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FF BE Final Fantasy IV Event Guide: How to clear The Giant of Babel PRO and ELT


This event last until 27 October 2016 (14:59) PST time.

This event is easy, you don’t need to grind or craft to get the equipment rewards. BUT, to get the last reward Trust Moogle, it’s very very hard (I believe only about 5 – 10% players who can clear this without “powerful ally).

From BGN to PRO, it can be said that the battles are very easy. From PRO to ELT, there is a spike on terms of difficulty. Before talking about the strategy to defeat bosses, let’s see the map of this area.


Thanks to Famitsu for the Original Map

Loc Treasure Difficulty
T1 Wicked Drop x3 BGN
T2 Fury Seed x3 BGN
T3 Rainbow Bloom x 5 INT
T4 Fairies’Writ x 5 INT
T5 Calamity Gem x 5 INT
T6 Prismatic Horn x 5 ADV
T7 Calamity Writ ADV
T8 Divine Crystal x5 Pro

You will only able to explore the whole area on ELT difficulty, but you already able to get all the items on PRO difficulty. All the bosses always stay on the exact same place except on the ELT difficulty. On ELT you will fight all bosses (1-4) on “ELT” spot on the map above. This what makes the challenge so hard… because you can’t rest between the battle.

Tips: You can use the exact same strategy on lower difficulty, but they’re easy so I believe you won’t have any problems.

Name Weak Resist Strategy
Fire and Holy (extra 50%) Ice and Earth(100%) Use Raise to kill it, if you don’t have raise then use phoenix down
Water and Ice (50%) Fire (100%) Barfira
Dispel when it uses buff!!!
Water and Ice (50%) Fire (100%) Barwatera
Dispel when it uses buff!!!
Holy (50%) Wind (100%) Baraerora and Barthundara
Dispel when it uses buff!!!
  • All bosses are immune against all ailments.
  • High resistance against “break” type attacks, it’s not worth because the chance seems pretty low… It’s better to buff yourself (Cheer, Focus, Shellga, Protectga, etc)

Tips on Fighting the bosses:
[0] Make sure you have bar spells recommended on the table above  when you reduce the boss health below 50% and 30%
[0] You really need to have a super powerful friend to be able to clear this one… (unless you already get super powerful units by yourself)
[0] Diablos is useful because he has man eater ability
[0] You can learn dispel from Ramuh (2 stars)
[0] Cerius is very nice support on this battle because she has bar- spells
[0] Use Tent after defeating those four…
[0] Make sure you equip your healer with Jeweled ring (Paralyze and Petrification resist)

Now the Main Boss: Super Golbez-jin Gotto…


  • It’s very cheap…. on 1st turn he will use “sit still and watch dragon ball super” which has 70% chance paralyze on all targets.
  • He can also attack 3-5 times per turn 🙂
  • After you have lowered its health below 50% he will use death on all characters (with 50% chance)……

As if those are not enough.. he can also do

  • Blind…
  • Paralyze (another one… luckily only single target)
  • Osmose …. (which will suck your MP dry..)

The only things you can do on this battle
[0] cure ailments ASAP
[0] Barfira and Barthundara
[0] Kill him ASAP…

Fun Fact….

  • If you bring 6 golbez into this battle then you won’t need to fight those 4 bosses. You can talk Golbez and then the super Golbez wil join your party. It’s a joke if you don’t realize….
  • You can evade the sudden death and paralyze on the 1st turn, by using 5 Kain XD (or other chars that can jump)…..
  • Shadow also can evade the attack by using hide… NEVER underestimate shadow!!

The point is you don’t need to clear this ELT difficulty because they’re pretty insane. Trust Moogle is nice to have but that’s not limited, you can get it on later occasion and you can also grind for TM rewards. The real prizes (Lilith Rod and dark helm) are already obtained anyway, right?

So, simply try and if you feel it’s kinda impossible then no need to frustrate because Gumi is already really generous by making the real prizes can be obtained easily (no need to craft, etc). If you have tips for defeating this ELT or other difficulties or simply want to rant about this event 🙂 then simply leave comment.

Last tips: Try posting on the forum or everywhere, for a powerful friends. If you have powerful unit leader that can put golbez to shame (and you need a friends) simply leave a comment.

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