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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Dark Fina Character Review


Purple word indicates most dominant status on the character

DC = The amount of the the Red Limit Burst Crystal that obtained from the normal attack. Higher numbers will make your LB bar full faster.

Number inside the bracket on the parameter calculated after including “natural” ability that the character learn as he/she learn when level up.

Affinity = Compatibility to equip additional magic fromthe ability slot
B = Black Magic, W = White Magic, G = Green Magic
number inside the bracket indicates the level of the magic

Sprites FF BE Dark FIna 5 Stars Dark Fina 6 stars
Status 5 Stars (Lvl 80) 6 stars (Lvl 100)
HP 2670 3472
MP 146 190
Atk 88 115
Def 92 120
Mag 115 150
Spr 98 128
DC 3 3
4 4
B(8), W(-), G (-) B(8), W(-), G (-)

TM Reward: Dark Bond (Passive abilities)
Increase Mag by 30% when equip Rod and Mag by 20% when equip  Robe

Magic and Special

Stars Lvl Name Effect MP
5 3 Thundaga Thunder Magic (1.8x) to all 20
3 Waterga Water Magic (1.8x) to all 20
3 Aeroga Wind Magic (1.8x) to all 20
3 Stonga Earth Magic (1.8x) to all 20
18 Bioga Dark Magic (1.4x) to all and 20% chance to poison 20
30 Distress Rendom status ailments (all 30% chance, petrify 100%) to all enemies 24
48 Osmose Magic damage (0.3x) with MP drain (30%) to one enemy 10
48 Graviga HP damage to all enemies (75%) 20
53 Auto-Refresh Recover MP (5%) per turn during battle
70 MP + 30% Increase base MP by 30%
80 Physical Fall Reduce Atk/Def (40%) to all enemies 48
6 1 Retaliate Counter physical atk (30%) with magic damage
12 Mag + 30% Increase base magic by 30%
21 Revoke Resistant against silence, paralyze, and petrify (100%)
62 Ultima Magic damage 2.8x with ignore SPR (25%) to all enemies 60
94 Dual Black Magic Use black magic twice in one turn 0
100 Dystopia Dark magic damage (2.8x) with consecutive damage increase (1.6x max 3x) to all enemies 45

LB: Hell’s Judgment
Dark Magic Damage 2.7 – 3.9x and ignore 50% spirits to all enemies


Weapon FF BE StaffFF BE Rodff-be-whipFF BE Mace
Armor FF BE ClothFF BE HatFF BE Robe

Strength, Weakness, Tips,and Esper Recommendations

[+] High Mag status
[+] Very nice debuff (Atk and Def down 40%)
[+] Have Dual Cast and Ultima
[+] Able to inflict status ailments on all enemies
[+] 50% Dark Resistance
[+] Her TM is the best TM for mages

[-] Light resistance -50%
[-] She lacks basic element spells such as firaga, but you can always use ultima because the damage is still bigger anyway, it’s become important on long battle where you need to conserve MP.

[0] She is a MVP in the arena, because able to inflict all random ailments on enemies (if you’re lucky then 100% petrify)
[0] Watch her MP because dual Ultima will drain your MP very fast

Recommended Esper (Focus on magic):
[0] Ramuh/Diablos

Rating: 10/10

Definitely the best mage on this game. However, if you already have exdeath then your probably want to think about the effort on obtaining her, because she is a 5 stars base which mean very hard to obtain…. She’s better than exdeath but not that much unless you manage to get her TM and equip it on her.

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