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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Aquapolis Olderion Side Quest and Items Guide


For more detailed guide about items location, scroll down to the section below Side Quest.


Loc Items
T1 Star Quartz
T2 Recipe for Icebrand (Locked Chest)
T3 Phoenix
T4 Gale Key #7
T5 Sage’s Robe
T6 Blue Megacite
T7 Arctic Wind
T8 Mythril Ore
T9 Star Quartz
T10 Betelgeuse
T11 Elixir
T12 Recipe for Evo Mag + 10%

==Side Quest==

Quest 1: Family First

NPC: Man on Q1

How to:
[0] Give him 5 deepsea bloom. I believe you have a lot of them on this point. You can easily gather them from earth shrine or Aquatic Cave like the man suggested.

Reward: Turbo Ether

Quest 2: Gotta Love the Baby

NPC: Little Girl on Q2 (2F, right side)

How to:


[0] You can get white yarn from old lady on the item shop (potion icon). Give it to the girl and she will ask you to go to Lake Dorr


[0] Go to lake door and head for the spot shown on the screenshot. Check the glittering object in the ground to get the Water.

[0] Give it to the NPC

Reward: Star Quartz

Quest 3: A Legend of Peace

NPC: Girl on Q3

How to:


[0] You need to kill 3 Lenergia, you can find it on Argus Plains. The wiki said it’s best to meet this on Shoreline area, but I find it’s same on all area (except for the last one).

Reward: Holy Crystal

Quest 4: Whither Townsman, again?

NPC: Man on Q4

How to:

[0] You need to finish the “Whither Townsman” on Grandshelt first. Talk to man on Q4.


[0] You can find him on Q4S (behind item shop), near the armor shop.

Reward: Recipe for Light Curtain

Quest 5: What a Man Wants?

NPC: Man on Q5

How to:

[0] Talk to man at Q5 and then go to Mystic Woods Exploration


[0] Go to spot shown on the screenshot above and defeat 5 Cutpurses.

Reward: Gale Key #3



T3 and T4 (Gale Key 7#)are inside the item shop, see the screenshot above for the helps.


T5 contain Sage’s Robe,to reach this you need to enter the building first and then exit it from southeastern exit.


T8 (star Quartz) is very easy to find because you will see star quartz on the cabinet. T11 also same, the elixir is not in the treasure chest, but inside a drawer.

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