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Posted on Nov 26, 2016

FF BE FF V Event The Big Bridge Guide Gilgamesh ELT difficulty


This event is easier compared previous event (FF IV, III, and Brave Frontier). However the rewards are also quite bad IMO….

The highest weapon reward from this event is twin lance which make your normal attack hit twice…. really useless IMO (the Atk is also really low, + 55 Atk).

You can use the tips for all other difficulties for 1st gilgamesh, 2nd Gilgamesh only appear on ELT difficulty

You can’t escape from the enemy, so bring a party with AOE attack (Lightning Element) to kill the enemies easily. Lightning is very good here!!

Preparation against Gilgamesh

  1. It’s an exploration event so make sure you bring Tent, Eye drop, Unicorn Horn, Turbo Ether, Elixir, Holy Torch, etc
  2. Have a character that able to do AOE attack (Agrias, Luneth, etc)
  3. Use break attack because Gilgamesh take the full effect from it
  4. Baraerora because Gilgamesh sometimes use wind elemental attack, Omni/Rainbow Veil also works
  5. Healer that able to boost your Defense (Lenna/Refia/Fina). You can also use CoD protectga!

1st Gilgamesh

This battle is very easy, simply cast blind and you’re gonna win this one easily. However, you can’t kill it on 1 turn, because he always get invicibility when his HP reach 50%. Simply guard when he use jump and then attack him again. Really this battle is easy ….

After defeating Gilgamesh

Go to the next area, and keep going north. You will meet him again after 3 – 4 battles, so make sure you use tent !!!

2nd Gilgamesh

It’s a little bit challenging but still manageable

On 1st turn buff and use full break (your focus here is his attack). Make sure you keep using baraerora!!

Now he doesn’t have any sets of pattern so simply follow guidelines below to counter:

[0] Weapon Regen: He will remove the debuff, so keep inflicting debuff to waste one of his action every turn
[0] Vendetta: Increase Atk/Def by 50%. Make sure you dispel it on the next turn using your tanker (holy torch), use guard on all other members
[0] X-Slash: This is his most dangerous attack, however if you have dispelled the attack and use guard then you should survive this one!!
[0] He also able to paralyze and blind you, so make sure you bring items that can cure those ailments.
[0] He will use Gilgamesh Transform when its health below 70%, use Golem to help lower the damage.

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