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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Dalnakya Cavern Exploration Guide

==Map Guide==

H = Hidden Path, often leads to items or exploration points
T = Treasure (can only be obtained once)
Exp = Exploration Point (refreshed every time you do an exploration)

If you find the items which listed here wrong (or have an additional info), please leave a comment and tell me about it.

==Possible Items from exploration points==

Copper Ore, Light Cryst, Lumber, Ice Cryst, Magicite Shard, Earth Cryst

FF Brave Exvius Dalnakya Cavern 1st area map

FF Brave Exvius Dalnakya Cavern 2nd area map

Location Item
T1 Leather Shield
T2 Recipe for Wooden Hammer
T3 Earth Key #15
T4 Locked – Blizzard Blade
T5 Headband
T6 Boomerang
T7 Water Ring
T8 Star Quartz


You may find the enemy drops something which not listed on this table, this table is meant to show you a general idea about the drops, so you have an idea where to look for a certain items (also their weakness and strength). I will update the bestiary (picture, percentage, etc) when I gather more info about the monsters.

Enemy Weak Resist Drops
Skeleton Light, Fire (+50%) Sleep Allure Powder
Blind Book of Ruin
Poison Esper Shard
Green Fluid (it’s so rare)
Goblin Petrify Crimson Tear
Broken Blade
Esper Cryst
Pearl of Wisdom
Rainbow Needle
Broken Blade
Farplane Soul (on the boss battle)
Wolf Luminous Horn
Thickened Hide
Green Slime Fire, Ice (+50%) All bad Statuses Farplane Soul
Quality Parts
Chromatic ooze
Black Widow Aqua Pearl
Pearl of Wisdom
Gaia’s Tear
Steel Bat Golden Egg
Life Orb
Abtu Lightning (+50%) Petrify Esper Shard
Life orb
Quality Parts
Blue Wisp Aqua Pearl
Pearl of Wisdom
Esper Cryst
Book of Ruin

==Boss: Goblin Guard==

FF Brave Exvius Dalnakya Cavern Goblin Guard

Health: 1950
Weak: None
Resist: None
Drops: Scripture of Time (1st time before you get the exploration map), Esper’s Tear

Tips: It’s pretty much like the normal goblin with higher damage. You won’t have any trouble against this one. However, make sure you kill other 4 goblins ASAP.

Recommended Character:
[0] Any character that have AOE skill, such as Cyan, Penello, etc.
[0] Leave your suggestion on the comment section.

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    T4 the locked chest contains the Recipe for Blizzard Blade

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