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Posted on Nov 25, 2011

Fate/Extra Servant Guide Saber Matrix Level E and Skills

A little bit explanation about attributes

Strength: Increase your physical damage
Defense: Reduce physical damage from your enemy
Agility: Raises skill speed and reduce damage gap/range (low agility, damage dealt to enemies will be 100-500, with high agility you’ll get 400-500)
Magic: Increase magic damage and defense against magic
Luck: Increase your critical chance and a little defense (useless; IMO)

Status Ranks (Thanks to Zero):

E -> 0+
D -> 26+
C -> 52+
B -> 78+
A -> 104+
A+-> 128+



True Name: ??

Noble Phantasm: Aestus Domus Aurea

Effect: Attacks ignore enemy guard and weakens them

How to obtain:

get automatically when 5th week the day before elimination battle against assassin and julius



Skill Points Skill name Effect MP cost
Veil of petals  physical damage to enemy 30 MP
Artillery applause  physical damage to enemy 40 MP
Fount of the saint (buff) atk+ 20 MP
Fount of healer absorb hp when break an enemy 30 MP
Emperor’s Prerogative increase item drop rate  (passive)
Fount of chronos {buff) stun enemy when guard   50 MP
Thrice setting sun (buff) revive 50 MP
Blossom of the court Physical damage to enemy(req: noble phantasm) 80 MP

You can upgrade upgrade Artilerry applause to Thunderous applause by give saber 100-200 items on the arena. Talk to Saber in private room to upgrade the skill.

Recommended status

Saber rely on physical attacks so put your skill point at Strength and Defense (little bit on agi). You don’t need any status at luck or magic.

Matrix Level E guide (these choices are taken from gamefaqs message board; Thanks to phoniex10_):

Week;Day Choose About
1;4 3rd option ?
2;2 3rd option a beloved idol
3;4 2 =>3 =>1 ?
4;1 no choice
5;6 no choice
6;2 3 rd option Will give info about his noble phantasm
7;3 No choice matrix level E

Matrix level 1: from beginning?? (Please confirm, I can’t remember)
Matrix level 2
Matrix level 3:
Matrix level E:

Special items and conversation you get from him:

Saber gives you an item based on

  • ??

So just do those things and talk to him in private room (normal dialogue). If you have successfully meet conditions above , he’ll give you the item through the conversation


Most important item is ??. funtion ??. It’s considered a special servant item (of course..) so it won’t be carried over to new game +.

Fate Extra Main Guide

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20 Responses to “Fate/Extra Servant Guide Saber Matrix Level E and Skills”

  1. Diem says:

    In the anime..she was king Arthur

  2. Frenzy85 says:

    Yes, Matrix is level 1 from the start.

  3. Giveall says:

    Oh my god i didn’t take “why you are so imperious?. What should i do?!

    • noobbgodlike says:

      then you may not get matrix level E. But you won’t miss anythig major only matrix level.

      • Faust Edenwall says:

        For Saber, answers are not important

        (“Saber’s Matrix is the easiest to complete because all you have to do is view the conversation. There are basically no wrong answers, so choose whatever options you like”)

  4. bill tran says:

    her true name is nero claudius

  5. Juliana says:

    Veil of Petals – obtained by spending 10 SP on Alteration of Soul
    Fount of the Saint – 20 SP
    Emperor’s Prerogative – 30 SP
    Fount of the Healer – 40 SP
    Artillery Applause – 50 SP
    Thrice-setting Sun – 65 SP
    Fount of Chronos – 85 SP
    Blossom of the Court – 99 SP

    For private room conversations, there are no correct answers, but you have more interesting responses for these (at least the ones I’ve seen):
    1st week – 3rd option (Why are you so imperious?)
    2nd week – 3rd option (A beloved idol)
    She’ll give you an Elixir after you have 100 battles with no damage (Perfect Battles)

  6. carlos says:

    do 100 perfect battles and she will give you an elixir when talking to her…

    kill 5 nephilim enemies and she will brag on killing a lion while being naked…

  7. Ninjastarforce says:

    Skill : veil of petals- physical damage to enamy , 30mp
    Artillery applause- physical damage to enemy, 40mp
    Thrice-setting sun : will bring you back from death a single time 50mp
    Blossom of the court : damages enemy (require noble phantasm) 80mp
    Fount of the healer : absorb hp when using break 30mp
    Fount of the saint : damage inflicted by attack will increase 20mp
    Fount of chronos : inflict stun on an enemy when using guard 50mp
    Emperor’s prerogative : increase item drop rate after battle, passive
    Noble phantasm : theater of the deranged : attacks ignore enemy guard and weakens them 0mp

  8. Razeluxe says:

    her 1st skill I think is Veils Of Petal With 30 MP

  9. Razeluxe says:

    Saber’s identity is Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, the Fifth Roman Emperor. She had the reputation of a notorious tyrant whose rule was made up of schemes and poison as she oppressed all religious forces, especially Christians, and the Roman Senate during the period from 50 to 60 AD.
    Her Noble Phantasm is Aestus Domus Aurea

  10. Kailas says:

    True name: Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
    Noble Phantasm: Aestus Domus Aurea

    Source: http://typemoon.wikia.com/

  11. surfer says:

    the true name is nero claudius caear augustus germanicus
    in matrix only written as nero claudius

    if i’m not mistaken the matrix u will get
    – key word : aeustus estus : the embroynic flame the great fire of rome(sword of saber wield)
    – noble phantasm : aestus domus aurea : golden theater of the deranged (the day before 5th elimination battle)
    – true name: nero claudius ( after u defeat assassin)

    since i’m only get matrrix 3 that only i could tell

  12. surfer says:

    skill :
    -veil of petals (dmg) 30mp
    -*forgot* applause (will become thunderous applause when u use 100items on arena) dmg 60mp
    -fount of the saint (buff) atk+ 20mp
    -fount of healer (buff) absorb hp when break an enemy 30mp
    -emperor’s prerogative (passive) increase item drop rate
    -fount of chronos (buff) stun enemy when guard 50mp
    -thrice setting sun (buff) revive 50mp
    -blossom of the court (dmg) 80mp REQ: Noble Phantasm

    Noble Phantasm : Theater of Deranged (get automatically when 5th week the day before elimination battle against assassin and julius)

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