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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Character Review: Ace



Purple word indicates most dominant status on the character

DC = The amount of the the Red Limit Burst Crystal that obtained from the normal attack. Higher numbers will make your LB bar full faster.

Number inside the bracket on the parameter calculated after including “natural” ability that the character learn as he/she learn when level up.

Affinity = Compatibility to equip additional magic from the ability slot
B = Black Magic, W = White Magic, G = Green Magic
number inside the bracket indicates the level of the magic

Sprites FF BE Ace 5 Stars FF BE Ace 6 Stars
Status 5 Stars (Lvl 80) 6 stars (Lvl 100)
HP 2692 3500
MP 119 155
Atk 91 119
Def 90 118
Mag 113 147
Spr 96 125
DC 2 2
4 4
B(7), W(-), G (-) B(8), W(-), G (-)

TM Reward: Acceptance (Passive abilities)
Mag + 30%, Mp + 20%

Magic and Special

Stars Lvl Name Effect
5 3 Fira Fire magic (1.4x) to all enemies
11 Firaga Fire magic (1.8x) to all enemies
22 MP + 10% Increase base MP by 10%
43 Attack Hand Randomly use
50% burst: 1.8x magic to all enemies
30% Super Burst: 2.2x magic to all enemies
15% Mega Burst: 2.5 x magic damage with 10% ignore spirit to all enemies
5% Giga Burst: 3.2x magic damage with 25% Ignore spirit to all enemies
58 Support Hand Randomly use (all stop has 30% chance):
70% Short burst stop 1 enemy for 1 turn
20% Long burst stop 1 enemy for 3 turn
10% mega stop stop 1 enemy for 5 turn
64 SPR + 20% Increase Base SPR by 20%
80 Triple Slip Negate 3 damage taken for 2 turns to caster
6 1 Devotion Increaase LB gauge fill rate (200%)
21 Life Hand Randomly use:
70% chance t restore 40% HP to self
20% chance to restore 70% HP to self
10% chance to restore 100% HP to self
30 Thundaga Lightning magic damage (1.8x) to all enemies
52 Mag +30% Increase base Mag by 30%
72 Auto Refresh Recover MP (5%) per turn during battle
91 Spirit Hand Randomly use:
70% chance t restore 30 MP to self
20% chance to restore 70 MP to self
10% chance to restore 120 MP to self
100 Tri-beam Laser Magical damage (2.8x) with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies

LB: Jackpot Shot
2.9x – 4.1x magic damage to all enemies with 50% ignore spirit

Special Skill (only available on FF type 0 event; buy it from King Mog)

Cutcards Randomly use:
25% chance Mega Burst
25% chance Giga Burst
25% chance Short Burst
25% chance Long Burst
25 MP


Weapon FF BE Daggerff-be-throw-weapon-iconFF BE Rod
Armor FF BE ClothFF BE HatFF BE Robe

Strength, Weakness, Tips,and Esper Recommendations

[+] Has a nice mag status
[+] Able to cause stop
[+] Able to restore HP and MP by himself
[+] Doesn’t affected by silence, because his attacks are not magic
[+] Fast charging and strong Limit Break

[-] Stuck, unlike other top mages, you don’t get benefit from the dual cast/black magic. The abilities are not affected by dual wield too
[-] His abilities are random, so you can’t rely on them too much, especially on important battle.

[0] Equip his ability slot with Mag +, because he can’t do anything fancy with dual cast or dual wield

Recommended Esper (Focus on magic):
[0] Ramuh Diablos

Rating: 9/10

He is good mages in terms of status, however lack of dual cast/black magic, make him outclassed by other mages. If you already Exdeath and Dark Fina better use them in your party compared to this one (except on the FF type 0 event, he gives you 100% bonus Fantoma)

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