Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Colosseum INT D-1 Guide How to Beat Belmodar

FF Brave Exvius Belmodar

HP: 42,000
Weak: None
Resist: Thunder (50%), Petrify

Recommended Abilities:
[0] Cura
[0] Barthundara
[0] Magic/Full Break

Recommended Equipments:
[0] Has thunder resistance

Attack Patterns

Attack once per turn

[0] 10,000 Volt: Very powerful thunder damage to all units


The Health is low but the attack is really powerful, make sure you cast barthundara at the beginning of this battle, just in case your paralyse/sleep skill doesn’t work. Once it works, it will be very easy to kill it because it only has 42,000 HP. You can use any elements except thunder. If you don’t want to use ailments, then simply keep using cura and barthundara, but status ailments is the easiest way.

Reward: 500 Lapis

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