I’ve mentioned. If you guys want to choose a better servant, then stick with Saber or Archer, unless you want to encounter many problems in this game, then this crappy servant is for you. Btw, I finished this game 2 years ago with all those 3 servants. Saber is certainly the best in this game!

    • Doran says:

      caster is not usles or a bad servant.
      i played the first time with caster and had no problems.
      also all servants are weak at the start.
      once you get her first skill the battles will become easy as hell.
      caster is also the only servant with counters for every action of an enemy and the only one which can restor her mana by herself.
      saber has only high atk and def which is less usefull than it looks.
      when playing a second time with a cleard game you will have celestial blade which raises atk. so even the start will become less time consuming.
      the fact that caster doesnt have much mp for her class is bothersome but still better than archer who has to use his projection over and over which is just a waste mp.
      also her skilldamage surpasses the other two at the later parts of the game.

      so no matter what caster is a better servant than at least archer.

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