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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Demons Unleashed Event Guide: How to Get Rod of Gravity

The event last until 14 August 2016 (PST Time).

FF Brave Exvius Demons Unleashed Event Guide

The main goal of this event is to create Rod of Gravity.

Rod of Gravity Overview

FF Brave Exvius Gravity Rod Pic

It has +5 Atk, +35 Mag, and will grant you an ability to cast Gravity (1/2 HP damage to single enemy, unless it resist against it). A lot of enemies can be affected by gravity, however the boss usually resist against gravity type of spell, which make the gravity ability useless on boss fight.

At the time this post written, Gravity rod is the weapon that gives the most “+” to magic status (+35 Mag). The attack property is basically useless because rod is mages’ weapon, they use magic, right ? not normal attack (unless you have Firion/Bartz and equip them with this rod…. But why on earth you do that?).

So, How do you get Gravity Rod?

You get it by crafting it on the forge. You get the recipe by clearing the “Demon Unleashed – INT“. Here’s the ingredients

[0] Massive Stone x 1
[0] Void Vessel x44
[0] Litrock x 66
[0] Earth’s Core x 66
[0] Demon Heart x 80

I know about Litrock and Earth’s Core, but what about the others?

FF Brave Exvius Massive Stone

Ok, the first material Massive Stone. YOU CAN ONLY GET 2 MASSIVE STONE!! This mean that you can only get 2 Rod of Gravity. You get Massive Stone when clearing Demon Unleashed “INT” and “ADV” for the first time.

FF BRave exvius Void Vessel

For Void Vessel you can craft it. You get the recipe from clearing Demon Unleashed – BGN. You need 5 Dark Cryst and 5 Farplane Souls (15 minutes and 500 Gil).

FF Brave Exvius Demon Heart

So,for the last ingredient, Demon Heart. This item is only available on the Demons Unleashed Vortex. You can get it from the Boss stage on this vortex. REMEMBER THAT the ADV difficulty always gives you at least 1 Demon Heart (more if you find Cutpurse and Footpad). Other difficulties’ bosses may drop the Demon Heart too but from my experience the chance is very small (especially BGN difficulty).. So, it’s better to go for ADV difficulties.

If you’re not able to defeat ADV difficulty then it’s better to get stronger first or enter the INT difficulty. The chance of demon heart dropping is quite fair there.

FF Brave Exvius Footpad

If you’re lucky, you may meet with Cutpurse and Footpad on the Demons Unleashed Vortex, they will give you Demon Heart. But they’re very rare from my experience.. (and you can only find 1 per wave; my experience not a fact , please let me know if you can find more than 1 in one wave). Remember that only cutpurse and footpad found on the “Demons Unleashed Vortex” that will drop Demon Heart. So, DON’T TRY to go to Dalnakya Plain and start beating those enemies (they’re boss on that palce 🙂 ) and hoping for Demon Heart.

The Time that you need to gather the ingredients

I use Demon Heart as a basis, because you can only get it on this event. So let’s say that you only get 1 Demon Heart every time you enter the “ADV” difficulty. This mean that you need 80 (Demon Heart) x 15 (energy cost on ADV) = 1200 Energy. Which mean 1200 x 5 (1 energy every 5 minutes) = 6000 minutes = 100 Hours. This mean that you need about 4 – 5 days to gather 80 demon hearts (4 days and 4 hours for the exact time).

Let’s break it into smaller chunk. Let’s say that you only have 10 days for this event. This mean that you need to gather 8 Demon Heart each day. This equal 8 x 15 = 120 Energy => 600 minutes => 10 hours per day… If you want to create 2 Rod of Gravity this mean that you need about 20 hours per day….. So unless you want to rise up on midnight to spend you energy, I recommend you to only get 1 Rod of Gravity.

That’s a little bit insane, got any tips?

Of course. First, if you don’t realize then let me tell you that ONLY THE EVENT THAT’S LIMITED. The recipe will still be there even after the event ends. This mean that

[0] Focus on gathering Demon Heart!!! 80 Demon Heart if you only plan to create one, and 160 Demon Heart if you want to create 2. DON’T GATHER more than 160, because like I said on above that YOU ONLY HAVE 2 MASSIVE STONE. So as long as you have the Demon Heart then you can still gather other ingredients later (even after the event ends).

[0] Once you have gathered 80/160 demon heart, don’t enter the Demon Unleashed Event AGAIN. It’s far more effective to gather remaining ingredients on the story mode – exploration/chamber of awakening as you play the game because you will get other useful thing (such as magicite from the exploration).

