Posted on Aug 8, 2016

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Cactuar Dunes Guide

Last Appearance: 5 – 8 August 2016

FF BRave Exvius Cactuar Dunes Event Guide

Cactuar Dunes is a special Vortex area, it seems to appear once a month.  While this dungeon available, make sure you enter it every time you can because this dungeon gives you a lot of experience.

Which is better Chamber of Experience or Cactuar Dunes?

Cactuar Dunes gives you cactuar depends on the difficulty.

BGN: will give you Metal Minituar (5,000 EXP)
INT: Metal Cactuar (10,000 EXP)
ADV: Metal Gigantuar (30,000 EXP)

You can get more than one cactuar on every difficulty. Each battle has 3 battles, you will get the the metal if you fight the metal one (what you get depends on the size of the metal cactuar that you fight).

Note: on the higher difficulties you may get the “lower” version of cactuar (ex: You get Metal Cactuar on ADV difficulties).

FF Brave Exvius Cactuar Dunes gives a lot Exp

This mean that the cactuar dunes will give you

Diff Cactuar Dunes C. o. Experience
BGN 5k-15k About 5k
INT 10k-30k About 15k
ADV 30k-90k About 30k

Like you can see that Cactuar dunes gives you far more experience compared to the Chamber of Experience. From my experience it’s rare to only get one metal cactuar from the battle.

Other Pros of Cactuar Dunes:
[+] Very easy compared to the chamber of experience. This may be not important to veteran players, but for a newbie. It’s really important because if your party still on low level, entering chamber of experience may need you to control the battle (not using auto).
[+] You can really focus on which hero that you want to level up, so you don’t need to bring a hero to power level your weaker hero.
[+] Can be saved for later use, Cactuar won’t expire, so you can keep it for later if you manage to get better heroes.
[+] Enhancing may result in amazing/great  success which mean more exp for your characters.

Cactuar Cons:
[-] It costs gil to enhance. The higher the level of the hero that you want to enhance, then the cost will become bigger too. This maybe a problem for a new players too (run out of gil).

On this event, I suggest you to open Chamber of Awakening because I believe you will need a material to awaken your hero because of the fast growth. For gil, only open it if you really low on gil. It’s better to use Gil Snapper’s Cave when it’s available.

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