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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Character Guide: Maxwell


Purple word indicates most dominant status on the character

DC = The amount of the the Red Limit Burst Crystal that obtained from the normal attack. Higher numbers will make your LB bar full faster.

Number inside the bracket on the parameter calculated after including “natural” ability that the character learn as he/she learn when level up.

Affinity = Compatibility to equip additional magic from the ability slot
B = Black Magic, W = White Magic, G = Green Magic
number inside the bracket indicates the level of the magic

Sprites ff-be-maxwell-5-stars-true
Status 5 Stars (Lvl 80)
HP 2811
MP 126
Atk 118
Def 100
Mag 86
Spr 87
DC 2

TM Reward: Power of Creation (Ability; Atk/Mag + 30%)

Magic and Special

Stars Lvl Name Effect MP
5 11 Nemesis Physical damage (1.8x) to all enemies 17
32 Atk + 30% Increase base Atk by 30%
41 Genesis Light physical damage (1.8x) and cause blind, disease (30%) to all enemies 24
73 Resurrection Auto-Regen (1800 HP!!) per turn
80 Sacred Song Increase Atk/Def and auto revive (80% HP) for 3 turns to caster 45

LB: Endless
2.5 – 3.45 x light magic damage to all enemies


Weapon ff-be-spear-icon
Armor FF BE ClothFF BE HatFF BE Light Armor

Strength, Weakness, Tips,and Esper Recommendations

[+] 50% Resistance against Light element
[+] Will get 6 stars version in the future
[+] You don’t need luck to get it, simply complete the mission while fighting him (summon diablos) and you will get it 100%
[+] Has strong light element attacks (which is quite rare on this game)
[+] Insane Regen, combine it with Sacred Song, he’s very hard to kill!!
[+] Very good TM
[+] Able to inflict disease

[-] Doesn’t have strong single target skills

[0] He’s more suitable to become tanker. With his insane regen, it’s very hard to kill him. This way, I suggest you to give him golem so he can use provoke.

Recommended Esper (Atk or Def):
[0] Ifrit or Golem, Ifrit will make him into better attacker but Golem is very nice because of provoke.

Rating: 9/10

He’s a very good attacker with a light element attack, but if you don’t get the benefit from the light element (no weakness), then he’s more suitable for a tanker role. His ability will make him kinda impossible to kill in PVP, he can drag the battle very long and really annoying :). His TM reward is also very good, for your attacker (you can get Mag + 30% from shantoto, but no Atk 30 % at this moment).

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