Note: Demons Unleashed Vortex have a chance to drops all items below

  • Dark Cryst: Simply request it from your friend. You can also get it from exploration points at Phantom Forest
  • Farplane Souls: It’s a common drop from  the fairy type enemy (Looks like a crystal, such as Skadi, Damia, Red Elemental, etc). You can find them easily on Zadehl Westersand, Lanzelt Ruins. You shouldn’t try to seek this items, because it’s quite easy to find (I even sold some of my farplane souls before this event… Now I regret it..).
  • Earth’s Core: You can get it from ghoul on the phantom forest. Phantom forest is also a good place for exploration (gathering magicite and megacite). Shrine of Decay also has a lot of ghoul/zombie enemies that drop this item frequently.
  • Litrock: You can get it from statue type of enemy (Example: Gladilith, Objet d’Art, Ice sculpture). Best place: Wolfsfang Peak, thunder summit, and Shrine of Decay. You will meet a lot of stone enemies on those places.

Tips: You can also steal Litrock from all enemies on the “Demons Unleashed Vortex“. All enemies . (Thanks to Peter for this tips).

Is it worth to create 2 Rod of Gravity?

FF Brave Exvius Fire Rod

IMO, no. However that’s all depends on your party. I only need one because there is only one character in my party that use rod as their weapon (Other mages, Krile and Fina use staff because I use them for healing). My mage is Kefka, he already has his own gravity attack (Heartless Angel) which make the gravity useless. Not mention that Kefka doesn’t have fire base spell, so I prefer to equip my Kefka with Fire rod to give him Fira ability.

Also remember that if you want to get 2 rod of gravity you really need to make sure that you’re consistent with the usage of your energy. Let’s say in the end of this event you only manage to gather 150 demon heart, because you’re forgot to farm Demon Heart for any reason. This mean that you just wasted 70 x 15 = 1050 Energy…. without any real benefit…Actually there is a “benefit”, you get 20 gil x 70 demon heart = 1400 Gil not bad for 1050 Energy :).

FF BRave Exvius Earth core important for awakening

You also need to remember that this rod takes 66 Litrock and 66 Earth’s Core, they’re quite rare and can be used for Hero awakening. You use about 3-5 Earth’s Core to awaken 3 to 4 stars hero, and about 10 Earth’s Core to awaken 4 to 5 stars. This mean you can awaken about  20 of “3 stars heroes” or 6 of “4 stars heroes”. Same thing for Litrock. So, yeah my conclusion is it’s only worth to create 1 Rod of Gravity.

ADV Difficulty

Clearing normal waves

  • If you have Heartless Angel (Kefka)/Graviga, make sure you use them because it will make the battle end faster. The only normal enemy that resist again gravity on this vortex is Bloody Eye, so don’t use those attacks while facing this monster.
  • If you don’t have graviga/heartless angel then make sure you bring at least 2 AOE attackers.

BOSS: Hell Rider

FF Brave Exvius Hell RIder

HP: 48,000
Weak: Light
Strong: Dark, Poison, Sleep, Paralyze, Disease, Petrify, Blind (50%), and Confuse (80%). No resist on silence

Attack twice per turn. Attacks:
[0] Normal Attack: deal about 400 – 700 damage
[0] Silver Lance: deal double damage from the normal attack (deals 800 -1400 depends on your defense status
[0] Poison Mist: Inflict poison to all characters. From my experience, it’s rarely used so you can care less.

The battle is not hard because his attack is only target single unit (Poison mist is not direct damage so you have a time to recover from it). If you have power/full break then definitely use it because it will make it really easy. Guard break is also useful because the monster has high defense. Gravity doesn’t work here, so don’t even try :).


Those are all  tips which I think that you need to know. If you get more tips (on gathering ingredients, etc) or questions. Simply leave them in a comment section below. Thanks for using my guide while playing.

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  1. Mike says:

    my only 4 star casters are rydia and krile… i have both maxed out so with krile having dualcast i spent all this time planning on giving her the rod….. well i finally got the rod and learned krile cant use it… R.I.P. so much for double thundara spam. this rod is useless to me as rydia is rather weak. what a waste of time

    • noobbgodlike says:

      Yeah, like I said this rod is not that good, that’s why I only recommend everyone only get one :). I thought Krile is better for healing (double cura every turn when fighting hard enemy 🙂 ).Rydia is bad mage IMO. I will talk about Krile later on the character guide :).

  2. Locke says:

    I got 3 hearts from int. I am not strong enough to do adv but was surprised to see that drop.

  3. Mike says:

    being only rank 24 i find it more energy efficient to do INT, I don’t get a demon heart every time but with my team comp ADV is just too hard those bloody eyes in ADV can cast death and this game doesn’t let you have access to as many phoenix downs as you can buy so its just not worth the RNG of ADV and the chance at wasting 15 energy versus a guaranteed auto battle in INT for 10… i still have over a week to go in the event and im already at 54 demon heats… just a thought

  4. Peter says:

    as you farm your lovely demon hearts, don’t forget you can steal a litrock from all the mobs in the vortex. Saves you other farming fun

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