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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Character Guide: Noctis


Purple word indicates most dominant status on the character

DC = The amount of the the Red Limit Burst Crystal that obtained from the normal attack. Higher numbers will make your LB bar full faster.

Number inside the bracket on the parameter calculated after including “natural” ability that the character learn as he/she learn when level up.

Affinity = Compatibility to equip additional magic fromthe ability slot
B = Black Magic, W = White Magic, G = Green Magic
number inside the bracket indicates the level of the magic

Sprites FF BE Noctis 5 stars FF BE Noctis 6 Stars
Status 5 Stars (Lvl 80) 6 stars (Lvl 100)
HP 2920 3824
MP 130 174
Atk 120 158
Def 104 120
Mag 115 150
Spr 101 136
DC 10 12
4 4
B(7), W(7), G (-) B(8), W(8), G (-)

TM Reward: Ring of Lucii (Acc; Mag/Spr + 3; Gives you Alterna, Death, and Holy)

The ring is nerfed on the global, on JPN you get additional Atk/Mag +30%. Hope they will fix it later, because yes, Noctis is too powerful for global at this moment.

Magic and Special

Stars Lvl Name Effect MP
5 1 Blindside 2.1x physical damage to one enemy 18
1 Power of Kings – Short Swords Increase Atk (20%)/Def (15%) when equip dagger
12 Fish Increase likeliness of being targetted (100%) for 1 turn to caster 20
20 Power of Kings – Swords Increase Atk (20%)/Spr (15%) when equip sword
30 Cover Heal (1000 HP, 10x) and refresh (10MP, 0.2x) per turn over 3 turns to all allies 32
42 Power of Kings – Large Swords Increase Atk (35%) when equipped with a great sword
55 Link 1x physical damage to one enemy and increase Atk/Mag (30%) for 3 turns to all allies 36
58 Power of Kings – Shields Increase Def/Spr (20%) when equip light/heavey shield
74 Power of Kings – Throwing Weapons Increase Mag/Spr (20%) when equip throwing weapon
80 Point Warp Physical damage (3x) with jump delay (1 turn) to one enemy and recover HP (2000) and MP (135) to caster 50
6 1 Parry Chance to negate physical damage taken (20%)
4 Power of Kings – Guns Increase Mag/Def (20%) when equip gun
15 Power of Kings – Katana Increase Atk/Mag (20%) when equip Katana
30 Fire Flask 4x Fire hybrid damage and 2 status ailemnts (30%) to all enemies 45
30 Blizzard Flask 4x Ice Hybrid damage and stop (30%) for 3 turns to all enemies 45
30 Thunder Flask 4x thunder hybrid damage and reduce def/spr (30%) for 3 turns to all enemies 45
40 Damage Warp Counter physical attacks (30%) with heal (400 HP, 3x) to self
52 Warp Decoy Negate 3 damage taken for X turns to caster 16
60 Power of Kings – Spears Increase Atk/Spr (20%) when equipped with a spear
70 Comeback Revive one KO’d ally (100% HP) 20
92 Chosen King HP/MP + 15%
100 Warp Break Physical damage (2.5x) with ignore def (40%) and decrease Atk/Def for 3 turns to one enemy 42

LB: Armiger
8 – 11.6x physical damage to one enemy and increase Atk/Mag/Spr/Def by 50% – 74% for all units


Weapon FF BE DaggerFF BE SwordFF BE Great Sword SymbolFF BE Katanaff-be-spear-icon


Armor FF BE Light Shieldff-be-heavy-shields-iconFF BE ClothFF BE HatFF BE Light Armor

Strength, Weakness, Tips,and Esper Recommendations

[+] Very high Atk and Mag Parameter
[+] Nice Elemental Skills, even if it’s hybrid. Noctis’s Atk and Mag are very high so having hybrid damage doesn’t really hurt him (also high multiplier 4x). All those elementals also have nice side effect.
[+] Able to support your party and attack at the same time
[+] Jump ability that can be used to evade obvious boss attack
[+] Strong Limit break, but it takes a long time to charge

[-] His TM reward is nerfed on global version, not sure whether they will patch it on the future. On JPN you get ATK and Mag 30% from the accessory.

[0] You need to have dual wield to maximise his potential, you will get bonus form equipping different option
[0] The best set up for Atk is Great Sword (35%) and Katana (20%), you can add blade mastery to boost the bonus further because of Katana.
[0] For Magic, Katana (20%)/Gun (20%)/ Throwing Weapon (20%). Hope’s Nue is very good for him because it increase your magic a lot.
[0] Letter and Arms (Ingus TM) may be useful for Noctis because it increase mag

Recommended Esper (Focus on attack):
[0] Ifrit, He’s an physical attacker so it makes sense to increase her attack further.

Rating: 10/10

He can do anything from support, healing, and attacking. He’s a perfect character for your party. He’s basically, Male Lightning with a steroid :). He’s nerfed on the global because if we get the JPN version at this moment, then it’s very OP. I believe they will “restore” his power once we get the exact same point as JPN.

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