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FF BE Brave Frontier Event Guide: Grand Gaia Chronicles


This is event is a little bit same as previous FFT event. You need to clear a wave of battles and then gather points (Karma) and then you can exchange those karma for items.

How many Karma you will get normally?

The event last for 14 days, so it means that you will get 4032 Energies (I don’t count bonus from quest, etc). You can enter ADV difficulty for about 310 times (4032/13 energies). This mean that you will get about 62000 Karma. I don’t count Metal God because they’re rare, so treat them as a bonus to claim less important items.

So, with limited amount of Karma which items you should get?


Tablet of Ruin is your first priority if you manage to get Elza, if  you don’t get her then it’s useless, because Elza only available on this event. Save 10,000 Karma until the last day on this banner (just in case you get one). This will allow you to exchange for it because the claim period is longer than this event.

Priority Items Karma Comment
1st 5x Rare Summon Tickets 4000 I would recommend you to get all of them but the last 5 are really expensive. Don’t get them unless you already complete all things on this list.
Destroyer’s Authority 16000 Get both of them they’re useful for your mages or physical attackers
Guardian’s Authority 16000 Get both of them they’re useful for your Healer or tankers
Lad Mirazh 3000 Nice Spear with Ice element, Atk + 62. It will come handry later if you meet with a strong enemy that weak against ice
Vernard 10000 Nice Sword with fire element, Atk + 76. Less powerful than Chijiriraden but still useful if you meet enemy weak against fire.
Total 49000
2nd 10 star Quartz 5400 Accumulate it, you will need them later.
HP + 15% 15000 More HP is nice for your tanker
Demonic Life 16000 Not sure whether this will stack with your buff (cheer, etc). If it stacks then it’s very good, but if not then I don’t think it’s important
Trust Moogles 35000 It’s worth more than last 5 summon tickets (especially if you have a good TM reward unit such as Zidane)
Last 5 Summon Tickets 24000 5 more chances to get Elza XD
Total 95400

Situational items may replaced the 2nd priority items above. I can’t think a good reason to buy items for “stay away” category though…..

Priority Items Comment
Situational 6 Stars A.M. You may get this if you need to awaken a heroes and you don’t have the material. Don’t buy this if you simply want to “save” for upcoming future, because Karma from this event quite hard to get.
4 Stars A.M. Same as above
Magic Key Ingredient I will recommend this if you don’t have any magic key and haven’t opened the useful ones. If you still have about 5 keys then don’t bother
Metal Gigantuar I don’t suggest you to do this even if it’s basically more effective than vortex EXP. You may get this later though if you already get all 1st priority items
Elixir Nice to have, but If you already have a lot of them (from previous event), then you can skip it at this moment.
Stay Away Mag + 15% It’s really crazy…. 70,000 Karma, you can craft + 10% easily…
2nd 6 stars A.M Not worth..

==Tips on Clearing the Level==

Metal God is rare, you may find them in a group (more than one).

  • Unit with a lot of hit count (Lightning, Luneth, etc)
  • Abilities that able to deal fixed damage (stone throw, throw, etc)
  • You only need to throw one grenade to kill them all easily
  • Items such as bomb fragment won’t work because of the elemental attribute

Don’t worry about it too much though, because it doesn’t run away from the battle. Its attack is not dangerous too, so take it easy (refill LB bar, etc).

==Boss: Holy Flame Vargas (ADV difficulty)==


This one is not hard, I believe you won’t have a problem if all your party consist 5 stars heroes (maxed). Here are few guidelines

[0] Black Cat Lid’s Hex Strike is buggy in this battle. It will cause Blind, Paralyze, and Poison at 100% rate. So, use it if you have her.
[0] Man Eater is very useful
[0] Barfira (you can craft it easily)
[0] Try not to equip shiva (only if you already have 6 espers), because shiva will reduce your resistance against fire
[0] Fire resistance equipment
[0] Cloud of Darkness + Ifrit = 100% fire resistance
[0] Provoke + Barfira + Flame Shield (fire-resist equipment) = High or 100% fire resistance, it also protects your healer from his attack.
[0] Power/Full Break is really important here especially if you have low defense team!!
[0] Protectga/Cheer, because his normal physical attack quite strong

There is a pro difficulty later (JPN version). I will update the guide later. If you have any questions, tips, etc feel free to ask/tell them on the comment section below.

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  1. mamushi says:

    I miscalculated the amount needed for the sword (thought it was 17000), so I grinded 18000 karma for it but I only realized it was 10000 when I visited King Mog. So, I managed to get the spear, 5 more rare summon tickets and other goodies. Well, I turned a mistake to an excellent opportunity. 🙂

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Nice :), don;t forget to stock on 6 stars material if you still have excess karma.

      • mamushi says:

        Unfortunately, after the rare summon tickets, I got little karma left. Anyways, Refia is still in 4 stars and it will take sometime before she reaches max lvl 5 stars. Events that can be than this one will be available and I will grab the opportunity to gather 6 star awakening materials.:)

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