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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Colosseum BGN S-5 Guide How to Beat Europa

FF Brave Exvius Europa

HP: 170,000
Weak: Thunder, Water, Light (50%)
Resist: Wind, Earth (100%), Poison, Petrify

Recommended Abilities:
[0] Cura: You need to cast about 3 cura in one turn to be safe
[0] Barthundara
[0] Paralyzing skill (example: Blade Bash)
[0] Power Break/Magic Break/ Full Break: This will reduce the damage from Europa
[0] Blind
[0] Sleep (from siren, it’s also can be crafted easily)
[0] Thunder and Water Element attack
[0] Deshell(you can get it easily from shiva)
[0] Deprotect (you can get it easily from ifrit)

Recommended Equipments:
[0] Equipment that have a resistance to thunder element
[0] Strongest armor Brigandine (from collosseum reward), Paladin Armor (from quest reward).

Attack Patterns

Attack 3 times per turn

[0] Crash: powerful single target (physical)
[0] Plasma: powerful single target (lightning)
[0] Wave Cannon: unmitigated damage to one enemy (used every 3 turns). Useless to defend (??)

Recommended Hero:
[0] Rain, Duane, Vaan: Basically anyone who have “break”
[0] Cyan, Chizuru, Golbez: anyone with paralyzing skill
[0] Krile, Vivi: dual thundara and able to equip “sleep” ability to make it sleep
[0] Exdeath, Bartz, Rakshasa, Bedile: Able to cast imperil
[0] Cerius, Cloud of Darkness: Protectga


This enemy hits very hard. You really need to rely on status ailments to win this one (unless you really have really overpowered weapon). The first ailments is paralyze, make sure you go all out once you have paralyzed the enemy. Remember that the paralyze effect last for 3 turns. So you want to cast defensive spell like barthundara, or even inflict another status ailment.

If you inflict sleep, remember that physical attack will wake up the enemy, but it’s safe to use magical attack.

It seems that the enemy will develop a hidden resistance when inflicted by certain status ailments, which make it harder to inflict the same status ailments for the 2nd time. That’s why I said that you only have about 6 turns to do as many damage as possible before facing the real thing (where you need to heal, etc).

My suggestion for you is to enter this once you have cleared the 2nd island (Lanzelt), at that point you are able to get nice equipment and access to Shiva.

Reward: Recipe for Remedy

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