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FF BE Chamber of Fallen Surging Menace How to Defeat Greater Demon

===Wave 1 Metal Gigantuar===

HP: 2100
Weakness: none
Resist: All status ailments (except Sleep and Paralyze)

[0] Craft and use Void Vessel to kill it instantly
[0] If you don’t have it then use damaging items such as (fish scale, etc). You can buy them on Village of Kol, you need at least 11 of them to kill it (2 items slots, pick different items, element doesn’t matter)
[0] One of your char may died if you’re not able to kill on 1st turn, don’t worry because you can resurrect him/her on 2nd turn and heal it to full.

===Wave 2 Bomb x6===

HP: 30,000
Weakness: Ice (50%)
Resist: Fire (50%), Sleep, Silence, Confuse, Petrify

[0] Make sure you kill it on 1st turn by chaining blizzaga (this is why Lightning is best friend for this level)
[0] If you’re not able to kill it on 1st turn, then reduce their health to about 50% and then kill them on 2nd turn. If their health below 50% they will self destruct and bye bye for all your characters :).

===Wave 3 Io & Searcher===

HP (IO): 230,000
Weakness: Thunder (50%)
Resist: Wind, Earth, all ailments (except  Blind and Paralyze)

[0] Make sure you kill searcher first!!! focus all your single target attack to it. Make sure you kill it before 3rd turn, unless you want to feel Particle Beam
[0] Barthundara is useful for this battle
[0] If you have full break use it to reduce Io’s damage.
[0] Remember that if you don’t have full break you can use blind and paralyze to IO

===Wave 4 Architeuth===

HP: 90,000 (tentacles: 45,000)
Weakness: Fire, Thunder (50%)
Resist: Earth (50%), Petrify

[0] Use Firaga/Thundaga chain them for more damage.
[0] Use your esper golem here, I am pretty sure your summon bar is full at this moment
[0] Your goal is to kill all the tentacles first, after killing them the battle is easy. Use this chance to heal MP and prepare on the next wave

===Wave 5 Greater Demon===

HP: 280,000
Weakness: Light (50%)
Resist: All ailments (except blind, it has 60% resist against blind)

[0] It will always dispel de-buff if it has one, you can exploit this simply by inflicting “any” break every turn to make him waste one action. De-buff every turn!!!
[0] It will use “-ga” spell on the next turn if you see “Focusing magic power”. Make sure you guard on the next turn or if you have Celes, use her sealing  blade on the next turn (use it on last action, unless you want her to cancel your own magic!!).
[0] It always use graviga when its health reaches a certain point (70%, 50%, 30%). Counter this by curaja and cura (you can craft cura easily).
[0] Don’t be afraid to use elixir on this battle.

Rewards: Wizard Rod (Atk + 18, Mag + 72)

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  1. viper says:

    Thanks dude..i got it.. team Minfilia,cecil,chizuru,exdeath,prim and friend one died..thanks a lot for guide

  2. Jeff says:

    What is the reward for killing him?

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