Posted on Nov 6, 2011

Fate/Extra Walkthrough

Fate Extra Guide

Release Date : 1 November 2011 (USA)

Genre: RPG

Platform: PSP

Developer: Image Epoch

Publisher: Aksys Games

Main Story

0. Segment /L. the L. (Prologue)
1. Awakening/Binary Heaven (Round 1)
2. Arousal/ border alliance (Round 2)
3. Disillusionment/Suspended Animation (Round 3)

Rani’s Route

4. Immortality/ Howl of the Blue Moon
5. Unborn/ Dead End
6. maturity/final flowering
7. Genesis/ New Hope
8. Birthday


This guide is copyright of Noobbgodlike, 2011

Fate/Extra is copyright of Image Epoch


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75 Responses to “Fate/Extra Walkthrough”

  1. X says:

    WTF..I can’t found rin route’s bosses vlad III pattern, did all of you only play in rani route? Cmon did anyone knows vlad pattern?

  2. Arakkun says:

    I know it’s the first enemy, though:
    Klein behaviour is:
    General: He use the “Break” command a lot, and vary his pattern on (3) AND (4) or on (3) and (6)

    B B A B B A
    B B G B B G
    B B G G B B
    B B B B B B
    B B B B B A

    • Arakkun says:

      those are the other two enemies

      General: He will use the Guard command a lot, and will vary on (3) and (4) or (1) and (5)
      A G G G A G
      G G A A G G
      G G G G G G
      G G B B G G

      General: He will mix Attack and Break commands equally ( He’s harder to read than the other two! )
      A B B B A A
      B A B B A A
      A A B B B A

      (I’m actually grinding, so I written down their patterns)

      • Arakkun says:

        General: He usually guard 3 times and alternate a lot between commands

        G A G G A B
        G B G G A B
        G B G ? ? ? ( He started dying early )
        G B B B G ?

        Cluster Horn
        General: he repeat the same patterns 2 times

        G B A G B A
        B A G B A G
        A G B A G B

        Those vipers started dying too early after I started reading their moves correctly

  3. Max says:

    plus the game sits with the loading icon when i try to talk to saber

  4. Max says:

    Guys i got problem, i can’t get out from arena round 1 floor 1st
    My saber says – “I see.Then let us return to our room and rest.”
    and camera spins around me and saber. What’s the problem ? Any idea ? I’ve lvled up to 5 and it’s rly annoying to do that again.

    • noobbgodlike says:

      it’s a glitch, do you use ISO file?? if yes then myabe it’s corrupted, if you’re using UMD then it means your UMD lens already so weak that it can;t read the UMD properly.

  5. Spock says:

    Your Guide is very helpful. Thanks for that.

  6. unowen says:

    could someone post the attack patterns of vlad the impaler?

  7. Reika Okita says:

    hello there m(___)m *bows down* thanks for the info, but could you discuss about the Rin’s route? round 4 actually, I did not choose to save Rani cuz I dont she’s useful, but to be honest I dont wanna save any of those two 🙂
    thanks again for the walkthrough

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