Posted on Aug 26, 2016

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Chamber of Fallen Guide How to Beat Intangir

FF BE intangir

HP: 230.000
Weak: none
Resist: All status

Recommended Abilities:
[0] NO MAGIC!!!!!!!
[0] Special abilities can still be used (Cheer, Hyperdrive, Barrage, etc)
[0] Hide, Jump, etc, it can evade its meteor. Use it when you know that it will cast a meteor (you will lower the Health below 50%)

Recommended Items:
[0] Hi-Potion/ X-Potion
[0] Elixir
[0] Turbo Ether to restore MP

[0] Force Armor
[0] Brigandine

On this battle you can bring a friend, recommended Hero:
[0] Vaan, Warrior of Light for full break, if you can’t find them, you need at least power and magic break
[0] Kefka: His hyperdrive is good and won’t be countered

Attack Patterns

[0] Drifting off: go into sleep
[0] Meteor: 1500 – 2300 dmg to all units


GO ALL OUT ON 1ST TURN, HE won’t do anything on the first turn!!

Its meteor is really deadly, it always use it once its health drops below 50% (1st time) and then below 10%. HOWEVER, if you’re using magic after the 1st turn, he will counter your attack by meteor. This is why I wrote you  not to use any magic. This way you can only heal by using items, that’s why make sure you have a lot of X-Potion before enter this battle.

Special attack such as Hyperdrive can still be used because it’s a special type of attack, then it won’t trigger the meteor.

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11 Responses to “Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Chamber of Fallen Guide How to Beat Intangir”

  1. Vince says:

    It’s super easy actually. Just bring a level 100 Lightning friend, with over 600 attack, and demon killer ability.
    First move, cast Crushing Blow, boss is down 50% hp, my party gets hit by meteor, my whole party dies but Lightning survives.
    Second move, use Electric Blitz, boss dies, game won, I collect reward.
    I only have trash tier units and could not even buff my party or debuff the boss, you might do better.

  2. GIGA-XISBASS says:

    Alternately if you want a surprisingly cheap and easy win against him, bring at least a lvl 72 Warrior of Light, lvl 80 Bartz and Kefka and a lvl 60 Vivi and Krile. Equipped were the best weapons you can get at this point in the game at the time of this writing before fighting him, (I.E. Dirnado part 1 ending at the Dwarven Forge.) outside of any of the Trust Master gear or abilities. Nor any of the event crafting gear that take awhile meaning no Rod of Gravity or the newest sword, nor the Moogle King mace and shield.

    I went in and grabbed the strongest Chizuru I could find at 490 ATK (210 ATK bonus) and on First turn used Fullbreak and double beast killer Barrage combo, doublecast Faith on Kefka and Vivi, and doublecast Comet and lastly Hyperdrive. Killed him in 2 turns and he never attacked, just slept, woke up and went back to sleep in time for turn 2 curbstomping to death. Rather surprised as I expected a meteor by then cause past the 50% mark and comet being magic. Huh. Rather easy for what I assume is a superboss.

  3. choco says:

    most people try to kill him fast with barrage, but i didn’t have barrage or full break. went with wol friend for full break. lenna spammed cheer, tellah used recall, and just auto with hayate, garland, and leo. leo and wol soaked up most of the damage. took a bunch of turns but meteor only takes my team to half hp with cheer and full break.

  4. Juston says:

    Man I have Rain lasswell chizuru ex death and lenna is there a chance I can win with these people… I can get another chizuru or warrior of light or garland who has full break

    • noobbgodlike says:

      of course, as long as you get full break. Intangir is very easy, just make x-potion to heal when necessary. Your party is already really good. Exdeath may not be that good for this battle though because he’s magic oriented. Fina can boost the party with cheer after that simply heal everyone using items to prevent meteor.
      Full break = win.

  5. Erik says:

    I don’t have a Celes or Vaan. My team is Rain, Golbez, Chizuru, Kefka and Fina. Can u guide me how Rain and Golbez can contribute to this fight ? They seem quite useless in this fight. Thanks

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Rain can still be useful of his power break, but golbez is so dead….. It’s because he’s a magic caster. I don’t have vaan too, I borrow my friends. No need to use your “original” friend, you can use “not friend’s hero” (you only get +5 friend point from that).

      My celes is kinda useless on the battle, I use her because I though her runic blade can cancel the meteor but …. What’s your other heroes?? If you can’t find vaan/wol then search for high physical attacker such as chizu.

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