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FF BE Final Fantasy 3 Event: The Crystal Tower Guide

This is an exploration event, you only need to clear it once to get the rewards. So, no grinding required :).

==Tips on Exploration==

[0] Bring Tent
[0] Have a hero that can escape (Kefka, etc), if you don’t have one then buy smoke bomb (Lost Village of Marlo) to escape from the battle
[0] Equip Charm Bangle and Diabolos to reduce the encounter rate (Don’t do this if you want to farm the dragons, more about this on other section)

The rewards on the secret room are available once you clear the written difficulty on the map, they’re not that good though compared to the clear rewards :).

Diff Unlocked floor Clear Rewards Secret Treasure
BGN 1F 100 Lapis Mythril Dagger
INT 2F- 4F Royal Sword (Atk +37) Mythril Buckler
ADV 5F Reflect Mail (Def + 46, SPr + 10) Mythril Saber
PRO 6F Mighty Hammer (Atk + 72, HP + 15%; Ligthning Element) Golden Helm
ELT 7F Trust Moogle Golden Staff



Floor Loc. Items
1F T1 Star Quartz
T2 Light Curtain
T3 Light Curtain
T4 Earth Drum
T5 Remedy
T6 Tent
T7 Ether
T8 Potion
2F T1 Hi Potion x 3
T2 Turbo Ether x3
T3 Mythril Plate
3F T1 Star Quartz x3
T2 Phoenix Down x3
T3 Fairies’ Writ x5
T4 Rainbow Bloom x5
4F T1 Prismatic Horn x5
T2 Calamity Gem x5
6F T1 Calamity Writ x5
T2 Divine Crystal x5
7F T1 Golden Blade
T2 Star Quartz x5
T3 Phoenix Down x5
T4 Elixir x5

BGN and INT are pretty easy. You won’t even need a guide to clear them. If you’re not able to clear them then simply level up. INT may give you a little bit challenge if you’re a newbie player, but if you have played about 2 weeks, then the battle should be pretty easy. So, I will only give guide for PRO and ELT difficulty.

I suggest you to run away from all battles including dragons while trying to clear the dungeon for the first time. This will give you a clear picture how strong your party is. If you seem confident that you’re able to clear the level and also defeat the dragon then you can come back later, but for the 1st time simply focus on the boss.

==PRO Tips==

Gomory x2

The bosses are really easy, they only use fira and thundara. The dangerous thing from them is chain effect. Follow these tips:

[0] Have Barfira and Barthundara
[0] You can easily inflict break to them, so use magic break/full break
[0] Focus on one target, once you have killed one the battle will become really easy

==ELT Tips==

Remember that the ELT is really Elite, you really need an optimized party and strong friend to clear this one (and a nice planning)

BOSS: Xande

[0] Have Shellga/Focus (increase yor spirit!! really important)
[0] on 1st turn buff your party (cheer and focus or protectga/shellga, etc). You can do anything you want with other characters!! He will use Gauge which will reduce your party’s parameter (resistance, etc).
[0] Make sure you use GUARD on 2nd Turn, he always use meteor
[0] Now, you don’t want to lower its health below 60% while his debuff (from gauge) still active. You will take too much damage if that happen. Simply heal and maintain your party resistance (Barfira and barstonra).
[0] After the debuff effect already gone, re-buff your party and then attack Xandes normally
[0] When he uses Dark Force (below 70%), use dispel or holy torch (item)
[0] Try not to reduce its health below 25%, because it will use darkness attack which make all your party’s HP to 1. Provoke is really important at this moment!!

==Dragon Tips==

Coming soon

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