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FF BE Final Fantasy Tactics Event: Orbonne Monastery Guide and Map



Loc Items
T1 5 Shard
T2 Star Quartz
T3 Turbo Ether

ff-be-orbonne-int-mapff-be-t4-location-on-int-and-adv-difficultyThe location of T4 on both INT and ADV difficulties. On INT you will get Star Quartz, on ADV Recipe for Chijiriraden.

Loc Items
T1 10 Shards
T2 X-Potion
T3 Recipe for Escutcheon
T4 Star Quartz

Loc Items
T1 Elixir
T2 20 Shards
T3 500 Shards (locked)
T4 Recipe for Chirijiraden
T5 Star Quartz

How to beat ELT level on this event?

Which Items you should get?

1st Priority

Note Items Shards
Escutcheon Phanter Fang x 10 200
Demon Wing x 10 200
Chirijiraden Ulric Iron x 50 1000
Core Dust x 40 1200
Abyss Pearl x 30 1500
Star Quartz x10 1100
Summon Ticket x 10 6200
Total 11400

I don’t need to explain why tickets and star quartz are really important. Chijiraden and Escutcheon are very nice equipment, so you really need to obtain them no matter what. The requirement for them are also quite easy. So, let’s calculate how much time you need to farm Auracite Shard to get all of those items.

Diff NRG Shard/run Total Run Total NRG Hours
ELT 15 100 114 1710 142.5
PRO 10 50 228 2280 190

Like you can see that even if you doing only PRO difficulty, you still can obtain all those rewards (6 days vs 8 days). So you don’t need to stress out if you are not able to defeat ELT. Also remember that because this levels give you a lot of RANK Exp, you will level up real quick. This mean bonus NRG for you because your NRG will be refreshed every time you level up.

Tips: if you have bought all the important items listed above. I suggest you to farm the exploration area of this event. They give you a lot of magicite. So, instead of gathering things that you may never use then it’s better to gather megacite. It’s all up to you though :).

2nd important, Awakening Materials

Let’s talk about the 6 stars material. These items will always be available later. And if you don’t have any heroes that can become 6 stars right now, then it will be waste of inventory slots. However, if you do have Lightning or Delita then you can try to get these materials first.

Last Priority, FFT skills

Unique skills for FF tactics character. They’re not that important because they’re not that good and only can be used by certain characters. Their effect are also not that good (except for Crush Armor). Not mentioning the price is kinda insane.

Abilities Comment
Crush Armor Reduce Def/Spr by 40% for 3 turns is very nice, but it’s only for Delita. It’s also outclassed by full break easily. Not mentioning the price is very expensive. Buy this if you have Delita and excessive shard.
Second Wind It increase ATK/Mag by 40% for 3 turns to single ally. Ramza is not a healer/support. This spell also only affect single target, soyou need to cast multiple times to affect all your heroes…I suggest you not to get it even if you get Ramza later (unless you don’t have anything to buy)
Medicate Cure silences, poison and blind to user. Only for Agrias, Gaffgarion. Not a good skill because I suggest you to recover your attacker using your healer, so you don’t waste one turn for recovery
Stone Throw Do I need to give you tips here??

So, those are all my recommendations for this event. The event is clearly better compared to previous event (Rod of Gravity….). Make sure you get all important items mentioned above. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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