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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Character Guide: Thief


Purple word indicates most dominant status on the character

The amount of the the Red Limit Burst Crystal that obtained from the normal attack. Higher numbers will make your LB bar full faster.

Number inside the bracket on the parameter calculated after including “natural” ability that the character learn as he/she learn when level up.

Affinity = Compatibility to equip additional magic fromthe ability slot
B = Black Magic, W = White Magic, G = Green Magic
number inside the bracket indicates the level of the magic

Sprites ff-be-thief-4-stars ff-be-thief-5-stars
Status 4 Stars (lvl 60) 5 Stars (Lvl 80)
HP 1946 26450
MP 86 118
Atk 83 113
Def 71 98
Mag 69 92
Spr 73 98
DC 2 3
3 4

TM Reward: Coin Steal (2x physical damage and steal coins); cost 20 MP…


Weapon FF BE DaggerFF BE Sword ff-be-throw-weapon-icon
Armor FF BE ClothFF BE Light Armor FF BE Hat

Magic and Special

Stars Lvl Name Effect MP
4 2 Steal Steal item (50%) from one enemy 3
12 Escape Escape from battle 4
21 Coin Steal Obtain gil when stealing
60 Steal HP Pysical damage (0.8x) and drain 30% of damage as HP to one enemy 5
5 18 Steal time Stop (30%) for 3 turns to one enemy 12
32 Steal aura Remove Status effect from one enemy (and give its to user??) 7
46 Triple Attack 3 physical attack (each 1x damage) to one enemy 15
64 Bandit Double success rate of stealing
70 Steal MP Physical damage (0.3x) and drain 30% of damage as MP to one enemy 10
78 Mercy Stroke Physical damage (2x) and reduce the attack by 30% to one enemy 17

LB: Nimble Stance
Negate 2 (4*) – 3 (5*) damage for all allies for 1 turn

Strength, Weakness, Tips,and Esper Recommendations

[+] 100% steal rate
[+] Has “weaker” version of barrage; Triple attack
[+] Have “better” version of power break (still inferior compared to full break)
[+] not sure about this one, but steal time is maybe an unique skills, because there’s no “stop” resistance on enemy status, so it may able to affect all enemies.
[+] Nice LB, can negate 2 -3 damage for all allies

[-] The TM is bad
[-] Doesn’t learn any Atk + ability which make him not strong as other physical attackers (ex: Fencer).

[0] You only need to equip him with Atk+ ability to make him deadlier in battle.

Recommended Esper (Focus on attack):
[0] Ifrit, He’s an physical attacker so it makes sense to increase her attack further.

Rating: 8/10

A nice character, He can steal with 100% success rate and with a nice ability and decent status (Atk), you probably still bring him into an important boss battle.

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