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Posted on Dec 5, 2016

FF BE FF XIII Event The Hanging Edge ELT and Shopping Guide


What kind event is this?

You gather currency (trochoid) and then exchange it on King Mog. It’s same as previous brave frontier event.

How many trochoids you will get in 2 weeks?

You will get about 100 Trochoid from ELT difficulty and more if you bring Sazh (50%), Vanille (75%), and Snow (75%). I believe on the 2nd week, other FF XIII characters will give you bonus too.

You can also find Metal Gigantuar that will give you 500 Trochoid, but they’re very rare (same as Metal Gods on previous Brave Frontier).

Let’s do rough calculation, one day = 288 energies, so it means you can do this event 22 times. So, assuming you get 100 Trochoid/run, then it means 2200 Trochoid/day…. so crappy, right? This mean you only get 2200 trochoid/day x 14 days = 30800 Trochoid… which is really small…

I suggest you to draw daily lapis and hope you get FF XIII characters (Sazh, Snow, Vanille). Sazh is quite easy to get so let’s say you will get about 45,000 Trochoid at the end of this event.

You will get more than that but to be safe let’s use that for a base line to buy the items which important.

Which items you should buy?


Priority Items Comment Trochoid
1 st priority 7x Summon Tickets I would recommend you to get all of them but the last 5 are really expensive. Don’t get them unless you already complete all things on this list. 10000
Star Quartz x 10 Accumulate it, you will need them later. 5700
Trust Moogle 1 You will love this moogle 🙂 30000
Total 45700
2nd priority 3x summon tickets More summon tickets are awesome right :). 18000
Winged Saint It’s a good weapon, but it’s a glove which mean that not many heroes can use this. IMO, this weapon is made for Snow/Amarant if you don’t have/use them you can simply skip this equipments 9300
Total 73000

Try to get those items first after that you can move to 3rd category

Priority Items Comment
3rd/Situational 2nd trust moogle VERY EXPENSIVE, but I love them :). You can simply keep it and then fuse them later if you get awesome TM unit (Zidane, Gilgamesh, etc)
6 stars material If you need them to evolve one of your heroes then go ahead buy them :).
Magic Key Material Buy this if you need more keys
Elixir It’s good items for tough battle, you can’t go wrong with this item
Phoenix down Useful for tough battle (if your raiser die accidentally)
Metal Gigantuar I usually stock this cactuar but the trochoids are really hard to get… I suggest you to buy it when you need to level up your unit ASAP
Defender Only useful for snow, so buy this if you plan to use him a lot
Here we go Nice ability for Snow, you can get it if you use him frequently
Thunderfall Lightning is physical attacker and this ability is magic base damage. The lightning resistance debuff is very nice, if you face a lot of strong enemies and have party of mages that able to use thundaga. But remember you can reduce lightning resistance by using crushing blow too.
Stay Away Morale Talisman Atk + 10 is same as Hyper wrist… Auto brave effect will be easily overwritten by cheer/embolden.
Malboro Wand Actually it’s good weapon for Vanille, 100% disease is nice. But she is bad healer and I really not recommend you to use her.
Calamity Spear Fang’s only spear, she’s quite decent character, you can get this if you want but if you already have Kain (or better attackers then stay away)
Tezcatlipoca It’s a good throwing weapon BUT let me tell you Hope is Magic users so do you still want to get this?
Hyades Magnum Nice Weapon for Sazh, even if you use sazh I will suggest you to equip him with Killer Bow
Status + 10% HAHAHAHHA, you can get them easily outside of this event. Yup, the chest that contain them is locked, however you can buy the magic key ingredients om this event too.
Attacker one of the effect is useless, you never need both status on your attacker/magician avoid this…

How to beat ELT Difficulty

Key abilities/items:

  • Full Break (Power and Armor are your priority)
  • Cheer/Embolden
  • Dispel/Holy Torch

First Battle: PSICOM Aerial, Marauder and Pantheron (Weak: Fire)

On this battle, FOCUS your ATTACK on single target if you’re not able to kill them on the 1st turn, because the chain attack will become really dangerous. I suggest you to focus on Marauder/PSICOM Aerial first (Marauder deal powerful single attack and PSICOM can cast thunder/thundara spell). You must kill one of these on 1st turn to avoid the massive chain effect. It’s quite easy though, they only have about 60,000 HP each.

Second Battle: Behemoth (Weak: Thunder, Water)

This one is easy, it only does physical damage (quite powerful). However, it doesn’t have any ailments resistance, so simply make it blind/paralyze/sleep/etc.

Third Battle: Myrmidon (Weak: Fire)

This is where dispel become really important, it will use defense measure on every turn so you need to use dispel/fingersnap to dispel it, because its boost is massive. However, its attack is not powerful so you won’t have any problem. Use this chance to recover MP/HP?etc.

Last Battle: Manasvin Warmech

Ok, the battle is easy…. until You reduce its health below 50%. Below 50%, it will use charge after that it will keep using powerful attack every turn

  • Wave Cannon: Magic Attack that will reduce your all of your status
  • Crystal Rain: Powerful physical attack

So, it’s useless to use guard!! Your only option is to kill it 2 turns after it uses charge (max 3 turns, because I believe that the 2nd wave cannon will kill you because of massive damage and reduced status).

Knowing this make sure you lower its health as close as possible to 50% (NOT LOWER), after that commit full attack to kill it.

TIPS: if the the 1st wave cannon kill you, which mean you only have 1 turn chance, you can try to buy yourself a little bit time by dispel it (charge will give it magic buff), so by dispel-ing it you will reduce the incoming damage (re-apply your full break).

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