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Posted on Feb 2, 2012

Final Fantasy 13-2 Guide Prologue and Episode 1

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See the cut scene and you’ll gain a control of Lightning.

Battle: Chaos Bahamut

chaos bahamut 1st battlecinematic action 1st caius

You simply can’t lose in this battle, especially if you’re using auto-battle. There are only 3 commands in this fight. Use snipe or lightning strike to attack Chaos Bahamut and use Ulir’s Shield when you’re at low HP (this command will be used automatically if you choose auto-battle command).

After defeating him, you’ll enter a new type of battle on Final fantasy 13-2 where you need to input buttons that appear on the screen (God of War style :D).

P.S: (L) button mean left analog stick (not L1 or L2 button; maybe it’s obvious but I failed to realized it in my gameplay :D). Tap it on the direction shown on the screen to complete this type of command.

See an event about Noel Kreis

Battle: Chaos Bahamut (Air battle)

chaos bahamut 2
Just use auto-battle command until you reduce His HP to Zero (war’s benediction will restore your HP completely, so you shouldn’t lost in this battle…).

1st live triggerLong event ….. and you’ll control Serah.Check the door to see Live Trigger (you can choose 1 of 4 options that available that affect your dialog), try to get out from the house and use O button to jump through the obstacle. Just keep walking after getting out from the house to get another live trigger.

Event and you’ll enter the battle.

Event Battle: Nekton and Meonekton

paradigm shiftNothing hard in this battle, make sure you read the tutorial if you haven’t played Final Fantasy XIII before (FF 13 player can skip the tutorial because it’s still the same as previous game). Use “Slash and Burn” paradigm when there is only one enemy left in the battle to stagger it (quicker than double trouble” paradigm).  Use potion (item) when you’re at low HP.

After defeating the monster, walk to other monsters that appear on the area. Enter 4-5 battles to finish your objective.

Tips: Use “Double Trouble” command if you encounter 2 or more Nekton on this battle because they’re very weak. Switch to “Slash and Burn” when fight with Meonekton.

Enemy tips

Name Pic Tips
Gorgonopsid   slash and burn” to build your stagger point
Pulsework Soldier  Pulsework Soldier This one is tough on normal condition. Try to initiate pre-emptive strike so you can stagger it immediately. Use “slash and burn” or “dualcasting” to rise its stagger point quickly
Sarracenia   Use “double trouble” as it’s weak against physical attacks
Spiceacilian   it’s weak and usually appears in large number (3-4), use “double trouble” to kill them quickly.

Auto-save, Head north and jump to pass the wire to talk with Noel. Continue and you’ll learn about Mog Clock explanation.

Mog Clock:

Attack the enemy while the arrow is on the green zone to take advantage on the battle {first hit to all enemies that will make their stagger bar to near full condition (only need one more hit to make them stagger) and some positive statuses (haste,etc) . Yellow zone mean normal battle without any advantage and red zone will make you at disadvantage condition.

Follow the path and take all items along the path (take the Neo Bodhum map to obtain full area map). You can jump down quickly on point (1) if you want to go back to the town (which is useless IMO :D). Continue to point (2) and talk to Maqui to learn about anomaly that happens. You’ll obtain fragment at point (3) {Gogmagog Fragment Alpha; ). There are 2 Gysahl Greens near the cliff and it may a little bit tricky to obtain it because of the camera. Save your game and continue to

BOSS: Gogmagog

Use “slash and burn” at the beginning of the battle to raise stagger point quickly. Don’t forget to use your potion when your HP get low (one potion heal all members). You can use “misdirection” or “twin shields” to reduce the damage from his “swipe” (it takes a lot of time before he use this attack on you).

5 star tips: Use only “slash and burn” paradigm and heal your HP by using potion (don’t need to use double trouble or other paradigm because it ‘ll only slow you down).

You’ll wake up in the morning, check the box nearby that contains Lebreau ‘s Olive Tattoo. Talk to everyone in Neo Bodhum (Lebreau, Maqui, Gadot, Noel, etc). You can also raise your crystarium level now. Talk to Noel and he’ll explain about artifact.

cat woman on Neo Bodhumgroup of kid

Go southeast to point (4) and talk with a woman over there. You should see 2 (!) mark on your map now. Go to the one that located on the southwest first (the cat) and check the cat to finish your objective. Go to another (!) mark on your map to obtain Lightning’s Knife.

PS: You can talk to Lebreau to learn about Neo Bodhum

Go talk to a group of kid to trigger an event (I find them on point (5)). One of them will run away, chase him until he is stop running away from you. Keep talking to him (via Live trigger) until you obtain Snow Necklace from him. Go back to the town and you’ll see an event automatically, go to your house and check the mysterious mirror to obtain Giant’s Artefact (I get potion from live trigger reward). Now backtrack to the spot where the meteor had fallen last night.

Take alternative route to obtain 2 items (Iron Bangle and Phoenix down) along the way, you’ll enter a battle on point (3) against

Boss: Gogmagog

Recommended paradigm: “slash and burn” and “dualcasting”

He’ll cast Causality Barrier on the beginning of this battle. It’ll reduce your damages to him greatly (only deals about 5-8 points). Keep changing between “dualcasting” and “slash and burn” to build your stagger meter (You need “slash and burn” to reduce speed of the stagger bar).

Reward: 1000 CP and Gogmagog Fragment Beta

Continue to the gate and touch the gate (and go when you’re ready). See an event and then choose Bresha Ruins 005 AF.

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