Posted on Jul 28, 2016

Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Colosseum INT D-2 Guide How to Beat Killer Mantis

FF Brave Exvius Killer Mantis

HP: 45,000
Weak: Fire (50%)
Resist: Sleep, Confuse (50%), and Petrify

Recommended Abilities:
[0] Curaga/Cura
[0] Power/Full Break
[0] Protectga
[0] Fire Element Attack

Recommended Equipments:
[0] Equip highest defense equipment available

Attack Pattern

Attack 3 times per turn

[0] Sickle: more powerful physical damage (2x of its normal attack), used every 2 turns


The monster only able to do physical attack. The physical attack is really powerful and maybe able to kill your mages if they’re hit consecutively by its attack. Simply go all out with your strongest fire attack. Use Rain on this battle for his power break (if you have full break, then use full break, the effect won’t stack).

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